Chapter 3

The door was slightly ajar and Liz looked in to see Gina & Nick hugging. She got the wrong impression. She kicked it open and laughed sarcastically saying "What an idiot I am! I come here to see if we can work things out and this is what I find! You don't learn do you??!" The sudden noise startled Nick & Gina and they stood far apart from each other. Nick said, "Youíve got this all wrong we were justó" "This doesnít concern you anymore Nick. It did at the beginning but now its not the issue." Liz growled. "Liz! Stop OK! I did nothing wrong!" Gina said defending herself. "How dare you say that! You knew I liked Nick!!" Liz spat out. "Well at least I was confident enough to get a guy unlike you whoís been the meek little wallflower always watching and never doing!!" That hurt Liz more than anything. She teared up and then slapped Gina across the face as hard as she could. Nick was in shock. He didnít think Liz could do that. "Whoís the meek one now?" Liz said wiping tears from her eyes. "Itís definitely not me!" Gina retorted and slapped Liz. She stumbled back, holding her hand to her face. It was very red from the slap and now Liz was furious. "You stupid little whore.." she hissed under her breath. She went to lunge at Gina when Nick stopped her. "Come onÖweóme and youóhave to talk this out. Alone." He said. "Let me go! Please!" Liz screamed as she struggled against Nick. AJ rushed in and saw what was happening. "Hey man, do you have her under control?" AJ asked worriedly. "Yeah I think so." And took Liz out in the hall. Inside, AJ rushed to Ginaís side..taking the sobbing girl in his arms and gently rocking her back and forth.

Outside, Liz had calmed down. But she wasnít alright. "IóIóI canít believe I just said and did that in there. Iím such a horrible person!" That was when she broke down in Nickís arms. "Hey..Itíll be will. You are NOT a horrible person..youíre feelings were hurt..thatís all.." He said in a soothing voice. Then he sang a part from the BsBís song "All I Have To Give" except he changed some words around. "I donít know, what I did to make you cry, but Iíll be there to make you smileÖ" It calmed Lizís nerves down a lot and she hugged Nick tighter. He smiled and kissed her forehead. *This is why I like her too..sheís fiesty, yet she can calm down in an instant..* All of a sudden, Liz looked up and said "Iím sorry Nick. For the way I acted and how I didnít give either of you a chance to explain." Then she looked down. He put his hand underneath her chin and lifted her head and said "I know why you were yelling before." Liz turned a brilliant shade of red. "You do?" she whispered. "Yes..I do."

*Gonna swallow my pride, say I'm sorry. Stop pointing fingers the blame is on me. I want a new life and I want it with you. If you feel the same, don't ever let it go.*

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