Chapter 5

"Who could’ve sent me these flowers??" Gina wondered. "Girly…I dunno." Said Howie. "But whoever did must have a mental illness!!" he finished off. "Howwiieee!" she yelled playfully and chased him around the room with a pillow. "Ow!" he yelped when she finally got him on the head. "Seriously Howie, who sent them?" she said. "Seriously Gina..I like have no clue!" As they were arguing about who sent the flowers, Liz walked in.

Gina looked up and rolled her eyes. Liz just walked by in silence except for saying hello to Howie. "Hi Howie!" she said smiling. "Hey feeling better?" he asked. *Sure..dont ask me how im feeling..* Gina thought angrily. "Yeah…I’m a little bit better now, but I could be better." With that she proceeded to open up her drawers and take her clothing out. She pulled out her luggage and placed it on her bed, throwing off the flowers that were from Gina's admirer. "Where the fuck are you going?" Gina asked hotly. "Anywhere that’s away…from you." Liz answered cooly. Howie asked the all important question. "Where are you going to stay?" "I got another room on the 17 floor. All to myself…possibly with someone else." She said casting a glance towards Gina. Gina eyed her and gave Liz a dirty look. "Howie? Could you help me carry this bag over to the elevator?" She batted her eyelashes in a playful way. He laughed, "Sure…just don’t wear mascara when you do that…you could take someone’s eye out!" "Howie!" she laughed. "" she handed him the bag. "Let’s go." She pulled her luggage out of the room and Howie followed. "See ya later girly." "Yeah..see ya Hooowwwiee!" Then Liz popped her head in. "Oh and if your little ditzy blonde brain of yours didn’t realize it already, the only other guy who might have the slightest interest in AJ Mclean." And with that last commment she left the room.

"AJ??" Gina said aloud. "Yeah me and AJ. Must be some revenge thing she's had set up." Gina got up and put the flowers in a vase. "Ok so now I have two beds and more closet space. I so could enjoy this." She looked at her watch. "I have to meet Nick in an hour..along with Liz..oh fun." Gina jumped in the shower and was about to change when she heard a knock on the door. Gina gasped and grabbed a towel. She opened the door and peaked her head out. "Can I help you? AJ?! Oh god..I'm kind of..having a slight case of nudity here..hold on a sec." He laughed. "Sure." Gina closed the door and changed as quickly as she could. She smoothed out her skirt and opened the door. "Sorry about caught me in the shower." Gina explained, smiling nervously. "Nick told me about tonight. I figured I'd pick you up a little earlier and we could walk around MGM." "Sure I'd like that..lemme just straighten things up. Come in." She opened the door further and AJ stepped in looking around. Gina fixed her hair in the bathroom. "These are pretty flowers.." AJ commented. She poked her head out to look at them. "Yeah they are. But its sorta freaking me out..I don't know who they're from." AJ smiled. "I have a feeling you'll find out." Gina laughed. "Have any clues for me?" AJ shrugged. "I don't want to give it away." Gina stepped out of the bathroom with her hair done in curls and a brown skirt with a creme halter top. "I'm ready." AJ looked at her and smiled. "You loook beautiful." Gina blushed. "Thanks..we ready?" "Yeah.." AJ held out his arm and Gina turned an even brighter shade of red as she took his arm and walked out to the streets.

When AJ and Gina crossed the street, they ran into a rushed Nick. "Hey guys!" he said hurriedly. He had a bouquet of white roses with him. "Hey bro nice flowers." AJ grinned. "Yeah? Thanks! They’re for Liz." Gina cringed. *Get a grip girl! Liz has him now...forget him!* "Do you know where she is now Gina?" Nick asked. Gina didnt answer. "Gina?" "Huh? 17th floor..she moved out." She replied, looking down. Nick felt a wave of guilt go through him. "Thanks..maybe we can dance later on?" Nick suggested happily. "No..I dont think so. Liz might get upset." Gina thought. *Then she'll fly all the way back to New York..I thought the 17th floor was bad. " can think about it. Bye guys!" "Bye Bro." "See ya.." Gina said quietly, still staring at her feet. "You ready?" she forced a smile. "Yeah." She replied and began walking to MGM.

Back at the hotel, Liz was picking out an outfit. "Hmm…I need something to compliment my green eyes." Liz wasn’t overly tall. At 5’7", she was pretty average. She picked out a mint green spaghetti strap tank top with a black, above-the-knee, black skirt with a small slit in the front. "Puuurrrfect!" Liz hummed and laughed. "Now I just need to take a shower and I’ll be ready for my date with Nick!" *Nick…I can’t believe we’re going out on a date…* she sighed happily entering the shower. *…and we wouldn’t be if AJ & Howie hadn’t given me the courage to go up there…and Gina...I don’t know how we’ll ever be the same towards each other again.* Liz thought while in the shower. After 10 minutes, Liz finished up her shower and put on her baby blue camisole with matching shorts before changing again.

She was about to go out when she heard Nick from outside. "Liz?? Are you here?" Nick questioned wandering in. "Nick?! Yeah! I’m in the bathroom...hold on…" Liz said. *I’m gonna play a little trick on Nick.* Liz thought, smirking to herself. "Coming…" Liz yelled from the bathroom. She came out in only her bathrobe with her camisole outfit underneath, but Nick didn’t know that. "Woah...woah...Liz...sorry...I’ll come back in a few minutes…" Nick said stunned at what or what she wasn’t wearing. "Oh come on Nick. We’re the only ones in here. Don’t be shy.." Liz said coyly, laughing inwardly at the little trick she planned. It looked like she wore nothing from the appearance of her robe. Nick backed up into a wall and was looking around nervously. "Liz I don’t think we should—" Nick tried to say but was interrupted by Liz putting her finger against his mouth. She whispered seductively "Oh come on…you know you want to…" and kissed him passionately. Despite what his mind told him he kissed back and they were both whirled around in a wave of emotions...

She led his hands down to the cloth belt and made him start to undo it. *Ha! This is gonna be hilarious!* she thought. "Liz…oh this such a good ide—" She undid the knot and the robe tumbled off. Nick heard it fall and was frozen. All he could feel were Liz’s bare arms. She had the camisole and shorts on, but he didn’t look down. He was too afraid to go any further. This was not how he expected the night to be like. Liz whispered in his ear "Appearances can be deceiving…" and laughed and spun around. He saw her wearing her little outfit and grabbed a pillow. "Your such a tease!" and ran after her. "Ahhh! Nick No! We have to leave in a little bit! Ahh!" he got her in the back and she fell onto the bed and Nick fell onto of her. "Hmm...I don’t mind this at all." He said slyly. She kissed him quickly and said "Neither do I!" and laughed. "Come on Nick! Really, I gotta get ready!" Liz said pushing him off of her. "Alright Alright I’ll wait here." Liz went into the bathroom and 20 minutes later, she came out in her silk mint green tank & short black skirt with strappy sandals. Her hair was done in a french twist with wisps of hair on the sides. "Wow Liz you look gorgeous." Nick exclaimed. "Thanks." She smiled and blushed. Nick had put the flowers beside the bed on the floor and Liz didn’t see them. "These..are for you." "Ohmigosh Nick they’re beautiful!" Liz said. She put them in water and took one out. "I just want to hold one..It matches my outfit you know." She said sarcastically. "Yeah it does match." Nick complimented smirking. "Ready to go?" He asked. "Yes I am..Let’s go." Nick took Liz’s hand and they walked out ready to go to MGM.

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