Chapter 7: The Baby-Sitting Job

Nick arrived at Lindsay's house at 6:30 and has been waiting for Lindsay for 15 minutes.

Beep Beep

Lindsay recognized that as the sound of Nick's car. She was looking all over the house for her necklace that she misplaced.

"Hun," said Linds' mother, "You can't keep a nice gentleman like Nick waiting so long for a nutcase like you, trying to find a necklace."

"Mother, please!" Lindsay pleaded. Suddenly she stepped into he living room and started looking around and Turning over couch pillows. Right stuck in between the cushions was Lindsay's necklace. "I finally found it!" Lindsay announced.

"That's nice sweetie, now run along, it's getting pretty late."

"Yes, mother." Lindsay said grabbing her purse and running towards the door.

"Bye Sweetie" said her mother.

"Bye Ma!" Lindsay shouted back.

* * *

Lindsay jumped into Nick's car and Nick greeted her by saying, "Hey Sweetie"

"Hey, Hun! Wut up?"

"Nothing much, I was just sitting here waiting for you for 15 minutes." Nick replied.

"Yeah, I know. Listen, I am so sorry. I couldn't find my necklace, but I finally did find it in between the couch cushions. So, you know how to get to the place where we are baby-sitting right?"


"Okay, here are the directions" Lindsay pulled out a piece of paper with directions on it.

"Cool, now you read them to me as we go."


Nick then pulled out of the driveway and Lindsay explained the way to get to their job.

* * *

When they finally arrived at the house, both Nick and Lindsay jumped out of the car and walked to the door and rang the bell.

Ding Dong

"Hello, come in, come in" said the mother who was in a big hurry. "Pizza is on its way. Here's a check," she handed Lindsay a check "Tell me how much it cost. Tommy goes to bed at 9:00 and thank both of you so much. Bye bye!"

"Bye" said Linds.

"Bang, Bang" Tommy appeared by the door and shouted at Nick "Hey, you should be on the ground."

"Okay" Nick said and dropped to the floor "Oh, oh, you got me good-bye couch, good-bye car, good-bye world ahhhhhh!"

Tommy went over to Nick to see if Nick was alive. Nick jumped up and started to tickle Tommy. Tommy started to laugh. They were all over the floor. Tommy then hit his knee, by accident, on the coffee table and he started to cry. So, Nick took Tommy into the kitchen, sat him on the counter, and looked at Tommy's knee. Lindsay, meanwhile, got some ice to put on Tommy's knee and Nick then kissed Tommy's knee and said "All better."

Ding Dong

The doorbell rang.

"Pizza's here!" Tommy yelled Lindsay ran over to the door with Nick following behind her, opened it, took the pizza from the Pizza Man, handed the Pizza to Nick, took the blank check out of her pocket, and made it out for $12.02.

Nick took the pizza into the kitchen, laid it on the counter, and handed everyone a slice.

"Tommy," Lindsay said "Now what do you say to Nick for giving you a slice of pizza?"

"Thank you," Tommy said while cheese was hanging down from the bite from the slice of pizza he had in hi hands. All of a sudden, Tommy accidentally dropped the slice of pizza on himself.

Lindsay announced, "Okay, Tommy. Time for a bath" and she ran into the bathroom and turned on the water.

"I won't, I won't" Tommy shouted.

"Why not?" Lindsay asked.

"You're a girl. Only Mommy can give me a bath." Tommy said.

"Well, what if Nick gave you a bath, would you get in?" Lindsay asked.

"Well.....okay....I guess" Tommy said.

"Come on, Tommy. Lets get some ships so we can play war," Nick said.

Tommy went with Nick upstairs so Nick could give Tommy his bath. They were up there for 20 minutes and Linds was starting to get worried cause he heard a big Thump.

Nick finally came out of the bathroom completely wet followed by Tommy. Then he went into Tommy's room to clean Tommy off and came out. Lindsay was already cleaning up the bathroom with all the water around it when Nick suddenly came up to her and Linds asked "What were you doing in here? It looks as if you took a bath, too."

"I guess you can say that. Well, I slipped and fell in so I got out and Tommy and I began to laugh and I was laughing so hard I fell in again," Nick explained.

"Really? So, that's what I heard," said Lindsay laughing.

All of a sudden, Tommy ran into the bathroom to announce "Story time. Now, you guys have to read me a story so I can go to sleep."

"Okay, we'll be right there," Nick replied.

Nick helped Lindsay finish clean up the water and when they were done, they ran into Tommy's room.

"Okay, what book should we read him?" Nick asked Lindsay.

"Well, we can read him the books with the dinosaurs" Lindsay announced.

"Okay," Nick agreed.

"Everyone in bed," Tommy yelled.

"Okay," Nick and Lindsay answered and they both went to sit on Tommy's bed.

Nick started to read "Once upon a time there lived a dinosaur named Dino..."

"He's asleep," Lindsay whispered to Nick "Lets go!"

They both tiptoed out of the room and went downstairs.

"So, what time is it?" Lindsay asked Nick.

"11:30 P.M., when does Tommy's mom usually come home?"

"Um....usually around 12:00 A.M. So, pretty soon I'd say" Lindsay said.

"Cool," Nick said, "You know something? I am getting kind of thirsty. Would you like to split me a coke?"

"Sure," said Lindsay while Nick was grabbing a coke from the refrigerator.

Nick opened the coke, took a sip of it, handed the can to Lindsay and sat down right beside her on the couch.

Lindsay took a sip of the coke and flipped on the TV. For half an hour they just sat down watching TV and chatting.

Tommy's mom came home at 12:00, as Lindsay thought, and she paid them $30.00!

Lindsay drove Nick home and as they were saying "Good-bye" Nick and Lindsay kissed each other and Nick said that he would pick Linds up for school tomorrow.

"Cool, can't wait. See you in the morning," Lindsay said.

"Bye! I love you"

"Oh, you're so sweet, Nick. I love you, too." Lindsay said.

Lindsay went inside and Nick pulled into his driveway.

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