Chapter 1

Erika Tuskaveno sat staring out of the bus window is bordom.She looked like she hasnt been to sleep in a few days but she had a very good reason for it!

She is a part of a rising singing group called ' Faith 'N' Harmony" , This group is made up of 4 other singers Liza(is 18) Katilina(is 18)katrina(is 19)and Lurana(is 19).

Erika was alone because all of her best friends were talking about older things,she understood what they wre talking about,but the others always underestamated her and thought she was the innocent little cute girl that didnt seem to want to grow up.The othes loved her anyway and she loved them like her sisters but she felt like they didnt understand. Erika was deep in thought when she felt a light tap on her shoulder,she turned her head around,making her waist long dark brown hair smack in to the person behind her.OW! Damn Erika!Do you mind puting your hair in a pony tali!Erika blushed and automaticly appologized.

Um.. im sorry Kat I didnt mean to.Katilina looked at Erika's sad expression and sat down.

Erika......whats wrong?Erika didnt want to answer.Erika was about to say something when Jake's (the bus driver) voice interuppted her.Hey girls ..were almost at the air port,you guys are going to be in a plane with a few other groups and until you get Tokyo!I'll see you girls in a few weeks!And have a great show!Erika and Katilina jumped up and ran to get their things before the others got theirs.


10 min. and 5 screaming girls later,the bus jurk stopped in front of a huge garded fence.The 5 girls walked to the front and each giving Jake a hug and good byes.They walked out of thr bus some faster than others.And meet with their 2 managers Lida and Matt Davis(they are brother and sister)Liz,and Lina kept Erika very close because she was the one who gets snached the most,they were very protective of her after what happened when they first started getting noticed.Kat,and lura were close behind and Their eyes nearly poped out when they saw who they were traveling with!!!!!

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