Chapter 13

After getting back from Disney Nick and Liz were sitting on his bed watching TV. "You kind of remind me of Zack Morris..the blond hair and all.." "Mark Paul Gosselaar? Oh come on.." Liz smiled. "Why not? He's kinda hot.." "Hotter than me?" "No..but Leo, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are.." she said, playfully. Nick tackled her so he was on top of her. "Oh really?" Liz laughed. "Yeah..." Nick kissed her passionatley. "Still think Matt Damons better?" "Matt who?" A minute passed and Nick was still on top of Liz. *Oh God he looks hot…* her mind cried out. Nick looked at Liz laying down below him and thought *I want her…oh God I need her…* Nick carressed Liz’s face and then kissed her gently. The kiss got more passionate and Nick moved down and started kissing her neck. Liz ran her hands over his back and started to moan slightly. She felt Nick start to unbutton her shirt. Her mind screamed *Don’t do this your not ready!* but her hormones told her a different story. She moaned "Nick…" as he kissed her stomach and moved up to her chest. He had taken off his shirt, so they were both shirtless and she was running her hands through his hair. She then kissed his neck and as she applied more pressure, he moaned "Oh God Liz…." Then she felt his hand run up her thigh. *Oh God..I can’t do this..I’m not ready..* "Ugh…Nick…please…" it sounded more like a request for more than a plea to stop. "Nick…stop…I’m not ready…"she said quickly. He instantly froze and stepped away from her. "Do u think I’m your boy toy?" He spat out. "Nick…please…I’m not ready…I thought I was…it would be my first time…and.." she tried to explain, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. She was buttoning her shirt as he slipped his on again. "Don’t try to explain…you led me on." "Me? Excuse me if I’m not sure if I want to go all the way, excuse me if it would be my first time and I’m a little nervous, excuse me for getting upset or scared of what might happen! Don’t try to blame this all on me because you’re not getting your sexual needs fulfilled!!" she spat out and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

AJ and Gina were sitting on the floor reading magazines. "20 alternatives to having sex.." Gina read outloud. "What?" AJ asked, his eyes looking up at her from his sunglasses. Gina laughed. "Look." she said, moving over to him and showing him the article. "Back pictionary?" he asked. "Yeah its when..turn around.." Gina giggled as he turned around. "See I draw a picture..with my finger and see if you can guess what it is." Gina drew a heart with her finger. "Ok guess.." Gina said sweetly. "A heart.." AJ whispered turning around. Gina nodded and smiled. AJ smiled and led Gina's hand to his chest. Gina blushed slightly. They grew closer and met in a kiss. The kiss got more and more passionate and finally AJ pulled away and led Gina to his waterbed. He laid her down on the bed and continued to kiss her as their hands caressed eachother. His hands rose up her shirt and slowly began to move it over her head. Her mind was shouting at her to stop but the more he kissed her the more she wanted him. She closed her eyes and felt him kiss her neck and her chest. She moaned slightly and ran her hands over his chest, taking his shirt off. She felt his hand slide up her skirt. Her body tensed up and she was rendered helpless as she lay under him. "AJ.." she whispered. It came out more like a moan then a command. He unbuckled her bra snap and kissed her closed eyes. "AJ..stop.." she whispered, almost in tears. She sat up a little as he moved away. "What? Whats wrong?" he asked, rubbing her back. "I'm not ready for this.." AJ looked confused. "Gina you know I love you..whats wrong?" "I'm a virgin ok..I'm scared..we've only--..been going out for a little while..I'm so scared..I'm sorry." AJ got up and put his shirt back on as Gina dressed. Gina started crying but AJ seemed to ignore her. " to me please.." "Bye Gina.." he whispered. "So your not gonna talk to me just because you know your not gonna get any? Is that it? Well I'm sorry if I'm not ready..I'm sorry if I'm uncomfortable and scared to death of whats gonna happen after! I'm so sorry AJ that I cant give this to you!" she screamed and ran out.

Gina couldnt stop crying as she knocked on Liz's door. She didnt know who else to turn to. Liz came to the door, looking upset herself. "Gina whats wrong?" "It's AJ.." she whispered. "Come in.." Liz said and closing the door behind her. "He..he..he pressured me into.." she couldnt get it out. "Having sex. Heh..thats sorta funny. Nick did the same." Liz shook her head. "I wonder whats wrong with them. Nick acted like I somehow seduced him." "AJ just ignored me..Liz I want to go home.." Gina whispered. Liz smiled and hugged her friend. "Lets just sleep in here tonight and we can figure this out tommorow." Gina nodded and laid on her bed. The two cried themselves to sleep.

AJ had his ear to the girls door and heard her crying. His heart wrenched as he listened to Gina sobbing. *How could I do that to her. Now tommorow she's gonna fly out of my life..* he shook his head and walked to his room where Nick was. "Gina's hysterical..I dont know what Liz was doing.." AJ explained as he sat on the bed. Nick hung his head. "I shouldnt of pressured her..." "We both shouldnt of.."

The next morning Gina woke up feeling worse then yesterday. Her whole body ached and her mind was reeling. She missed AJ so much it was unbearable. Liz was at the table drinking orange juice. "Hey Gina. Feeling better?" Gina shook her head and sat down. "Well..I'm gonna go shopping..I'd invite you but I kinda wanna get something alone." "No problem." Gina whispered. "See ya!" Liz said and walked out the door. Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. "Liz..did you forget your ke-" Gina started as she opened the door. "AJ..I dont want to talk to you.." "Gina please..we need to talk..give me 2 minutes." "Fine..go." Gina said looking at her watch. "Listen im sorry. I didnt think that you were..I wouldnt of pressured you. I was just really involved yesterday and my head wasnt clear." Gina smiled slightly. "When I was little I used to think..having sex was like..seeing a shooting star or something. Like seeing the other persons perfectness..and I used to tell myself if I did it before im was I supposed to see all that? And last night..I felt to rushed. I got scared.." her voice was cracking and tears were pouring out of her eyes. AJ led her to the couch and sat next to her. " so sorry. I listened to you crying last night..I cant tell you how bad I felt." She continued to cry as he took her in his lap and rocked her. AJ began to sing in her ear. "Bring your sweet love back to me. If I don't have you to hold on to I can't hold on. Baby it's true. If you said goodbye Girl, I would die. I'm a star with no night. A day with no night...If I don't have you.." He rubbed her back and she clung onto his shoulders. "I'm so sorry baby." he kept whispering. Gina looked up at him and fell into his brown eyes. She kissed him softly and caressed his face. "I love you.." she whispered. "I love you too.."

Liz was going to go out to shop but she wasn’t in the mood. She kept thinking about what Nick had said to her. *Did I lead him on? NO…I didn’t…he just wanted too much…too fast…* She was so involved in her thoughts that she didn’t see the person that she was about to bump into. "Oof!" she let out breathlessly. "Oh God…I’m sorry…are you ok?" she said to the person. "Yeah I’m fine." Liz froze. *That was Nick’s voice!* she said to herself. "Nick?" Nick looked up to see that he had bumped into Liz. "Liz? I…uh…" he stuttered out. "Save it Nick…’cause I don’t wanna hear it." She said and started to stalk off. "No Liz wait please!" he ran after her and took her by the shoulders. "Get…your hands…off of me…now." She said sternly. "Only if you listen to what I have to say." He demanded. "Alright fine…I’ll give you 2 minutes. Starting now." Liz said staring at the clock on the wall. "Ok…first off…I’m sorry Liz…I’m really truly sorry…I didn’t realize that you’d be frightened or nervous or anything of the sort. I was really selfish and only thought about my needs and not yours. I just wanted you so bad…" he was trying to find the words. Liz was smiling inwardly. "Nick…I always thought that my first time would be more romantic. Not a rushed thing. It all went too fast and I got scared. What was I supposed to feel? I haven’t had any experience you know." She said. "I…I haven’t either." He said sheepishly. The two had gotten closer to each other while talking but not noticing it at all. Nick took Liz’s hand and led her to a bench. "AJ told me you were crying last night." Nick said. Tears started to spill from her eyes remembering what they said to each other. "Oh baby…don’t cry…no more tears for us." He said wiping them away with his thumbs. He pulled her into a hug and she laid her head on his shoulder. "Shh…I’m sorry honey…I really am." He whispered to her. "Liz?" Nick said. "Yeah sweetheart?" she replied. "I love you." She smiled and hugged him tight. She whispered, "I love you too Nick…I love you too."

*I'll make love to you. Like you want me to. And I'll hold you tight. Baby all through the night. I'll make love to you. When you want me to. And I will not let go. Till you tell me to*

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