Chapter 6

After going on a couple of rides AJ and Gina decided to head to the Brown Derby where Gina was sure to have a night of total hell. They spotted Nick and Liz at a table in the far back. "Great.." Gina whispered, walking behind AJ. She sat down on the far end and avoided the stares of both Nick and Liz. "Hey guys. Did you have fun in MGM?" Nick asked trying to break the tension. Gina nodded and AJ went into a big description of what seemed like every ride in Florida. Liz cleared her throat and got up. "I'm gonna go to the ladies room." Gina made sure to pass her a dirty look before she walked away. Nick felt even more guilty then he did that afternoon. He felt responsible for breaking up their friendships. "Gina you want to dance?" Nick asked looking at the other couples who seemed to be having fun. "Do you mind AJ?" He looked hurt for a second then quickly smiled. "No not at all..go ahead."

Nick led Gina to the dance floor as Darlin' came on. *Coincidence much?* Gina thought to herself as she wrapped her arms around Nick's neck. They stayed as far apart from eachother as they could, but it was almost hard not to move closer. By the middle of the song Gina had her head on his shoulder and they were so close she could hear his heart beating.

Liz had returned from the ladies room and was watching solemnly as her boyfriend and ex-bestfriend danced. AJ looked around nervously then spoke up. "Do you want to dance?" He said, sounding more like a plea then a question. "I'd love to." Liz said, trying best to mask her dissapointment. The two soon grew as close as Nick and Gina and Liz made sure she made it visible that she was right around the corner, watching them. Gina caught a glimpse of AJ and her friend and moved away from Nick. "Something wrong?" He asked looking at her worridley. "No nothing.." Nick pulled her closer than they were before and thats when Gina saw Liz break away from AJ and run up the stairs.

AJ looked suprise for a second then ran after her. He finally caught up to her on the balcony of the resturant. "Hey you ok?" Liz shook her head. "What was Gina doing? Trying to make me feel like Nick doesnt like me..that he likes HER more!" "Of course he doesnt like her and I were dancing like that..we dont feel anything for eachother." "Yeah..but something about how he was looking at her bothered me.."

"Oh jeez..Nick. Go upstairs, Liz is upset." Gina said pulling away from him. "What?" he asked looking at the stairs. "She ran up with AJ..I think she was crying.." Nick closed his eyes for a second and with a nod he ran upstairs. Gina sat down at their table and sadly played with the straw in her drink. * far no bones broken..maybe this isnt going to be such a terrible night..*

Back on the balcony AJ and Liz were hugging as he tried to comfort her. Nick was watching all his from far away. "What are you guys doing up here?" Nick asked finally revealing himself. "Oh..uh...I was..sorta upset and AJ was trying to make me feel better." Liz said pulling far away from AJ. "I saw that part. What is this to you Liz? A game?" "NO NICK! We're just friends!" Liz argued. "I told you the same thing about Gina and you didnt believe me!" "It's always about you and gina isnt it!?! Never about you and me! Maybe I should ask you the same question. Is this a game to you Nick? Do you like Gina?!" Nick was silent for a moment. "You have to think about it?! Well let me just say this..its a famous quote of yours..quit playing games with my heart." With that Liz ran out of the resturant.

Nick moaned in aggravation and ran downstairs to meet Liz outside the resturant. "Liz come on..I dont like Gina like that. You know I like you.." he explained standing next to her. "I wish I could believe that." "You should..because its the truth. I wouldn't lie to you." "How could you dance like that?" "Maybe I should ask you the same and AJ werent exactly playing it clean." Liz sighed. "I guess we should both be sorry.." Nick smiled. "Come on..lets go dance. You and me." Liz smiled and walked with him back in the resturant. AJ and Gina were already dancing to All I Have to Give on the dance floor. Nick and Liz soon joined them and for once they all seemed to be completley relaxed.

Gina had her head rested on AJ's shoulder and his head rested on top of hers. He started to sing in her ear. "I'll never break your heart, I'll never make you cry..I'd rather die..then live without you..I'll give you all of me..honey thats no lie. I deserve a try honey, give me a chance and i'll prove this all wrong. Honey he's nothing like me..darlin why cant you see." Gina broke away confused. "You?" she asked. He already knew the question. "I sent them.." he confessed. Gina smiled. "But why?" "Maybe I like you.." he answered pulling her back into his arms. "Well..maybe I like you too.." she said looking up at him. "Maybe?" "I do.." she said staring into his big brown eyes. Soon their heads tilted and their lips met in a soft but powerful kiss. The kiss sent Gina's mind reeling. All her feelings about Nick left her as she pulled away and smiled at him. "Thank you.." she whispered. "For what?" "For being my secret admirer..."

AJ and Gina left the dance floor to go out on the terrace and talk. But Liz and Nick had just started to enjoy themselves. "This is really nice Nick." Liz said, laying her head on his shoulder. "Yeah…I’m really having a lot of fun being here with you Liz." He replied. She could smell his cologne, Gravity. Liz snuggled closer into Nick’s arms and he stroked her hair and pulled away a little to look at her. "You know, when I first saw you at the airport, I knew that you were the one for me." Nick said. "Well, I thought that about two years ago!" she joked and Nick laughed a little. "No...but really, we may have gotten off to a rocky start, but I think we’ll be ok." Liz said confidently. She flashed him a million dollar smile that made his heart melt. They’re heads tilted and Nick kissed her ever-so-gently. The song was over, so they went back to the table to find AJ and Gina making goo-goo eyes at each other. *This night didn’t turn out too bad...except for that little dance…she just won’t give it a rest! But…finally she’s got her mind on other things….* Nick and Liz made conversation and started to talk when their food came. They all ate and occasionally made small talk. Gina and Liz didn’t say a word to each other, to AJ and Nick’s discomfort. They wished that the girls would just forgive each other and be friends again.

Liz yawned a little covering her mouth. "Oh God…I’m a little tired, Nick you don’t mind taking me back to the hotel do you?" she asked stretching in her chair a little. "No I don’t mind…I’m getting kinda tired myself. AJ you coming?" Nick asked. "Only if Gina feels like leaving. Do you wanna go?" AJ turned to Gina and waited for her answer. *Oh great...all eyes on Gina time.* she thought. "Um...yeah sure...I need some beauty sleep." Gina mumbled. "Your gonna need more than a night for that.." Liz whispered. Gina glared at her and walked out. The guys picked up the check, paid and they all left for the hotel.

As they entered the hotel, most of them said their good-byes to each other for the night. Nick and Liz entered one elevator and AJ took Gina in another. Nick took Liz’s hand in the elevator and she leaned her head on his shoulder. Then all of a sudden, the elevator came to a screeching halt. "Nick! Ohmygosh! What just happened?!?" Liz said. She was deathly afraid of being stuck in high places. "I don’t know, just calm down, sweety and I’ll try to get this thing to move." *This is not happening...this is not happening* Nick said to himself over and over again. "Damn!" He said slamming down the emergency phone. "What’s wrong?" Liz said shakily. She was close to tears. "The phone’s dead. I don’t know how we’re going to get out of here." He said seriously. Then he saw her start to cry. He went back over to Liz and held her close. "Shh...shh...we’ll get out of here. It’ll be alright. I’m here with you, ok?" Nick said to her, stroking her hair, while Liz clung on to him like a child. "Al—alright...I can try." She sniffled. "Ok...that’s good.." and he kissed the top of her forehead. *Oh please someone come and find us...because I REALLY have no clue as to how to get us out of here.*

*You're my angel come and save me tonight. You're my angel come and make it alright. You're my angel come and save it tonight. You're my angel come and take me alright. Come and save me tonight*

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