Chapter 14

"GINA!" Liz whispered, knocking on her door. "Ehh.." Gina moaned getting out of bed. "What time is it?" she whispered to herself. "6:30! This better be an emergency." Then Gina noticed AJ sleeping in the bed across from her. Gina smiled and touched the side of his face. *He looks so peaceful..* she thought. She kissed his forehead and went to go answer the door. "Liz! God what’s wrong?! Are you ok?" "Yes I'm fine...can I talk to you for a sec." Gina rolled her eyes. "Come in.." "No out here...AJ cant here." "So you want the whole floor to hear you!" Gina asked. "No...just come out!" she said and pulled Gina outside. "Listen I was watching Nick sleep and I thought...I'm ready!" "What? Ready to go to bed?" "No ready… in...ah hem...ah hem ready." "Liz can say it…sex. Yeah I know...I just had the same feeling…So why did you wake me up?" "We both want it to be special right.." Gina nodded. "So meet me at Victoria Secrets at 8:30 Ok?" "Good idea.." Gina said, finally smiling. "Now go back to bed and I'll see you in 2 hours!" she continued shutting the door. Gina walked back to her room and took one glance at AJ and fell asleep.

2 hours later the girls set out shopping to buy whatever came into their head of their perfect fantasy. "Ok you know what to do?" Liz asked as she dropped off the bag of lingerie and candles. "Yeah Liz...I’m gonna set the lingerie on fire with the candles and then dress up in a sheet.." Gina rolled her eyes. "YES I KNOW! Now go before AJ sees you!" "FINE! Jeez...feisty." Gina rolled her eyes. "Good luck!" she said before she closed the door. "Safe.." she whispered. "From what?" a voice said from the bathroom. "Oh no AJ! ack! What do I do with this?!?" she whispered. AJ came out of the bathroom and noticed she was stuffing a bag in freezer. "Did you go shopping? Cause I'm starving!" "NO! I GOT MIDOL..AND ...I was just keeping it fresh!" Gina said and smiled. *Midol?!* she thought to herself. "How much ..uh...midol did you get. That’s a pretty big bag." " know...can never have too much of that stuff!" AJ looked at her weird and sat down on the couch. " AJ! Howie wanted to go shopping with you this afternoon. Why don’t you go meet him at the gift shops! Stay there...for awhile!" AJ got up. "Ok...Are you feeling well?" he asked. "Never been better! Now go!" she said pushing him out the door. "I love you." he said sweetly. "You don’t fight fair.." she pouted and kissed him sweetly then slammed the door.

Gina spent the rest of the afternoon building a canopy and setting up candles and flowers everywhere. In two hours the place was completely changed. "Not bad.." she said to herself as she smoothed out the satin sheets. She couldn’t help but feel butterflies in her stomach. Certain doubts ran in and out of her mind all afternoon. Finally she reached in the Victoria Secrets bag and pulled out a lacy, white teddy. It was low cut but left just enough to the imagination. "Oh god.." she whispered as she walked in the bathroom and tried it on. She stood in the bathroom mirror and turned around. "He's not going to like this...why am I even fooling myself?" She said out loud. She sighed and walked to the phone and dialed Howie's cell phone number. "Hello?" Howie answered. "Howie put AJ On.." she said, annoyed. "Meow...jeez girl. Here." "Hey baby." Gina smiled. "Hey...I was just wondering if I could meet you for…Panelli's." "Sure. That’s sounds great. What time?" He agreed. "8..and I'll meet you there." "You don’t want me to pick you up?" "'ll see you there. I love you." AJ's heart melted on the other end. "I love you too...Bye." They both hung up and Gina sat back on the bed. "Here goes nothing.." she whispered and put on a black hip huggers and a silver back less shirt. "Oh God...please let this night go ok.." she said as she closed the door.

In her room, Liz was pretty nervous. "Oh God…I’ve been waiting for this night all my life. I hope I do everything ok." She said and started decorating the room. She placed candles of different sizes all around the room, but not near the bed because they might have gotten knocked over. Liz cracked up as she thought why she wasn’t putting them near the bed. Next, she made a path of white rose petals leading from the door to the foot of the bed. Then she laid out the white silk sheets she had purchased. "So soft…" she whispered. Afterwards, she had bought this light perfume to spray around the room…"Mmm…Jasmine…my favorite." She said sniffing the bottle and then spraying it all over the room. "Perfect…now…the dressing part." Liz said taking her Victoria Secrets bag and going to the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She took out a white silk bra with matching underwear. Then she took out a long, sheer robe that tied loosely in the front. "Ugh…I think I’m so fat! Grr…I think I’m gonna be making a big fool of myself in this get-up." She put that all on and walked out of the bathroom. She had the hotel bring up a small stereo system for the night, as well as sparkling cider, since she wasn’t big on alcohol. Liz opened a drawer next to the night stand and took out one of her fave CD’s, "Great Expectations: The Movie Soundtrack", she stuck it in the stereo setting it on #3, "Life In Mono". It was the best song on the CD. Then she stuck the remote right on the stand so she could reach for it and play the CD at the right moment.

Liz picked up the phone and called Nick. He was at Jive Records doing some business mumbo jumbo. "Hello?" the receptionist asked. "Hi yes. Can I please speak to Nick Carter?" "Yes…please hold…Liz?" Nick said on the other line. "Hi baby…how are you?" she said. "I’m fine…I was just talking with Donna about our new US tour." "US? Did u say US? That’s great! At least we’ll be in the same country together…um… anyway, what time are you coming back to the hotel?" "Um…around 8:00…why?" Liz said coyly. "Oh nothing in particular." She smiled to herself. "Come honey…tell me what’s going on." *Oh shoot! He knows something’s up! But…he won’t know what hit him.* "Oh…just that I have something special planned, that’s all." "Alright…I’ll be there at 8:00 then." "Ok Nick…I love you." She whispered. His heart melted when he heard her say those words. "I love you too sweetheart. See ya soon." "Bye!" Liz replied and hung up the phone. "This…is gonna be one helluva night." She said and checked everything to make sure all was in place.

Gina smoothed out her skirt and walked into the restaurant to see AJ sitting at a quiet table near the window. She walked over to him and he smiled. "You look beautiful." he commented as she sat down. Gina blushed. "Thanks." *Oh god...I'm to nervous to eat..* "Um...AJ...This may sound weird...but I kinda want to go back to the hotel.." "Why? Are you feeling ok?" AJ asked. "Yeah I’m fine...its just...I’m expecting a call from my mom...and I don’t want to miss it." AJ shrugged. "Alright.." he got up and took her hand and they walked out of the restaurant. "You sure you ok? You look sorta nervous...and your palms sweaty." AJ commented, smiling. Gina snatched her hand back and wiped it on her skirt. "I'm just hot...that’s" The drive home was silent and Gina was close to hyperventilating when they got back to her hotel room. AJ kept looking at her weird. "Honey...what’s wrong? Your all nervous over something.." Gina took a deep breath. "Hold on a sec…Wait out here!" She exclaimed running into her hotel room. She leaned against the door. Gina sighed and started lighting the candles. "AHH!" she screamed when her hand got burnt. "Jesus ..shit…ow…ow.. this is really good." she cursed as she ran her hand under the water. "Gina are you ok? Do you need help?" "God knows I do.. NO! I'M FINE I JUST STEPPED ON SOMETHING!" she explained. Finally she washed her hands off and put her hand on the door knob.

Nick walked into the hotel lobby and passed the check-in counter. The concierge at the desk called up to Liz’s room, rang twice and hung up. She asked them to do that when Nick came. *Ring! Ring!* "Oh shit he’s here!" She ran around the room, trying to light all the candles. She burnt her finger a few times and stubbed her toe on the corner of a table. "Ouch! Oh damn! This is really great…burn myself to death before Nick gets here…not a good idea." She said to herself. After she finished that, she twirled her hair up into a loose french twist with a small clip and laid down on the bed propping herself up on one arm. With remote in hand, she waited until Nick came up.

Nick turned the doorknob and opened the door. "Liz, I’m—" he was saying and stopped, looking around in awe, when he came in. He shut the door and saw the trail of petals. He started to follow them but stopped when the stereo went on. He wasn’t expecting that. "Liz are you here?" he asked, his voice shaky. "I’m here alright…I’m all here." She said seductively. She slipped off the bed and started to walk towards him. As she came into view, his eyes became wide. She took out her hair from the twist and let it tumble down to her shoulders. She seductively wrapped the robe’s belt around her hand and started to undo it. It dropped to the floor when she got near Nick and kissed him as hard and passionately as she could. They parted and he said, "Liz…you look…amazing. Are you sure you want this?" he asked hoping that she said yes. "Yes Nick…I want you…I want you now…" she said toning down to a whisper. They kissed again and Nick held her close. He was feeling her back and holding her by the waist as he led her to the bed and she was unbuttoning his shirt. She sat back on the bed and he flung his shirt to the floor, still both groping and kissing each other. She laid back on the bed of petals and he laid on top of her. "Oh God Nick…" she moaned out. She felt around his chest and then brought his hands up to the straps of her bra. He looked into her eyes to make sure this is what she truly wanted and he saw all the love, admiration, and devotion she had for him in her eyes. He pushed the straps down and kissed Liz’s shoulders. She shivered in delight. She then pushed him back a little and got him on the bottom with her on top. She then got down to his waist and started kissing him. She made a little trail of kisses going up to his mouth. He moaned..."Oh Liz.." She put her pants at the beginning of his zipper, pulling down ever-so slowly. Nick just moaned in response. She laughed and made him slip out of his jeans and tossed them on the floor. Nick then re-assumed his previous position and sucked lightly on Liz’s neck. She clung to him and felt all around his back. He reached her bra clasp and undid it. It fell helplessly to the floor with a light thud. He gazed at her and hungrily started to kiss her again. He slipped his boxers off and before he could go any further, Liz said "Here…" breathlessly and tossed him a little silver foil package. He put that on and said "Liz…Oh God…I love you.." and Liz buried her face in his shoulder, caressing his head and their cries of extasy were drowned out by the music.

Gina took a deep breath and opened the door. AJ smiled at her.."Whats going on?" he asked looking past her at the candles. She opened the door all the way and he stepped in. "Remember when I said..I.." she stopped to close the door. "Oh god..Ok lemme do it this way.." she wrapped her arms around his neck. "I want you to make love to me.." she whispered. "What?" he whispered. "You heard me.." "Wait...are you sure?" She didnt answer. She kissed him as passionate and hard as she knew how to. When they pulled away she finally spoke. "I love you..I want this.." she smiled. AJ smiled back and he led her to the bed. She took off her skirt and shirt to reveal the white teddy. "Your amazing.." he whispered as he lay her down on the waterbed. He lay over her and looked in her eyes. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he whispered. She nodded and took his hands in hers. She led them to the straps on her teddy and she pushed them down. AJ kissed her softly and started kissing her neck and chest. Gina moaned and ran her hands across his back. She unbuttoned his shirt and pushed it off his chest. She sat up a little and began to kiss his stomach and neck. "Gina.." he moaned. She moved to take off his jeans. She hesitated for a moment then let them fall down to the floor. AJ looked into her eyes and she slowly took his boxers off as he lay back down on top of her. He moved down to her stomach, taking the teddy down with him. He kissed all the way down to her belly button. Gina was beginning to get nervous and her body tensed up again. AJ noticed and moved back up to look at her. He held her hand and kissed her. "I can stop.." "No..dont.." she whispered and soon her body calmed down and got used to his kisses and his caress. He never let go of her hand as they continued. Gina felt the heat from his body on hers and felt more love for him then ever before. "I love you.." he whispered as they both stopped. He stayed on top of her for a little and buried his face in her neck. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over his hair. He moved off of her and laid beside her. She nuzzeled into his chest and he put his arms around her. "I love you AJ...this is exactly how I wanted it to be like.." she whispered. He smiled and kissed her forhead. "I love you too.." he whispered before they both fell asleep, while in Liz’s room, Liz and Nick were tangled up in the white sheets, holding each other, fast asleep.

*Sunlight, red roses. The scent of you, it calms the heart. The sight of you, I fall apart. Moonlight, the things we notice when we're in love, that's when it comes. And I'm so in love, I'm so in love. Last night, I was inside of you. Last night, while making love to you. I saw the sun , the moon, the mountains and the rivers. I saw heaven when I made sweet love to you*

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