Chapter 4

Nick leaned over and kissed her softly. Liz's body relaxed beneath him as the kiss continued. Finally they pulled away. "So what do we do now?" Liz asked, breaking the comfortable silence. Nick smiled. "I'll just talk to Gina..and we can go out later on tonight. Sound ok?" Liz nodded and smiled. "I'm gonna go walking around. I need to cool off before I talk to Gina." Liz said. Nick smiled and kissed her once more before walking in the direction of the hotel.

Back at the hotel Gina was still crying on her bed with AJ. "I can't believe I did this." she whispered. "It's not your fault. You can't help how you feel.." "I should of controlled myself..I knew she liked him more than me.." "Does she?" There was a long pause before she answered. "No..not anymore." Just then Nick walked in. Gina avoided his stare and turned around. "Bye Gina." AJ said and walked out. Nick walked up behind her. "We need to talk." Gina still had her back turned to him. "Gina look at me..please." Nick took a seat next to her. "I talked to Liz...and we..we're..we're.." Nick sighed and Gina finally turned around. "You don't have to say it. I can guess what happened..I guess you kiss every pretty girl you meet dont you?" Gina shook her head and got up. "No I don't. Gina listen to me. I do like you." "Yeah sure. You like me enough to kiss me and then go kiss another girl in the same hour! This isnt right!" Gina was crying hysterically at this point. "Gina don't cry..come on." Nick tried to hug her, but that was enough to set her off. She slapped him hard across the face. "DONT TOUCH ME!" she screamed. Nick fell back a little. "Gina wait!" he called as she ran out the door.

Gina ran down the hall into the elevator. Nick was right behind her and he made it in before the door closed. He hit the emergency stop button. "We need to talk..come on.." She was standing in the corner with her back turned. He wrapped his arms around her waist. "Listen...I'm so sorry it had to work out like this. It's just Liz and I have a little more in common." She relaxed a little under his embrace. "Look..I don't understand this..I dont want to understand this..and you have weird emotional problems and things are not ok between us..but I'm sorry I slapped you.." Nick smiled and nodded. "It's ok..I was wrong though." "About what?" "You do have muscles.." Gina turned around and hugged him. They pulled away for a second. "I hope your happy with Liz. Now can we get out of here." "Only if you'll do one thing." "Whats that?" "One last kiss?" Gina smiled and kissed him once more. The kiss got more and more passionate but Gina was the first to pull away. "You gotta go.." Nick nodded and they walked back to their rooms.

"Hey why don't you meet me and Liz tonight at The Brown Derby. You can go with AJ..or Howie." Nick smiled. "Isnt that in MGM?" "Yeah." "On one condition." "What?" "You go on more rides then the last time." "Ok fine!" "Good..I'll put Howie's soda leash on you.." Gina smiled. "Sounds like fun." Gina rolled her eyes and waved goodbye before she stepped in her room. When she got in she saw flowers on her bed. "What the?" She picked them up and read the card. *I'll never break your heart, I'll never make you cry..I'd rather die..then live without you..I'll give you all of me..honey thats no lie. I deserve a try honey, give me a chance and i'll prove this all wrong. Honey he's nothing like me..darlin why cant you see.. Signed, Your Secret Admirer* "Oh god ..HOWIE!" Howie rushed in. "Whats wrong girl?! Did they discontinue your nailpolish?" "NO! WHATS WITH THESE FLOWERS?!" She screamed hitting him over the head with them. "Chill girl! OW! I ow! Didnt Ow! send ow! them! OW!" "You didnt send them? Are you lying?" "I swear I didnt!" "Who did..?"

*I wish you'd look at me that way. Your beautiful eyes lookin' deep into mine. Telling me more than any words could say, but you don't even know I'm alive. Baby to you all I am is the invisible man.*

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