Chapter 7

AJ and Gina were walking back to the hotel, hand in hand. Gina sighed happily. *I can't believe this is all happening like this..* she thought to herself. "Yo Yo girly!" someone shouted from her room. "Howie!" she greeted, smiling at him. "What are you doing in my room? Stealing underwear? Hmm?" "Oh Yeah girl..I want a collection. No really, I was checking to see if your tv was working." Howie explained, then he noticed AJ and Gina holding hands. "Whoa bro..word of warning..." Howie started to explain. "It's alright Howie..I'm willing to take the risks." AJ said with a smirk. Howie pretended to shudder. "Scary. Well anyway, it seems like every tv is down." "You and TV..cant you live without seeing Friends for one night?" Gina asked, annoyed. "Yes..but I can't live without Seinfeld." Gina rolled her eyes. "Why dont we all go in Gina's room and we can watch a movie." AJ suggested. "Fine Bro..but no chick flicks." Gina rolled her eyes and opened the door.

Finally all three got settled and started to watch Scream 2. "Like ohmygod..gross!" Gina said and hid her head in AJ's shoulder. "Like Oh-My-God! It's only Tori Spelling!" "Thats enough to make my stomach turn..shut it off." Gina begged. "Bro..shut it off.." AJ said smiling. "You scared?" Howie asked holding a flashlight on his face. "Yeah..of your dogly face! Now put on Good Will Hunting!" Gina joked, throwing a pillow at him. He laughed evily and changed orders on the TV. Gina snuggled closer to AJ and smiled happily. Howie pretended to gag himself. "And you thought Scream 2 was gross..."

By the end of the movie AJ and Gina had found themselves in a wave of passion as they kissed. Howie rolled his eyes and stuck a piece of paper between them. "Retract those tongues! Jeez you guys cant keep your paws off eachother. I'm leaving!" Gina coughed. "Ick paper.." AJ laughed and threw the paper at Howie. "Yo bro..pillow fight, 10 minutes. Be there!" Howie threatened running out the door.

Gina sighed and stared at the empty bed Liz would of been sleeping in. "You miss her?" AJ asked kissing the nape of her neck. "Yeah..I do. I wish this whole Nick thing never happened. If it wasnt for me..none of this could of started." "If it wasnt for you..and this fight, we wouldnt be together." AJ corrected, staring into her eyes. Gina felt her heart melt as he continued to stare at her. She leaned in and kissed him. His lips were much more softer than Nicks..and his kiss was sweeter than anyone she ever knew. Finally they broke away and she hugged him. "You dont know how much happier your making me.." she whispered in his ear. AJ smiled behind her and kissed her again. "I gotta go..major pillow fight." Gina laughed. "Kick his ass." AJ smiled and kissed her softly before he went out the door.

Meanwhile on the elevator, Liz wasn’t doing so great. "Liz…come on breathe slowly…take deep breaths...that’s it…good…" Nick said encouraging Liz. Her claustrophobia was getting worse. Nick was so worried. He didn’t know what would happen if they were stuck in there any longer. They were both sitting on the floor in the corner of the elevator, and just that minute Nick got up and starting pacing. "HELP!!" he yelled and banged on the elevator doors. Silence. No one could probably hear him. "Nick? Oh God…I think I’m going to pass out…" Liz said weakly. He rushed back to her side, taking her in his arms. "No, no no no no…you’ll be fine…we’re not stuck…I heard some noise from above us…we might be in between floors…don’t worry Liz…we’ll be out of here soon." He reassured her, hugging her gently. She just held on to him for dear life. He could hear her breathing become ragged. "We’ll get out…I promise…I’ll get you out…" Nick whispered to himself.

Before Gina closed her door all the way, she heard some commotion outside. She creeked her door open a bit to hear better. AJ was talking with the hotel manager. "I’m sorry sir but you cannot use the elevators at this time." The man said sternly. "Why not?" AJ asked. "People are stuck between the 16th and 17th floor and we dont want anymore mishaps. Now would you please wait until we can open the doors." Gina walked out at this point. "AJ whats going on?" she asked. He shook his head in confusion. "The elevators stuck.." *Wait the 17th floor..Liz's floor!* "OH GOD! AJ! Liz and Nick are stuck up there!" "Are you sure?" "I'm positive! She's up on the 17th floor..oh god..she's deathly afraid of closed places. You have to get them out sir." She demanded looking at the security guard. "We're going as fast as we can.." "WELL GOD DAMN IT GO FASTER!" Gina screamed. "Gina calm down.." AJ said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Listen to me. If you dont get Liz and Nick down from that fucking elevator I'll sue this hotel for all its worth!" She screamed. "Gina.." AJ said trying to calm her down. "I said it once..and I'll say it again. We are doing the BEST we can." The guard said calmly and began walking back to the elevator. Gina shook her head and ran back in her room. "Honey calm down..they'll be ok." She sat down on the edge of the bed. " dont understand..Liz cant handle closed spaces. If they dont get her out soon she'll pass out." Gina said, trying to sound as calm as she could. "We can't do anything about them being up there baby..shh.." AJ said sitting next to her, taking her in his arms. "What are we gonna do?" she asked, quietly. "Wait.."

Howie came out of his room to see what all the commotion was and saw Gina’s distraught face. "Girly what’s wrong?" Gina didn’t answer. But AJ did. "The elevators got stuck." He said. "So? It happens." Howie answered non-chalantly. "Nick and Liz are the people stuck in them Howie!" Gina’s sudden outburst caused her to start crying. "If she’s not alright when they come out…how can we ever be friends again?" she sobbed. "Oh God Gina…I’m really sorry..I didn’t mean to…" Howie said apologetically. "No…its alright…I can deal." Gina said. "I need some time to cool off…I’ve gotta walk around a bit." "Maybe I should come with you?" AJ suggested. "I really just wanna be alone baby, ok?" Gina then walked off in the opposite direction.

On the elevator, Nick was trying to pass the time and make Liz feel better. "Hey you want to play a game?" He smiled at her. "Hmm? Oh a game? Well…" Liz answered. "Puh-lease? With a cherry on top?" Nick said giving her the dreaded puppy dog eyes. "No….with a kiss on top…" she grinned and pulled Nick down for a passionate kiss. 2 minutes later they pulled apart gasping for air. "Woah! That was some kiss there!" Nick exclaimed. "Oh yeah? You want more?" Liz said challenging him. "Hells yeah!" he closed his eyes and expected to kiss Liz’s lips but all he got was the cold metal wall of the elevator. His eyes immediately snapped open. "Hey! That was not nice!" he said jokingly. Liz laughed. He was soo happy to see her finally smiling. *Thank you God.* Nick thought. "Ooo..your going down girl." Nick said and tackled Liz. Once he got her, he started to tickle her and they dropped to the floor. Liz was pleading with Nick to stop tickling her. Tears were coming out of the corners of her eyes because she was laughing so hard. "Nick! Pleeeeeezeeee! No-- ::gasp:: more! ::gasp::" she said. "Alright I’ll be nice and stop." He stopped tickling her and laughed. Liz was facing the other way so he couldn’t see her face. Liz didn’t move. "Liz?" Nick shook her. She was limp. "Liz!" He turned her around and she opened her eyes. "Gotcha!" she smiled. "Oh God Liz don’t do that!!" Nick got up and stood away from her, running his hands through his golden locks of hair. "Nick I’m sorry! I didn’t think you’d get this mad!!" Liz said in a pleading voice wringing her hands. "You wanna know why? Because I’d die if anything happened to you…I don’t know what I would do without you." Nick said looking deep into her eyes. "Oh Nick…I don’t know what to say…I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t with me right now…I need you so much…Nick..I…I…I love you." She said the last three words the quietest. *She loves me…* "I…I love you too Liz." Nick answered back moving within inches of her face. He caressed her face with his hand and she closed her eyes feeling his hand on her face. He then kissed her with so much feeling, Liz thought the room was going to burst from passion. Then there was a sudden lurch. Liz grabbed onto Nick, who grabbed onto a railing. "What was that?" "I think we just dropped!" This made Liz panic. "Ohmigod! Drop! Oh God..I’ve gotta get out of here! LET ME OUT!! Liz screamed. "I can’t breathe! ::gasp:: oh God I can’t…" She didn’t speak because Nick just gave her a quick kiss. "Can you breathe now?" he asked. "Much better thank you…but I think you need to do that again…I have asthma." "No problem with that." Nick said but before he could kiss her again, he heard a noise. It got closer and it was more like a voice. "HELP!!" he yelled out. "HELP US!!"

"Hold on kids we’re in the service elevator!! There’s a little door in one of the walls! Find it and open it!" Nick searched the whole elevator while Liz's color went to an even paler shade of white. AJ had caught up with the maintenance crew and convinced them to let him help. Howie stayed behind and called the other guys. Nick opened the door and was so relieved to see another door open across from them. Then Liz peeked to see the other door and AJ was in it. "AJ! Oh thank God your here!" she exclaimed. Then the emergency pro’s started talking. "Ok..we need one of you to go to the back of the elevator, run and jump onto here." He said pointing to the other floor in the other elevator. "Liz…you go first." Nick said getting out of the way. "Nick no…you go first." "Liz I insis—" "No…You’re going first and that’s final." Liz said sternly. She just was not going to go first. And that move may have cost her, her life.

Nick went to the back of the elevator. But before he ran and jumped, he pulled Liz into a tight embrace and kissed her. She had tears running down her face. He wiped them away with his thumbs and gave her a comforting smile. "I’ll be ok." Nick said and then ran and jumped. Liz closed her eyes. Then she heard a thud. *Oh God No!! Nick!* she opened her eyes and saw that Nick made it across. She let out a big breath of air she had been holding. "Liz!! It’s your turn! You’ll make it! Everything will be ok!!" Nick yelled to the other elevator. He didn’t know how wrong he was.

Liz gathered up all the courage she had and closed her eyes. Nick was watching her and was praying to every higher source he could think of. *God..please make her safe..please let her get through this* She went to the back of the elevator just as Nick had and before running, she looked up at him one last time and mouthed the words, "I LOVE YOU". Then she ran and jumped. Something went horribly wrong. When Liz took her jump, she semi-tripped on her shoelace. She wasn’t going to make it. Her hands landed on the ledge of the other elevator. "OHMIGOD!! HELP ME!! PLEASE!!" she screamed. "Liz no! Ohmigod help her!" he bent down and took her hand and pulled. Below Liz’s legs were flailing and she was crying. "Nick! I’m slipping! Hurry!" she yelled. "Nick! NOOOOO!!!" her fingers couldn’t hold on anymore and she fell. "LIZ NOOOO!!!!" Nick said trying to jump out himself to get her. All they heard was a heart wrenching, blood curdling scream that came to a deadly hault and then a sickening thud. "Noooo…." Nick was crying now. Tears were streaming down his face. AJ was trying not to cry. He felt he had to be strong for Nick. He wasn’t going to know how to tell Gina. "She’s not dead Nick." AJ said hugging the younger boy. The emergency personnel said, "She didn’t fall far! She landed on the 16th floor elevator ledge!" He shone a flashlight down and on Liz. Nick looked down and got a sick feeling in his stomach. Liz was sprawled on a small piece of a cement ledge. Her arms was hanging off lifelessly. Her head was tilted sideways and her mouth open. Blood was gushing from her head and her mouth. Nick couldn’t look anymore and then turned around. Then he slowly slipped from consciousness into darkness.

*I'm sorry I never told you. All I wanted to say, and now it's too late to hold you. Cause you've flown away, so far away. Never had I imagined. Living without your smile. Feeling and knowing you hear me, it keeps me alive.*

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