Chapter 2: The Perfect Moment

Oh, my gosh! What's he doing? Linds asked herself as Nick was walking her way. Ok, Linds, act cool, don't make it seem so obvious that you like him. You gotta play it cool and act natural. He's coming, he's coming, he's here!

"Hey Linds," he said.

"Hey, Nick! What ya been up to lately?," Linds asked trying to make conversation.

"Nothing really. The guys and I were just about to practice for a big gig that Howie hooked us up with."

"Wow! That sounds really cool. Where are you guys playing?"

"We're gonna play at the Sweetheart Dance."

"Oh, cool," Linds replied. "So, how are you and what her name?"

"Christina," Nick corrected Linds.

"Yeah, that's it. Sorry about that. I can't remember a thing. You should ask Mackie cause she has to remind me of half the things that I am supposed to remember."

Nick laughed, "Hey that's ok, but Christina and I broke up."

"Oh, why's that so?," Linds asked him simpathetically. She had to show she cared, despit the fact that she really despised Christina. Linds though of Christina as being stuck up. Linds didn't mean it to sound rude whever Linds said that about Christina, but Christina always wanted a grand entrance, it was always all eyes on her, and she somehow she got guys to buy her whatever she desired.

"Ah....she was definately not my type. She always wanted to be the center of attention. All eyes on her. I mean give me a break. Who can be attracted to a girl like that? And she only talked about herself. It was always Christina this, Christina that. Oh, man, it drove me crazy."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Linds said.

"That's ok. It's not your fault," he told Linds.

"That's true," she replied.

Then they just stood there, in deadsilence, for about a minute. But Nick broke the silence by telling Linds that she had an eyelash underneath her eye.

"Where?," she asked.

"Right here," he informed Linds. Then he pulled the eyelash from underneath her eye for her. Something magical was about to happen. They were staring each other eye to eye and then he took his hand and pushed back Linds' dark hair and they both leaned in for a kiss.

Finally, Linds thought.

"Hey, Nick, we're waiting for you," Howie called from Nick's garage.

That had just ruined their perfect moment. Nick and Linds quickly pulled away from each other. Damn you Howie, Linds thought Why does that always happen to me? A perfect moment was just about to happen, and then Nick and I were disterbed.

"Listen, I better go," Nick said. "Band wants to practice. Would you like to watch us?"

"I'd love to," Linds told him, "...but I can't. I have to help my mom out with chores. It's my turn and I can't swap days with my brother cause he split."

"Well, that sucks," Nick said to Linds.

"Yeah, it does," Linds commented.

"Nick, come on," A.J. hollared.

"Ok, well, I gotta go. See ya around. Maybe some other time."

"Sure, I'd love to," Linds told him.

"Cool. See ya."

"Buh bye."

* * *

Damn it, Nick yelled to himself Howie, why did you have to ruin a perfect moment that Lindsay and I were about to have. He kept thinking that to himself all the way back to his house.

"Hey, Nick what took so long?," A.J. asked. "We've been waiting like forever for you. Man, you took a long time."

"I was talking with Lindsay. She and I had something going there and then we were disterbered by Howie."

"Hey, I'm sorry," Howie told Nick.

"It's cool," Nick said.

"Yeah, I am sure something will happen again," A.J. told Nick. "It always does."

"I guess you'd know better than me, you know with all the struggle it took you to get Laura."

"Yeah, it was hard, man, but I believed in it and went for it and now look what happened."

That's true, Nick thought to himself. A.J. and Laura were like inseparable. At first Laura couldn't stand the sight of A.J. She didn't like A.J.'s uniqueness. But that was only because she thought of A.J. as being a total loser, but he proved her wrong by taking her out to dinner and showing her a totally different side of him then she once saw.

"Ok, you guys," Brian said. "We gotta practice for the big gig, so quit the talking and start singing.

"He's right you guys lets practice," Kevin backed him up.

So, they all started to grab their mikes and sing a capella to "As Long As You Love Me."

"1, 2, 3," Nick said and they started their practice.

* * *

"Are you serious?," Nicole, another friend of Lindsays, asked her as Lindsay was telling her about Nick while they were in school the day after the kiss was about to happen.

"I am not lying one bit," Lindsay said.

"Wow, I wish that happened to me, but with Brian. Gees that would be so cool."

"Don't worry something will happen," Lindsay assured Nicole.


"No problem."

Suddenly, the bell rang.

"See ya Nicole."

"Bye," Nicole said back.

As Lindsay was walking she felt someone grab her and pull her aside.

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