Chapter 15

One week later...

"No this cannot be happening!" Gina screamed from the bathroom. "What? Whats wrong Gina?" Liz asked, putting on her shoes. "Oh god..I'm throwing!" she screamed and sat down on the bed. "No..its probably just PMS! Don't two were safe right?" Gina didnt answer. "Right? Gina..right?!? Oh god..tell me you didnt!" "Ok I didnt..but I did! I'm so stupid!" Liz hugged her friend. "Just tell AJ..You two will deal with it." Gina nodded and got up. "What do I say. I mean " pregnant.". I mean I dont even know!" "Listen..go over there..and talk to him..casually mention it..." Liz suggested. "Alright.." Gina whispered before walking out the door.

Gina knocked on AJ's door. *Ugh hurry..I need the bathroom..* she thought, holding her stomach. "Hey baby." he whispered, kissing her as he opened the door. "Ah outta my way!" she screamed and ran to the bathroom and slammed the door. AJ stood shocked for a moment then walked to the door. "Honey..are you ok?" She came out and wiped her mouth. "No im not ok.." "Do you have the flu? Come here..lay down.." "No AJ..we need to talk.." She grabbed his hand and sat down at the table in the kitchen. "I dont know how to say this..but I..I..I'm..pregnant." "What? How?" "How? I think you know how..we werent safe.." she whispered. AJ stared down at the floor. "I'm not entirley sure..I'm late and I've been throwing up alot.." "You need those..uh..tests." "I know..I'm going to buy one. Want to come with me?" she asked, taking his hand again. He pulled it away. "I need to think Gina.." Gina swallowed the lump in her throat and silently left.

Back in Liz’s room, she sat quietly, watching TV, until Nick came through the door. She got up happily. "Hi sweetheart!" she said rushing over to give him a hug. He hugged her but her female radar picked up on something. It seemed like something was wrong. She frowned. "Nick? Is something wrong?" "Uh…no…nothing’s wrong baby." He said, kissing her on the forehead. "Ok…" Liz said uneasily. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was bothering her boyfriend. "Um…do you want to have dinner at Areo’s tonight?" she said smiling at him taking his hand in hers. "I’m not really up for going out tonight." He answered quickly. "Oh ok…we could stay in, or we could eat here?" she asked. "’s good I guess." He said flatly. She leaned over to kiss him and kissed him, but he really wasn’t into it. "Listen, I’ve gotta go do some stuff, I’ll see you tonight." He said and left without, his usual kiss and hug. Liz stayed by the door and thought *What’s wrong with you Nick? What’s going on now?* she said a tear falling free and making its way down her cheek. She went to the bathroom and started to fill up the tub. "Maybe a bubble bath will calm me down." And shut the door to the bathroom.

Gina sat on the edge of the bathtub, wringing her hands and tapping her foot nervously while staring at the stick that could change her whole life. She wished AJ would of been there but he wouldn't have been too much help, being wracked with worry and nervousness himself. She couldn't blame him, this was a big thing to deal with in such a small amount of time. Gina stood up and took the tester in her hand and then it suddenly turned blue. The stick just fell out of her hands and clattered on the floor. Gina felt her stomach drop. "Oh God.." She picked it up and threw it into the garbage and went to go call AJ. She frantically dialed his cell phone number. She got no answer. "Damn it!" she slammed the phone down and broke down in a heap on the floor. Just as she broke down, AJ came in the door. He immediately rushed over to Gina and put his arms around her. Her bawling just became worse. He guided her to the bed and rubbed her back. "It's going to be ok..we'll get through this.." Gina shook her head. "No..its not..I--I need to go to the doctor..I need to check.." "I know, I know.." AJ whispered, wiping her tears with the back of his hand. "Whatever happens..I'll stay right here with you..I love you.."

"I feel a little better I suppose." Liz said rubbing her hair with a towel and coming out in her white tank top that said "Angel" on it with matching shorts. She threw her hair up in a messy bun and sank into the bed. "Where is Nick?" she muttered. Meanwhile, Nick had just taken a stroll around the hotel to get his mind off of Liz. *We…we acted to soon…I should’ve waited for her, until she was comfortable…I feel like I pushed her into it…* he thought and walked into the hotel. Upstairs, Liz flicked on the radio and the DJ said, "Today at #2 is Mariah Carey’s ‘My All’…" The guitar in the song started to strum and Liz got up off the bed and started to walk around slowly, over to the window. She started singing: "I am thinking of you, In my sleepless solitude tonight, If it's wrong to love you, Then my heart won't let me right, Cause I've drowned in you, And I won't pull through, Without you by my side…" she stared out the window and sang: "I'd give my all to have, Just one more night with you, I'd risk my life to have, Your body next to mine, Cause I can't let go on, Living in the memory of your song, I'd give my all for your love tonight…" She left the window, picked up and stared at a picture of them that was taken the day they met at the airport terminal. She then sang: "Baby can you feel me, Imagining I'm looking in your eyes, I can see you clearly, Vividly emblazoned in my mind…" Just then Nick was about to open the door, and he opened it a crack and stopped when he heard Liz singing. She was so wrapped up in it that she didn’t hear him. She continued: "And yet you're so far, Like a distant star, I'm wishing on tonight…" She put the picture down and hugged herself walking back to the bed. "I'd give my all to have, Just one more night with you, I'd risk my life to feel, your body next to mine, Cause I can't let go on, Lying in the memory of your song, I'd give my all for your love tonight…" Then she hugged her knees and tears started rolling down her cheeks. Nick’s heart was breaking at the sight. He wanted to go to her, but he hesitated. She finished off the song. "I'd give my all to have, Just one more night with you, I'd risk my life to feel, Your body next to mine, Cause I can't let go on, living in the memory of your song, I'd give my all for your love tonight, Give my all for your love,…Tonight…" The last chords on the guitar strummed and Liz lay silently weeping to herself. Nick then shut the door and leaving to think again.

Later on that night, Liz woke up, going to the bathroom to wash her tear- stained face. She heard the door open and close and knew instantly that it was Nick. She was very pissed off at him. "Liz? Are you here?" he asked, in kind of a scared voice. "Yeah I’m here." She answered with an attitude. "Something the matter?" He asked when he already knew the answer. But that was just the wrong question to ask Liz tonight. "You! Of all people have the nerve to ask ME what’s wrong?!? How dare you!" she screamed and slapped him in the face. Shocked, he held his hand to his cheek, not believing that she had just slapped him. "What did I do?!!?" He yelled back. She stepped back, frightened at the anger and loudness in his voice but she was equally ticked off so she answered back, "Well, gee…um…maybe because the day after me and my boyfriend—that would be you—sleep together, you don’t want to come near me the next day, neglects me, basically makes me feel like a piece of garbage and then sees me crying and does nothing about it?!?! MAYBE THAT’S WHY!!!" she said in mock sarcasm and screamed at him and ran into the bathroom, slamming the door, in hysterics. Nick immediately regretted yelling at Liz. He had no right. "What have I done now?" he asked himself. He went to the door and put his hand on the knob, turning it to find it locked. *Of course its gonna be locked you idiot, she’s angry at you!* he told himself. He shook his head and said "Liz, baby…honey…I’m sorry…I really am sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you…I had no right." He said through the door. Liz listened intently, still sobbing a little, sniffling and wiping tears from her eyes. "You bet you had no right." She said sadly. "You know Nick…I really care for you, more than I’ve cared for anyone in my entire 18 years and when I give myself to you completely, you stab me in the back, like I did something wrong." She started to softly cry again. This was tearing Nick to shreds. He slid down to the floor, leaning against the door, listening to her sobs, wishing now that he could make her stop.

Gina sat nervously at the doctors office. *Ok whatever heard AJ, he said he'd stay by you..So why isnt he here?* she asked herself. Then he heard the doctor come in. "Gina Silvestri?" "Yes.." "Well we have some good news..I would think its good. Your not pregnant." Gina sighed with relief. "So..why have I been sick?" "Oh many causes really. Stress in a relationship..homesickness..anything could of triggered it. And the pregnancy test..not very reliable." Gina got up from the chair. "Thank you so much.." "Your very welcome. Try some mylanta for your stomach, and relax, this is Florida." The doctor said smiling. "Thanks again." Gina said before she left.

Gina practically ran back to the hotel room, what she saw when she got there made her stomach drop. A girl was leaving AJ's room. Gina squinted and she saw the girl was pretty, and tall. *What the hell?* she asked herself. She waited until the girl was in the elevator before we went in. "AJ!" she screamed when she got in. AJ came out in a towel. " ..lemme just say this. I'm not pregnant, then lemme ad another thing. WHO THE HELL WAS THAT SKANKY BITCH THAT JUST LEFT THIS ROOM!?!" Gina screamed. "Whoa honey calm down..she was just-" "OH DONT HONEY ME! What? Was I not good enough? You were so bored with me you had to have the president of Whores Incorporated come over!" "Gina she's just a friend! She was coming over here to.." "I dont even want to know. Put yourself in my shoes. You see a blond leave your boyfriends hotel room and then you find him in a towel. What am I supposed to think?!" "Listen to me. We didnt do anything! She's just a friend.." "I should of known better.." "Known better?" "Yes..I should of known better not to get involved with a self centered asshole like you!" Gina screamed and smacked him hard across the face before she left.

*Don't you know. My tears will cause an inferno. Romance of these flames. Why should I take the blame? You were the one who left me neglected. Apology not accepted. Add it to the broken hearts you collected. I gave you all of me. How was I to know you would weaken so easily? I don't know what to do. Now I'm all cried out, Over you. I gave you my love in vain. My body never knew such pleasure. My heart never knew such pain. You leave me so confused. Now I'm all cried out...Over you*

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