Chapter 10

2 weeks later...

Gina and Liz still aren't on speaking terms. Liz and Nick spend alot of time in the hotel while she recovers and AJ and Gina stay in Gina's room...

Howie sat next to Gina while they watched the Real World. "Hey girly..Dont you care about my sexual needs??! I need the booty!" Gina laughed. "I'm sure you want my booty.." she quipped. Howie rolled his eyes. "AJ! Howie's harassing me again!" she yelled, tackling him. "WHOA DUDE! She's jumpin' my bones here!" "HE WISHES!" she yelled, putting his hair in pig tails. AJ came out of the bathroom in his boxers. He started laughing. "Cute look for you dude." he commented as Howie pushed Gina off of him and stood up. "You look a little like the Lost Brady.." AJ added, doubling over laughing. Gina sat on the bed laughing. "I think he needs a cute little dress and a jump rope." "Like ohmygod! MARCIA MARCIA MARCIA!" Howie mimicked, looking in the mirror. Gina took a deep breath to stop from laughing and looked to AJ. "Now thats a good look.." she said and walked over to him. AJ turned a bright shade of red. "Hmm..matches his boxers.." Howie commented, turning back to his tv. Gina smirked and kissed AJ on the cheek. "Hey baby..Ya know you take longer than me in the shower." Gina said, laughing. "AS IF!" AJ said in his best valley girl voice. "Oh really Alicia?" Gina replied hugging him and kissing his neck. "As if..thats all im if." Howie interrupted. "Shut up Cindy.." AJ said. "AJ AJ AJ!" Howie said stomping his foot. Gina rolled her eyes and broke away from AJ. "You sure know how to ruin the mood..what about AJ's sexual needs?" "Say what?!" AJ asked suprised. "Your sexual needs need the booty!" All of them started laughing.

"Hey Liz, im gonna run down to the main floor and grab something to eat. Want anything?" Nick asked, grabbing his wallet. "No honey im not hungry." "Come need to eat something.." Nick reminded. "I will..when im hungry.." she replied and sunk back under her covers. Nick sighed and walked out the door.

"Hey baby im gonna grab some postcards in the gift shop. I'll be back in a few. Wanna come?" Gina asked AJ. "No and Howie are gettin involved in this." AJ replied, his eyes glued to the screen. "Heh..the Jenny McCarthy suprising. Well anyway..try not to get any miscellanious body fluids on the carpet." Gina quipped, winking. "No we'll just get em on your bed sweedums." Howie replied, winking back. "UGH!" she screamed and walked out the door.

Gina was trying to get the money out of her pocket when she bumped into someone. "HEY WATCH IT! New shoes dude!" she yelled, not looking up. "I thought they were Howie's.." a familiar voice commented. "NICK! Sorry! I'm just heading down to get some-" Gina tried to pull away from Nick. " we're stuck!" Her cross necklace got hooked on a thread of Nicks shirt. "This always happens to me!" Gina said tugging on her necklace. "Whoa girl! New shirt..hold up..Lemme try to get it off. I dont have your claws." Nick said staring at her nails. "Their not claws..their tips." she corrected.

"HEY NICK! I changed my mind..get me some ch-" Liz shouted, then stopped when she saw Nick and Gina making out. (Or so she thought.). Liz angrily walked over to them. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Liz screamed pulling Gina by the shoulders. "WHOA LIZ! necklace is unhooked. Thanks!" Gina said, happily. "THANKS?! YOU WERE JUST KISSING MY BOYFRIEND! GOD YOU NEVER LEARN DO YOU?! You whore!" "Liz wait-" Nick started to say, but it was too late Liz had punched Gina in the nose. Gina fell back against the wall and held her nose. Liz lunged at her again but Nick grabbed her arms and pushed her back in the room and locked the door. Nick ran back to Gina and tried to touch her face. Gina flinched away and glared at him. She ran back in her room and slammed the door.

"Aj.." she whispered and started crying. AJ shot his head up and ran over to Gina. "Honey what happened? Did you walk into something?" he asked looking at her nose. "Liz punched me..." she whispered, crying even harder. AJ grabbed some ice and led Gina to a chair. "Why would she punch you?" he asked while he gently put the ice on her nose. "I bumped into Nick..and my necklace got caught on his sweater...and Liz saw us and thought we were kissing. I swear to god we weren't..AJ please..we weren't.." "Honey I believe was just an accident." he whispered, squeezing her hand. Her crying had gotten worse and her whole body racked with sobs. "Aww baby..don't cry.." AJ begged, wrapping his arms around her. Gina buried her head in his shoulder.

Nick walked angrily into Liz's room. "LISTEN! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE JEALOUS OUTBURSTS! What are you so afraid of?!?!" Nick yelled. Liz was already getting her bag out of the closet. "I'm not afraid of anything! But if I lost you to that WHORE Gina I dont know what I'd do!" "She's not a whore..and you wont lose me to her. But if you keep acting like this then maybe you will lose me!" "You've got it backwards..maybe you'll lose me!" Liz screamed and ran out the door.

Nick walked out and saw her get into the elevator. "Not this time Liz..I'm not going after you..Deal with it yourself.." Nick whispered to himself and knocked on Gina's door. AJ pulled away from Gina for a second. "Hold on baby.." he whispered and opened the door. "Uh..Nick this would not be a good time." AJ said. "I know what happened..I need to talk to Gina.." AJ nodded and opened the door. Gina looked at Nick then turned around. "Um..I'll be..walking around..outside..yeah thats it." AJ said ready to open the door. "See ya!" he yelled and walked out.

Gina held the ice on her nose and avoided Nicks stare. His eyes were enough to break her. "How's your nose?" he asked, taking the seat across from her. "Its bleeding thank you. Or maybe you should thank your girlfriend." "I dont think she's my girlfriend anymore.." Gina laughed slightly. " the end of the marriage you'll be in a wheelchair." she paused. "She never used to be like this..I'm always the do-er, she's always the follower. It's the way its always been. When she got to Florida..and after she got out of this coma she's been different.." "Different how?" "Angrier, violent...more flirty. I'm beginning to worry about her.." Gina whispered. "She left..with some money..I dont know where she went..or what she's gonna do to herself." Nick replied. "I dont think you should worry about that Nick..maybe you should worry what she's gonna do to us."

*How could the one I gave my heart to, break my heart so bad? How could the one who made me happy, make me feel so sad? Wont somebody tell me? So I can understand. If you love me, how could you hurt me like that?*

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