Chapter 11

"That little bitch." Liz grumbled, hailing a taxi and getting in. "Where to miss?" the driver asked. "Drive me to a different hotel…one in Orlando." "Alright miss." He replied and drove off. *I’ll just let them suffer with worry. Gina may not…but the guilt will be unbearable once I become scarce for a few days.* In half an hour, the driver arrived at the Rattisson Towers in Orlando. She had been staying at the Marriott in Tampa. "That’ll be $20 please." "$20! Are you insane? I’ll give you $15." She batted her eyelashes and the idiotic driver fell for her. "Alright..$10 it is." "Huh?" She shoved the money in his hand and got out. "I’m starting out on a clean slate here…no one knows me and Nick & Gina will never find me." She smirked and went inside to book a room.

When Liz entered the hotel, she didn’t see a mysterious looking man watching her. His lips formed into a smirk and he rubbed his hands together saying, "This one is mine…" Liz took her key and pressed the button for the elevator and stepped inside. The man soon followed. Liz opened her door and stepped inside. She layed down on the bed and turned on the TV. "This is much better…away from those losers back in Tampa." She sighed.

2 days later, Nick, Gina, Howie or AJ had not heard from Liz and were beginning to get worried. "Where could she be??" Nick asked aloud, running his hands through his hair. "She was pretty angry when she left man…" AJ added. "Yeah…she was. She could’ve gone anywhere." Howie said. "But where that is, is the problem here." Gina added. Her nose was covered in a gauze bandage, red and swollen from her encounter with Hurricane Liz. "Oh I have an idea!" Gina said excitedly. "My lap top! I can see if she’s registered at any other hotels, under her name or an assumed name." She continued. "Well do it then!" Nick said hurriedly. "Calm down muchacho." Howie said. "We’ll find her." Gina typed in ‘Elizabeth Holden’ into the computer’s search engine and came up with nothing. "Well, she’s not registered under her name." Gina said. Nick sighed and AJ walked over to Gina sitting behind her. He rubbed her shoulders. "Ooh…right there...ah…yeah…that’s it.." "Hey lovebirds…we don’t have time to smooch and search here." Howie said. "I’ll take over." Howie took the lap top and started typing. "Oh thanks Howie…" Gina said turning around and kissing AJ passionately. Then she moved to nibbling on his ear while he kissed her neck. Seeing this made Nick’s sad mood even worse. "I’m gonna go take a walk." Nick said. But before he could open the door, Howie said, "I FOUND HER!" Nick ran to the computer and Gina & AJ stopped making out. "She’s at the Rattisson Towers in ORLANDO! Wow…she travelled far." "Well, let’s go get her!" Nick said rushing out the door. "Do we have to?" Gina said dragging herself out. "Gina…" AJ immediately said. "Ok ok…we have to…" she replied "…even though I think she should stay lost forever…would make it easier on my face." she mumbled under her breath and shut the door behind her.

Jay, the man who was watching Liz, decided to make his move tonight. "That sexy chick is gonna be mine tonight." He said smacking his lips together. Liz walked out of her room and got onto the elevator. It stopped at the 12th floor to pick up Jay, who was rooming there. "Hey baby." He said to her. She looked disgusted at his language and moved to the back of the elevator. "Oh come on sweetheart…give Jay a little lovin’…" he said moving towards her. *Ohmigod, please someone get on this damn elevator…* she prayed. Her prayers were answered as someone got on from the 11th floor. "Oh damn I forgot my ID…14th floor please." She went up to the 14th floor and got out. Jay followed her. "Why are you following me? Leave me alone!" Liz said running to her door. She frantically searched for her key and when she opened the door, a hand clamped over her mouth. She tried to scream to no avail. "Listen here, bitch…you come here dressed like that and expect not to get a little somethin’?? Uncle Jay doesn’t tolerate whores like you." He never shut the door because he was so angry. He pulled out a pocket knife and threatened Liz with it. She was whimpering on the floor of her room near the bed. *Oh dear God please help me.*

Nick, Howie, Gina & AJ had just entered the hotel and Nick rushed to the receptionist’s desk. "Liz Carter please." "Room 1456" "Thank you." Nick said and rushed to the elevators. Upstairs, Liz was about to be raped by this disgusting man. "Come here harlot!" Jay screamed. Liz complied out of fear of being killed. The man then forcefully kissed her and she struggled against him. His rough, ragged hands made his way to the back of her dress which he started to unzip. Liz struggled and finally pushed away from him running for the door. He caught her leg and she started screaming, which is when the elevator opened and the gang ran out.

Upon hearing the screams, Nick got a huge adrenaline rush and ran like hell to where the screaming was coming from. When Nick and Gina got to the door, they were horrified at what they saw. Liz was cowering in the corner of the room. He hair was a mess, mascara running down her cheeks. Her dress strap was torn as were her stockings. She had a bruise on her arm from Jay’s force and a red cheek from when he slapped her. "Leave her alone!" Nick screamed. "You want this bitch?? Go and get her!" Jay then picked up Liz and she screamed. He threw her against a wall and she slumped down lifelessly. "No!!" Nick screamed. AJ and Howie surrounded Jay and Gina called the front desk to call the police. Nick ran to Liz’s side and said "Oh God please I can’t go through this again." And took her in his arms while the police came and arrested Jay.

*Every time I close my eyes I thank the lord that I've got you, and you got me too. And every time I think of it I pinch myself 'cause I don't believe it's true. That someone like you, loves me too*

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