Guess What?!?

YEAH!!! The site is back up and running! I have successfully moved the "Pooks Luvs Eric" site to a new address!!! I know... Fianlly!

If you wanna check it out, click on the link below...

Pooks Luvs Eric

I must tell you this right now, I have NO PICTURES up there yet... I have to find some, and ask if I can use them, and scan some "WICKED" ones I have myself at a friends house... (Hi Caroline... :) ). But, if any of you have an Eric piture, and don't mind lending it to me, send it me via e-mail (, and put "PIC OF ERIC" in subject box), and I'll give you full credit for the picture!

So with out furthur adieu... Go and see the site, once again, and sing the guestbook. And, could you all be a bunch of sweeties and spread the word about this page? I would love it tremendously...

One Last Thing

Have fun!