Chapter 12

After an hour at the hospital, Liz was released with only a bruise on her head. They all sat in Howie's car not saying much. The whole night had been hell on them and they didnt really need words to say it. Liz had fallen asleep in Nicks lap and Gina was resting on AJ's shoulder, while Howie drove. "Hey Gina.." Nick whispered. Gina nodded. "Thanks.." he continued. "For what?" she whispered, trying her best to stay awake. "If it wasnt for you, we wouldnt of found Liz. I owe you.." "No problem.." she whispered, and finally fell asleep.

She awoke the next morning in her own bed. Gina sat up and stretched and noticed Liz was in her own bed. Gina sighed and walked to the bathroom. She changed into jeans and a white halter top and was about to leave when Liz spoke. "Hey Gina..I'm-" "Yeah sorry I know." "I'm more than sorry. We shouldn't of let a guy come between us." Gina nodded. She still wasnt ready to completley forgive her. "Later.." she whispered and walked out the door.

She was supposed to meet AJ and Howie and they were supposed to go to the Magic Kingdom but after her run in with Liz, Gina wasnt in any mood for Disney. She knocked on the guys door and Nick answered it, dressed only in his boxers. Gina had to stop herself from sighing happily. "Ah AJ here?" she stuttered. "Yeah, but he's still getting ready.." Nick said, smiling. "The guy takes longer than me.." she said, shaking her head. "Come in..Howie's ready." "Ha..thats all the more reason to wait in the hall." Nick laughed and pulled her in. "So how's Liz?" Nick asked, putting a shirt on. Gina's smile faded. "Who know's.." she answered sitting down on the bed. "Howie did you tape the Real World or what? It's on again!" "Yo girly! It's my favorite show." "I thought the Jenny McCarthy show was.." Gina said coyly. Howie shrugged. "I hate this hiiice.." he mimicked. Gina rolled her eyes. "AJ COME ON! Howie's using his british accent and its *annoying*!" AJ came out of the bathroom in jeans and a Tommy Hillfiger shirt. Gina hugged him and pulled his arm. "I love you..but you take way too much time in the shower! COME ON!" "Whats the rush?!" "Uh hello..Magic Kingdom opens at 9. It's 9:30, unless you wanna wait 1 hour to get in..I suggest you move your fine looking ass out that door!" Gina joked pulling him out. "Meow.." Howie said following them. "Hey you you think Liz and I could meet up with you?" Nick suggested. Gina looked down. "It's a big park..we probably wont see eachother." Gina said and continued walking. "Maybe man..Meet us at Splash Mountain at 12.." AJ said. "Ok..." Nick agreed. *Whats up with Gina? ...* he couldnt help thinking.

Gina had been quiet as the two guys argued about what ride to go on first. "You ok?" AJ asked sweetly, touching her shoulder. "Yeah, im fine." Gina answered, faking her best smile. AJ couldnt help but smile back. Whenever she smiled at him, he fell for her all over again. He grabbed her hand and they headed to Tommorowland.

Nick knocked on Gina's door and waited for Liz. "Hi honey!" Liz greeted as she opened the door. "Hey! Ready to go to the Magic Kingdom?" Nick asked, holding out his hand. "Sure!" she agreed, taking his hand. "Feeling better?" he asked as they walked. "Yeah..funny..I feel completley changed." "Thats good..thats really good.."

"I want to leave..This alien guys slobbering on my neck." Gina whispered to AJ as she sat in Alien Encounters. "Come on, its not that scary. Plus AJ slobers on your neck too.." Howie whispered back. Gina shuddered as the alien started to breath on her. "IM OUTTA HERE!" she screamed and ran out. AJ and Howie just started laughing. Gina sat outside and rubbed her neck. *Ok any ride where an alien feels me up is not my idea of fun.* she thought. She glanced over and saw Nick and Liz staring at a map. She tried to hide her face but Nick saw her. "Gina over here!" he yelled, and motioned for her to come over. Hesitantly she walked over to them. "Hey.." she said quietly. "Wheres Howie and AJ?" Nick asked. "Still in the ride..I ran out.." she said, sheepishly. Liz started laughing. "You should talk. You were to scared to even step on the plane." "No I just think its funny that you ran out.." Liz said, defending herself. "Well I think its funny that Nick fell for you and not someone prettier but you dont see me laughing." Gina said and walked off.

Liz bit her lip and tried to swallow the lump building in her throat. She knew Gina was right. Why did he fall for her? Nick took her hand and squeezed it tightly. "Don't listen to her..I'd chose you over any supermodel." He whispered in her ear. She smiled slightly and they headed to Thunder Mountain.

Gina stood outside of Alien Encounters and waited for the guys to come out. *OK bitch girl..that was really good what you said to Nick and Liz.* she thought, criticizing herself. She was so lost in thought she didnt see Howie come up behind her. Suddenly something was breathing on her neck. She let out a high pitch scream and turned around and hit Howie with her bag. "OHMYGOD! HOWIE!" she yelled. AJ was sitting down on the ground laughing. "UGH! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!" Gina yelled, still hitting him with her bag. Howie knelt down. "I SURRENDER!" he held up his hands. Gina crossed her arms. "That was so NOT funny!" "Aww I'm sorry honey..We were just playing around." AJ said coming up behind her and wrapping his arms around her waist. "I don't like aliens..give me a break." she said, calming down. "So I dont like mayonaise. What are you gonna do cover my face with it while I'm sleeping? Ooo..I'm scared." Howie quipped, beginning to walk towards the Haunted House. "No more scary stuff guys..Come on can we go on a ride now.." "Yeah and have you throw up all over if!" Howie said. "I dont throw up on rides hun. Come on Thunder Mountain. You scared your gonna lose your lunch Howie?" Gina asked. "No..this is a new shirt. If your gonna ralph..AJ's the guy to do it on." Gina rolled her eyes and dragged the guys in the line.

Gina was too busy pretending to gag on Howie to notice Nick and Liz in front of them. AJ tried to block them. He knew what hell there would be if the two girls saw eachother. "Ya know Howie, I'd be doing you a *favor* if I threw up on that shirt." Howie glared at her. "Whats with those jeans girly? They scream 1970!" he answered back. "Their hip huggers, and they happen to be in style. Unlike that shirt your wearing..come on you look like DeBarge!" "Who?" Howie asked and shook his head. "See if you wouldnt dress like him." She paused and looked at AJ, who seemed to stand in front of her wherever she looked. "AJ ...whats going on?" "Nothing..I just get lines.." he said, keeping up with her wandering eyes. Gina finally tricked him and caught a glimpse of Liz and Nick. Gina sighed. "I'm going.." she whispered and ran past the crowds of people.

Liz caught a glimpse of this and felt another wave of guilt sweep over her. *If I didnt overreact like I did..everything would of been fine..* she thought to herself. "Whats wrong with Gina? She looked like she was about to throw up.." Nick commented. "She's upset with me. She must of saw us in the line.." Nick sighed. "Will you two every make up?" "I apologized this morning..she wouldnt give me the time of day.." "I think its gonna take more than an apology.."

Gina sat on a park bench outside of the Haunted Mansion. *Your gonna have to sit with her on the should of stayed in that line..she wasnt talking to you.* Suddenly Goofy sat down next to her and looked at her. "Hey goofy..How are you?" He motioned an "ehh" sign. "Well I could be doing better..Ever get in a fight with Pluto? YA know..he was flirting with Minnie or Daisy or someone..?" Goofy nodded and gave her a hug. Then he waved goodbye and got up. "So much for mans best friend.." Gina whispered and continued to sulk.

"Yo girly..what are you doing flirting with Goofy? Should I tell AJ..cause you know..those dogs..they just dont stay faithful." A familiar voice said, from behind her. "Howie im not in the mood." Howie sat down next to her. "I'm gonna try to have a normal conversation with you. I know we've never done this before..but..we can try." Gina rolled her eyes. "Where's AJ?" "Can't tell you.." Howie said, smirking. "Actually..he's flirting with Minnie..the big yellow shoes, and the turns him on." Gina laughed slightly. "Ok Ok, you got me to laugh..but what am I gonna do on the plane with her." "With Minnie?" "No with Liz!" "Oh..well..I suggest you make up with her before that happens." Gina sighed. "Do you want to go in this Haunted Mansion thing? Or do you have a hot date with Eeyore?" "Hey babe..I'm very popular amongst the Disney crew.." "Yeah sure..Now really wheres AJ?" "Right here!" A voice said from behind her, as flowers appeared in front of her. "Aww! AJ! Their so beautiful!" Gina exclaimed, excitedly. She turned around and hugged him. AJ picked her up and sat her on his shoulders. "Ohmygod if you drop me.." AJ smiled up at her. "You think I'd do that to you?" Gina smiled. "Ok so where to?" "Haha..the haunted mansion.." Howie said in his best dracula voice. "I cant figure out whats scarier..a big close up of Howie's face..or getting eatten alive by a vampire.."

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