NGC76's Short Story

Disclaimer: This story is the figment of my wild imagnation. This did not happen, and I in no way shape or form know the Backstreet Boys. I wrote this for my own. The Backstreet Boys are their own people and I and/or no one else owns them I’m just borrowing them for the sake of this story. This story is rated R for a little language, and some sexual oriented scenes. If any of that stuff offends you then please do not read this story. I do not want any mail, yelling at me for being offensive. You have been warned. So now onto the story. After you read this I would love any feedback, critical or otherwise.


When I finally heard my parents begin to snore, I threw on my bathing suit and headed out the door of our hotel room, first double checking I had my key. I closed the door slowly behind me and headed towards the elevator. I pressed the button for the first floor, and waited until the elevator stopped, I got out and walked through the virtually silent lobby out back to the pool.

It was quiet except for the waves in the background, I breathed deeply and let my mind drift to the thought of some of my friends back home. I wish they could have come, then I wouldn’t be so lonesome. I headed up a little set of stairs towards the jacuzzi but stopped when I reached the top step, there were two guys in it already. ‘Dammit’ I thought to myself, ‘I wanted to be alone’ I started to turn around when I heard one of the guys say, “Hey, where ya goin babe?” My first reaction was, ‘Pig’ but I decided to just go with it, I wanted to relax, mabye I could just ignore them.

I walked back up the stairs and over to the edge of the jacuzzi. The two guys were sitting opposite each other. One was blonde and blue eyed, and the other was brunette and blue eyed. Blue eyes were my favorite, and right now the blonde kid was giving me a feeling in my stomach. I slid into the hot tub, smiling politely and closed my eyes. As the warm watered enveloped me, I could feel both the guys looking at me, when I opened them the brown haired one looked away but the blonde one met my eyes with his and smiled.

“My name’s Lila.”

“Hey, I’m Nick, and that’s Brian.”

Brian looked at me and waved, then he gave Nick a strange look.

“You two look oddly familiar, I don’t know you do I?”

“No, Uh Nick? I think we should be going.” Brian said


“Nick, I think we should be going.’

I shifted in my place. Had I said someting wrong? Oh well, at least I’d be alone for awhile.

“Whatever B-rok. It was nice meeting you Lila.”

“You to, see ya.”

They hopped out of the hot tub and wrapped towels around their wastes. I heard them mumbling to each other but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Oh well, I’m alone now.

I started replaying the situation over again in my head and suddenly it clicked. Oh-My-God..they were from the Backstreet Boys. Holy shit. I started getting mad at myself, but soon relaxed and tried to forget about it. Soon I heard footsteps and hoped no one was coming into the jacuzzi. When I looked over to the steps there was Nick. He smiled and quickly slid into the hot tub, relatively close to me.

“Sorry about my friend, he gets up-tight sometimes”

“It’s ok, I figured out why he was in such a hurry to go.”

“Oh, you did?”

“Yeah, and even so, It’s not like I’m going to over-react and like tear or clothes off or whatever.”

“I’m so glad.”

He flashed me another one of his great smiles, and then I closed my eyes again. Soon I felt him move closer I opened my eyes and turned to face him. “Do you ever feel really lonely?” he asked, with this real serious look on his face.

“Yeah, like all the time, I always sit around wondering if I just had one person who really loved me, that if they could make all the pain just go away.”

I think Nick was a little speechless cause he just looked at me.


“No, don’t be, I just don’t know what to say.”

“Forget it. Let’s change the subject...Is there a reason you came abck?”

“Well technically I wasn’t done relaxing when Brian forced me to leave, plus I knida felt bad just leavin you here, all alone in the dark.”

“Thanks for the concern, I was coming out here to relax to. I had a long day.”

“Yeah, me to”

I once again closed my eyes but opened them only to see Nick looking right a me. My breathing started to get heavier and Nick came closer. “I know we don’t really know each other but....” His voice got lost in my mouth. He kissed me just how I had always longed to be kissed. He was gentle but I could still taste fire in his mouth. When we broke the kiss I slid over right next to him, smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I needed that.”


“I, well, have... nevermind.” Nick gently lifted me onto his lap, then took my face in his hand and turned it so I was looking right at him.


“I’ve never been kissed before.”

“Are you kidding me, a beautiful girl like you,”

I smiled, and I think I was blushing

“I think you need to be kissed again then.”

Once more he leaned over and covered my lips with his, he put his arm around my waist and held me closer. My hand was slowly running up his chest to his neck. I broke the kiss and trailed kisses on the hollow of his neck. He sighed deeply and I looked up at him. He gently held my face and pulled it up closer to his. He looked into my eyes, and I felt like he could read my thoughts. Wanting more I lowered my mouth, descending onto his. This time we were both a little more fierce, I think our passion was rising. When we broke this kiss I gasped.

“What?” asked Nick.

“Brian’s standing over on the steps.” I whispered as quietly as I could into his ear.

“What is he doing.”

“Just watching, Nick I don’t like this.”

My voice began to shake. It was a little strange to have Brian watching us like this and I was feeling very uncomfortable.

“Want to go back up to my room? We can finish what we had no nicely started.” Nick gave me a mischevious look. I knew what he was thinking becasue I was thinking the exact same thing. I wanted Nick, so badly that I could have taken him right there, but with Brian staring I figured we should go back to the room.

“Yeah. let’s go”

I climbed out of the jacuzzi and out of thE corner of my eye I saw Brian slip away. I reached down for my towel but Nick beat me to it.

“Here you are sweet-heart,” Nick held the towel open for me. I stepped into it and Nick wrapped the towel and his arms tightly around me.

“I’m a little cold, let’s hurry inside.” Here, Nick rubbed his hands up and down on my arms to generate some heat.

“Much better, thanks.”

We headed for the lobby and Nick reached into my towel for my hand. I held it out to him and we walked hand-in-hand through the lobby, into the elevator, and up to Nick’s room. He opened the door and we slipped quietly in.

“Do you want anything to drink?” He asked heading over to the mini-bar.

“Umm, what are you having?”

“I think I’m in the mood for Champagne, you?”

“Sounds perfect.” I headed to the bedroom and slipped on a robe I found on the bed. It smelled of cologne, so I figured it was Nick’s.

“This yours?”


“You don’t mind my wearing it, do you?”

“No, not at all.” he said with yet another smile. I headed back into the bedroom and slipped my wet bathing suit off and then hung it up to dry in the bathroom.

“Here’s your Champagne.” He said handing me a glass.

“Thank you.”

Nick held his glass towards mine..

“To our new found....” he trailed off, he was going to say love, but was it too soon for that? I know I sort of had the feeling that I was in love with him.

“Love, Nick, I love you.”

“I love you to Lila, but are we rushing into this?”

“So what if we are, we’re both responsible adults. You feel so right to me.”

“You feel right for me to. Lila?”

“Yes Nicky?”

“Can I make love to you?”

“No,” Nick looked hurt, “We can make love to each other.”

Well, obviously we know what’s going to happen next, I may write more but I’m not sure. If you liked this, tell me and I’ll try and finish the story, but if no one likes it then there is no reason for me to write anymore. So give me your feedback:

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