Chapter 8

"NICK! MAN! COME ON!" AJ screamed as he pushed Nick up against the elevator wall. AJ turned towards the security guards. "Have someone pull her up on the 6th floor service elevator..hurry!" he commanded and the elevator dropped down to the main floor. He turned back to Nick. "Come on man, dont quit on me now.." he whispered as he shook him. "What?" Nick asked as his eyes fluttered open. "Come on..we need to get out of here." AJ said leading Nick out onto the main floor. "LIZ!" Nick screamed as he tried to break away from AJ. "They're gonna get her Nick. Just wait."

Back on the service elevators on the 16th floor the guards had managed to pull Liz's unconcsious body back onto the floor. They approached main floor where Nick caught a glimpse of Liz being put on a stretcher. "Oh man..Liz!" he screamed but two paramedics held him back. "I KNOW HER!" he yelled. "You'll be informed of her condition soon." They yelled to him. Nick sat against the wall and began to cry. "She cant die.." he kept whispering as AJ tried to comfort him.

Gina was just walking out of the gift shop when she saw a stretcher being rolled out. She squinted hard and could tell the face of the girl was Liz. "Ohmygod.." she whispered before she fainted against the wall.

Nick had finally began to calm down and AJ got up to go tell Howie what happened. His gaze met a crowd surrounding outside of the hotel gift shop. He peaked over peoples heads and realized Gina was laying on the ground. He felt his heart start to race as he pushed people away to get to her. "I know her.. MOVE BACK!" he yelled, more angrily then he meant it to be. "Gina?" he yelled. Her eyes fluttered and she stared up at him. "Liz.." she whispered and passed out again.

AJ looked around and decided to carry her back up to her room. Howie's eyes bulged when she saw Gina's limp body in AJ's arm. "What happened?!" he asked following them back to the boys room. "I think she saw Liz.." he whispered, laying her gently on his bed. "Oh man..poor Gina. Is there anything I can do?" AJ shook his head. "Go downstairs and see if Nicks ok..bring him up here. We can all wait for the hospital to call." Howie rushed out of the room and AJ put a cold facecloth on Gina's head. After a few minutes Nick and Howie walked back into the room and closed the door. "How is she?" Nick asked walking to the other side of Gina. "I'm guessing she fainted when she saw Liz." Nicks eyes began to water again. "Listen..AJ..I can't go down to the hospital yet..I'm a wreck right now. I'll watch Gina. Just go down there and see what her condition is like." AJ smiled and nodded. "It'll be ok man."

Nick laid down on the other bed and Howie sat on the floor. "This whole trip is a huge mess." Howie eventually said. "Yeah..if it werent for us. Liz and Gina would still be friends, Liz wouldnt be in the hospital and we could all be perfectly happy.." Nick replied sitting up. A moan escaped Gina's lips as her eyes began to open. Nick rushed up and sat on the edge of her bed. "Gina? Can you hear me?" Gina nodded. "Liz..Liz..oh god..I killed her.." she whispered, shaking. Nick looked at Howie, confused. "What?" Nick asked, moving a little closer. "If I didnt kiss you..she wouldnt of been in that elevator..she wouldnt be like this. Its all my fault!" Gina said inbetween hysterical sobs. "No..Gina..listen to me..this was meant to happen. It was nobody's fault.." Howie said in a soft voice. Nick wrapped his arms around her and rocked her gently. "Is" Gina managed to get out. Nick closed his eyes and held Gina tighter. "I dont know.."

A half an hour later, Gina had fallen asleep on Nicks shoulder, while Howie was asleep next to her in a chair. AJ walked in and shook Nick and Gina awake. "You guys..wake up.." he whispered. Gina woke up and immediatley hugged him. "How is she?" Aj looked down for a second then looked at Nick. "She's in a coma...Her head got severley bruised..Her chances arent that great." He whispered, his voice cracking. Gina felt her stomach turn. She closed her eyes and sat down on the bed. Nick sat there speechless, just staring into space. "You can go see her.." AJ added. Nick nodded and walked silently out of the room. AJ stared at Gina. "You ok?" Gina shook her head. "No..i'm not ok.." she whispered, getting up. AJ wrapped his arm around her and followed Nick out the door.

When they got to the hospital the three went into Liz's room. Gina stared at the girl on the bed. *This isnt Liz..* she kept telling herself. It couldnt be. This girl was ghostly pale and too many tubes were attatched to her. Liz could never be this weak. Nick took her hand. " need you to make it..we need you here.." Gina felt as if she was going to throw up. "I need to go.." she whispered and ran out of the room.

AJ followed her out until she ran into the ladies room. AJ looked around causciosuly and slipped in the door. He could hear faint coughing coming from the end stall. "Gina in here?" He whispered, knocking on the door. A toilet flushed and Gina came out, her face pale and her eyes blood shot. She walked to the sink and washed her mouth out, without saying anything to AJ. "Honey..come on talk to me." he said quietly. Gina turned around with new tears coming down her face. "I couldnt take in there. I kept saying..thats not Liz. Liz cant look like that. This all feels like some dream. I just keep picturing how she fell.." Gina choked out, inbetween sobs. AJ nodded. "I know...but maybe if you talk to her..she might understand." he whispered, hugging her gently. Gina hung onto him as tight as she could. She couldnt lose anymore friends..not now. AJ rubbed her back. "Its gonna be ok..I'm here." He whispered in her ear. She buried her face in his shoulder and squeezed him even tighter.

Back in Liz's room Nick was still holding her hand talking to her. "Gina thinks this is all her fault..Its sorta weird..I never thought of her as the person who could be so nervous and guilty. Then again I never pictured the hospital like this.." Nick paused for a second. "Liz..I love you..I can't get through this without need to try for me..please...I can't imagine not being with you..I cant imagine not seeing your sweet smile, or feeling you hair..and how its so soft ...and how your lips creep up into a smile when you laugh..I can't live without all that.. please try."

Outside the hall Gina was listening in the hallway. AJ had went to get her Ginger Ale and she decided she needed to talk to Liz. *He loves her..* She thought to herself as she felt a pang of longing for him to say that to her. *You gave him up..its not fair to be thinking about yourself right now..* she thought and swallowed back her tears. Nick walked out a few minutes later. "Gina?! are you feeling?" Gina nodded. "Better..I wanted to talk to Liz.." Nick sadly smiled. "Maybe she'll listen to you.." he whispered and walked down the hall.

Gina walked in and sat in the chair. "Liz..its Gina...I-" suddenly the machines attached to her started beeping constantly and before Gina knew it doctors were surrounding her. Gina started to cry again and ran out of the hospital without anyone seeing her.

*Don't think that I am disenchanted. Please understand. It seems as though I've always been, somebody outside looking in. Well, here I am for all of them to bleed. But they can't take my heart from me. And they can't bring me to my knees. They'll never know the real me.*

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