Chapter 9

Gina ran about a block away from the hospital, with tears streaming down her face. She stopped at a park bench and sat down. *She even hates me in a coma…her machines went haywire when I said my name. God how am I ever going to get my best friend back?* She thought. What she didn’t know is that AJ saw her run out of the hospital and slowly followed behind her. "Sweetheart?" AJ asked as he came up behind the park bench. Gina shot up and frantically wiped the tears off her face. "AJ what are you doing here??" Gina asked, surprised. "I saw you run out..I was worried about you. I know you feel guilty even though you shouldn’t. I care about you so much that I don’t want to leave you alone…ever." AJ said. "AJ…I really don’t know what I would do without you…" she said and hugged him tightly. "I can’t take my eyes off of you, you’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much, your just to good to be true, cant take my eyes off of you, I need you baby if its quiet alright, I need you baby through all the lonely nights, I love you baby…" AJ sang to her. Gina pulled away to look at him. "Aj...that was so sweet.." she choked out. He smiled and kissed her passionately. He caressed her face and she ran her hands through his short, brown hair. "I love you.." she whispered.

Back at the hospital, Nick & Howie were in Liz’s room watching for any changes in her condition. The nurses couldn’t get Nick to leave and Howie wasn’t about to leave Nick alone. Problem was that Nick was getting more nervous by the minute. "Frack…calm down…she’s gonna pull through…she’s not weak…she’s strong and she’ll make it for you and for all of us." Howie said trying to make him feel better. "Uh…" Liz softly moaned from her bed. Nick’s head snapped up and he ran to her side taking her hand. Howie zipped out of the room to get a doctor. "Ugh…Nick…" she moaned again, her eyes still sewn shut. "It’s ok baby…I’m here…shh...don’t talk…" Nick said sweetly, kissing her hand. Liz’s emerald green eyes fluttered open and looked around frantically. "Nick? What’s going on? Where am I?" Liz said trying to get up. "Liz no no no…honey…you have to lay down…you had an accident remember? The elevator?" he tried jogging her memory. "Oh…right...oh God sweetheart are you alright?" she said worriedly putting her hand on the side of his face. "Oh Liz I m fine well, I am fine physically, but when you got hurt a piece of my heart just died I love you so much " Nick said letting his feelings flow. Then he sang a part of Mariah Carey s song "Without You" "I can t live .if living is without you I can t live .I can t live anymore." Small tears of joy and emotion made their way down Liz s bruised face. Nick brushed them away with his thumb and their lips met in a reuniting, soft kiss.

"Awww…how sweet…Frack and Mrs. Frack are going to live happily ever after." Howie said smirking. "It’s nice to see you too Howie." Liz said cracking a smile. "How ya feeling now?" he asked. "Ooh...deja vu…I could be better." she answered. Just then Dr. May walked in. "And how’s our patient?" the Dr. said looking over at Liz’s chart. "I have a humungous headache…but besides that…I know the perfect medicine to cure all injuries." The Dr. chuckled and said "Oh really? And that would be??" "Kisses…and lots of them…from him over there." "Him?" The Dr. said pointing to Howie. "Eww…like that’s soo not funny!! No..that mighty fine blonde over there! My Nick!" Liz said scrunching her nose up real cute. "Hey what’s that supposed to mean?" Howie said with a confused look on his face. They all just laughed. The doctor turned back to Liz to see her and Nick making out. "God kids these days move faster than the speed of light! Ok enough you two. Elizabeth needs her rest if she wants a speedy recovery. I need all of you to leave the room. You can return tomorrow during visiting hours." "Alright. I love you sweetheart." Liz said. "I love you more honey." Nick replied smiling. "Oh God I think I’m going to be sick! Nurse! Help! I’m being gagged to death by mushiness!" Howie said dramatically rushing out of the room. Nick just followed behind chuckling and the Dr. replied with "Kids…" Howie looked through the glass pane of the terrace and ran back to Nick saying "Oh Mylanta.." and pretended to be about to throw up and Nick cracked up as he waited for his love to wake up again.

AJ and Gina walked back to the hotel in silence. AJ kept looking over at her to make sure she was ok. Finally they reached the hotel. "Do you want to stay with us for the night?" AJ asked, breaking the silence. Gina nodded solemnly and walked in to see Nick and Howie laughing near the window. "Glad to know you guys are taking this well." AJ commented. Nick smiled. "Liz is awake." he continued. Gina practically collapsed. "She's what?" she asked, barely above a whisper. "Awake Gina.." Nick widened his grin. "Oh God.." she whispered sitting down. Nick sat next to her. "It's over Gina..finally things will be back to normal.."

*I can't live. If living is without you. I can't live. I can't give anymore I can't live. If living is without you. I can't give. I can't give anymore*

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