Chapter 1: Oh My Gosh!

"Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Look who's coming our way," Linds said to her friend Mackie as they were standing next to their lockers, in between 5th and 6th period. (Mackie and Linds have been good friends who have lived in the same neighborhood right next door to each other in Ruskin, Tampa) Linds was freaking because Nick Carter, the most popular guy at Olympic Heights High School, was about to approach them.

"Hey, Lindsay, why are you freakin so much? It's not like you and Nick haven't talked before. I mean he only lives next door to you," Mackie reminded Linds.

That's true, Linds thought So why am I freaking so much? I mean, I see Nick everyday, so why am I freaking like this? Was it his new clothes? No! His looks? Kinda! His Eyes? Yep that was exactly it. I don't know why , but I never noticed his baby blues before. Oh, he's so dreamy, so fine!

"Yo, Linds, snap out of it!," Mackie said snapping her fingers infront of Linds' face. "Hello in there."

"What," Linds asked coming back into reality.

"Didn't you hear what Nick just said?," Mackie asked Linds.

"Huh?," Linds asked, when all of a sudden, she turned my head, and guess who was there. Nick! He was standing right infront of her and as stupid as she am, didn't noticed a thing.

"Oh, um...Hi Nick," Linds studdered.

"Hi Linds," he said back, "I just wanted to inform you guys about the annual Sweetheart Dance."

"Oh, ok thanks."

"No problem," Nick said as he was starting to walk away. "See ya guys later."

"Bye, see ya," Linds called back.

"Bye," said Mackie.

Then Linds turned back to Mackie, "Oh, my gosh Mackie I freaked. I totally freaked."

"Chill, ok chill," Mackie informed Linds. "Wuz up with you lately? I mean Nick and you have talked many times before, you've even had conversation, so why is it now that you start to freak?"

"I have no clue," Linds told her "I guess I am falling for him.

"Yeah I guess so, too. It sure does sound like it! Why don't you too just hook up?"

"I wish we would. He's so fine, but he could never like a girl like me."

"Stop putting yourself down."

All of a sudden, the 5th and 6th period bell rang.

"See ya later, Mackie," Linds yelled as they were both headed in different directions. Mackie has Student Aide 6th period with Mrs. Jones, and Linds have English with Mrs. Thomas.

"Bye," she replied.

* * *

"Hey, wuz up Bri?," Nick asked his best friend and fellow band member Brian Littrell. Brian and Nick belonged to this band called Backstreet Boys. There were five members in all, Brian, Nick, A.J. McLean, Kevin Richardson, and Howie Dourough. The five of them are really good friends, almost best buds. They were all getting ready for their daily practice everyday around 4 P.M. in Nick's garage.

"Nothing much Nick what about you?," Brian asked.

"Damn, look who it is," Nick said staring off into space.

What the heck is he looking at?, Brian thought to himself. Oh, gees, won't he give up?

Nick was staring at Lindsay because nick had it cold for her. Ever since the day she moved in he wanted to be with her.

"Hey, Nick," Brian said. "Stop staring and start playing."

"Ok, fine! It's just her."

"Who?," Kevin asked.

"Lindsay," Nick replied.

"Oh, I get it!," Kevin said catching Nick's glance. "Just go over there and talk to her."

"Should I?," he asked his fellow band members.

"Do it," they all shouded.

"Ok, ok I will."

Nick started to walk up to Lindsay.

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