DrEaMs HaPpEn OnLy WhEn YoU BeLiEvE In ThEm

~MoSt Of ThIs StOrY WaS BaSeD On ReAl LiFe ChAraCtErS~ SoRrY To AyNs (a.k.a. NiCoLe In ThE StOrY) BeCaUsE It MaDe YoU SoUnD As NoT CaRiNg, BuT, GiRl YoU KnOw ThAt ThIs StOrY WaS ThE ToTaL OpPoSiTe Of YoU. I JuSt WaNnA LeT Ya KnOw ThAt I LuV Ya GiRl AnD We WiLl AlWaYs Be BeSt BuDs ::HuGs::

AlYsSa I KnOw ThErE WeReN'T MaNy BiG PaRtS FoR YoU In ThE StOrY, BuT DoN'T WoRrIe CuZ ThErE ArE MaNy MoRe StOrIeS ThAt I Am GoNnA WrItE AnD YoU MaY EvEn GeT SoMeOnE LiKe ReL (CoDe NaMe). AnD It WiLl HaPpEn (SoRrY AyNs, YoU WiLl GeT SoMeOnE JuSt As GoOd As ReL!!)

KeRrI, CaNdIcE, AnD LaUrIe HeY GiRlS SoRrY ThErE WaSn'T MaNy PaRtS FoR YoU GuYs In ThIs StOrY, BuT PlEaSe ReMeMbEr ThAt ThErE ArE MaNy MaNy MoRe AnD YoU WiLl Be In ThEm MuCh MoRe

By: LiNdS ~A.k.A. CrAzYBSB~

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