Chapter 1

"Gina..Ohmygosh..I can't believe we're meeting Howie!" Liz gushed excitedly getting off the plane.

"Liz! It's only Howie! No big deal." Gina answered back.

"But what if he brings Nick?!" Liz asked, feeling her stomach knot.

"So what girl! He's just like everyone else in the world. He burps, farts, pukes..the whole deal. "

"Those are lovely images. But your forgetting one thing! He's much more hotter than anyone else in the world!" Gina just rolled her eyes and grabbed her bag.

Liz grabbed her suitcase and pulled her carryon along the ramp near the exit of the plane. Her carryon was full of Backstreet Boys merchandise and stuff to give to the guys. "Ugh! This carryon is soo heavy with my luggage!" Gina sighed and said "I told you to limit the backstreet boy stuff! They're gonna think your obsessive."

"But I do realize your standing next to the girl who's liked them for two years now." She replied while nearing the exit,

"It's just Hoooowwwiie!" She said laughing and it must have been contagious because Elizabeth started to laugh also.

All of a sudden, Liz grabbed Gina by the arm and said, "Gina! He's over there!" she said pointing to Howie standing by a potted plant looking around. What the girls didn't see is that next to Howie, Nick was standing there too. A tall bush was blocking him and the girls didn't see him. "Gee be a little more obviousness Liz. Howie! Over here!" Gina yelled. Liz felt her stomach turn queasy. "Gina, Oh God..Oh God..Oh God! It's Nick! Ohmygosh! He's here! I'm gonna pass out or throw up! Oh god..I can't do this.." Liz said in a panicky voice. "Girl calm down! Breath..inhale...exhale. Good, keep it up." Gina said, patting her friend on tha back. When Howie and Nick got over to them, Howie hugged Gina. "Gina! Like how are you girly?" he said in a valley girl voice. "You sooo know I dont talk like that! And lemme just say im not exactly happy to see you." she said in a playful voice. Howie just nodded his head and winked. "Sure." "Hey." Nick said. He was kind of quiet. "Hi." Liz said and smiled. She put out her hand to Nick. "Nice to meet you." He took her hand and said "Nice to meet you also." Nick lingered a little before letting go of Liz's hand. She blushed and tried to contain her excitement. As to not be rude, she said "It's really great to meet you too Howie." "Thanks..I just hope your not as excited as Gina was to see me. You know..*excited*..." Liz bust out laughing and Nick stiffled a laugh while Gina fumed. "Hoooowieee!" she screeched. "The girl has got it bad..did you hear the moan? Ya know..*OH HOWIE!*" "Howie stop. Give her a break..they just got here..we don't need you scaring them away now." Nick said smiling. "Yeah..stop scaring Liz. Stop scaring everyone in the cargo hall!" Gina agreed. "Am I scaring you??" Howie asked turning to Liz who had been quiet the whole time. She was surprised and didn't know what to say. "" Gina answered for her. "See you made the girl so scared she's at a loss for words. Either that or she cant inhale..the fumes from your hair gel are making me nauseous." Howie had a pretend 'Oh I'm hurt' look on his face and Nick was playfully punching him in the arm. The girls walked ahead and giggled quietly. "I can't believe you told Howie that!" Liz squealed. "He's Howie! Geez get over it girl! But..I'm so proud of you! You didn't pass out talking to Nick! And you didnt throw up..which is good for him." Gina congratulated her. Liz smiled to herself remembering how Nick didn't let go of her hand right away. *I didn't pass out..did I..*

"Hey girls wait up!" Nick said running over to them, with Howie close behind.

"Hey let me help you with that." Nick said taking Liz's carryon. "No it's ok..I don't want to be any trouble." Liz said putting her hand on the handle.

"I insist." Nick answered and put his hand on the handle on top of Liz's hand.

"O-Ok.." she said and let go. "See Nick is a gentlemen Howie. Take notes!" Gina commented. "Sorry madame..please except my ever so gracious apology." Howie quipped taking her carryon. "Much better." "Onward to the hotel!" Howie said and strode in front of them. In a tour guide voice, Howie said. "Now to your left, you'll see a man scratching his butt.." Liz giggled and Gina said

"Hoooowieee!" "There she goes again!!" Howie said as they all exited the airport laughing.

When they reached the hotel Gina was struggling to get her luggage out of the trunk. "COME ON!!!!" She screamed pulling the handle. "Here lemme help you.." Nick said coming up behind her. "No I think-" she tugged harder. "I think you should help me.." she laughed nervously. He put his arms around her waist and started pulling the luggage. Finally it came out sending both Gina and Nick flying on top of eachother. "Ohmygod. I'm sorry." Gina said getting up and brushing her clothes off. Nick started to laugh. "No its ok..Come on..I'll carry your bags up for you." "Hey I have muscles ya know." Nick smirked and grabbed her arms. "Muscles? Your bodie's like AJ's." "OO he's been checking me out." "Maybe I have." Gina felt her face flush. "Yeah well..I've got guuurl powa." Gina said in her best Spice girl impersonation. Nick laughed and continued up the corridor.

Liz and Howie met up with them in the elevator. "You know Howie isnt that bad Gina." Liz said smirking. "Yea..he's not.." Gina said quietly. Howie's eyes bulged. "Uh oh..she's sick. She would not say that I'm normal. Someone call 911." Gina looked at Howie. "I'm fine..elevators just sorta creep me out." she knew she was lying. *You know Liz likes cannot ..cannot..cannot get with him* "Thats such a lie! Like went on Tower of Terror." Howie mimicked. "Well..uh..I did..but..AH! Thats our floor!..See you guys tonight." Gina said, practically running down the hall. Liz shrugged and waved bye to the guys.

"Yo Chaos. Do you know what was wrong with Gina? She actually didnt talk. I'm beginning to think she has phnemonia." Howie asked as they walked in their hotel rooms. "No..I'm gonna go see if she's ok." Just as he was about to leave AJ walked in. "Hey man." he greeted, tossing his luggage on the bed. "Cant talk..gotta go!" Nick said in a hurry as he walked to the elevator.

"Gina..are you sure your ok? You're really quiet." Liz asked as she shoved her luggage in the closet. "Hmm? Oh yeah..I'm fine." "Well..I'm gonna ask Howie if he wants to go shopping with me. See ya!" "Bye.." Gina continued looking out the window. *Ok I should just set Nick and Liz up..and then..I'll feel better about all this. But..I really like -* Her thoughts were interupted by a knock on the door. Gina sighed and opened the door only to see Nick on the outside. "Hi? Did I take your luggage or something?" Gina asked frantically, looking around. "No. Gina calm down. I just wanted to talk to you. You seemed a little upset in the elevator." "No..its just.." she walked back to the window and sat down on the ledge. "You know how you ..checked me out. Well.." Nick had joined her and was sitting next to her. "Did I make you uncomfortable? I didnt mean to. I was trying to be more like Howie is to you." Gina smiled a little. "Never become like Howie..ever. But dont get me wrong..I do like you..and God knows, I've checked you out." "So?" Nick said quietly. *I cant tell him Liz likes him! She'll kill me!* "I mean..your on tour alot and-" she couldnt finish her sentence. Nick had leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. Gina couldn't help it she had to kiss him. Soon the two were wrapped up in a whirl of passion. It all stopped when they heard a door slam. They broke away and stared at the hurt face of Liz.

*Soft heavenly eyes gazed into me. Transcending space and time. And I was rendered still. There were no words for me to find at all. As I stood there beside myself. I could see you and no-one else. I'd never be the same.*

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