Chapter 1

Me (Nicole), Courtney, Stephanie, Erika, and Shanon were walking around New Haven, waiting for the Backstreet Boys concert, even though it didn't start until 7:30p.m. and it was only 5:30p.m. But we were getting too anxious just sitting at home, so I picked them all up in my jeep (what a tight squeeze that was), and we went walking around the city to check out the stores and stuff.

As we were walking, Me, Steph, and Erika started singing "Missing You", really loud because we were in such a good mood and because it's a great song. Shannon chimed in and Courtney (who is not as obsessed with the BSB as we are) just looked at us like we were all completley crazy.

We decided to go into the mall (If you could call it that. It's basically just two stores with a huge foodcourt, and there's never anyone in there), because we were all really hungry.

Shannon started singing "Just To Be Close To You", and Courtney screamed. Erika immediatley began looking around, and Steph said, "What, do you see the Backstreet Boys?" "No stupid, stop singing all of you!" Courtney yelled. I made a face at her and we headed to the food courts.

When we started going up the escalator, Courtney started the story of how her shoelace got caught in it once. None of us really listened because we had heard it so many times. I started humming "Anywhere For You", and Courtney screamed again.

"What, I'm not singing!" I said. "No, MY SHOELACE IS STUCK!!!" Court yelled, and began to cry and scream. (She's a little hysterical) Suddenly 5 guys (Guess who?), ran over from the food court. We were so worried about Courtney that we didn't even look to see who it was. Luckily one of them hit the stop button, and the escalator stopped. Shannon, Steph and I just tried to help Courtney get her lace out, but Erika screamed again.

"Please stop screaming!" I said, covering my ears and turning around. I clamped my hand over my mouth just so I wouldn't scream. There were the Backstreet Boys (duh, of course!), standing there! They all looked flustered but amused. Courtney pulled her shoelace out, which snapped us back to reality.

"Are you okay?" Brian asked, putting a hand on Courntey's shoulder. "Yeah, thanks," Courtney said, whiping her eyes. She looked up. "Oh My God! You're BRIAN!" "Really? You know, I always wondered. And you are?" "Um, um um um um, "she stuttered. "You are Courtney," I offered. "Uh huh. And you're Courtney's spokesperson?" Brian asked, laughing. "I'm Nicole." "COURTNEY!" Court yelled, finally finding her voice. "Yeah, we've established that," Steph said. "Okay, let's get you guys off the escalator and get formally introduced,"Brian said, helping Court up.

We sat down at the food court. "I'm Nicole Osborne." "Stephanie Hornak." "Erika Hornak." "Courtney Linke." "Shannon Pocevic." "Nice to meet you girls. I'm Howie Dorough, that's Brian Litrell, Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, and A.J. MacLean," Howie said. We all said our hello's. I noticed Nick (uh oh, i luv him too!) eyeing me from across the table, but I didn't say or do anything.

"Well Ms. Linke, do you think you're stable enough to eat? How 'bout a little Pizza?" Brian asked, getting up. He put his arm around Courtney & they walked over to get food. Steph, Kevin, Erika, and A.J. headed towards McDonalds, while Shannon and Howie headed to Wong's. I just sat there, looking at the table. Nick looked around, drummed his fingers, tapped his feet (basically did not sit still for a second).

"So, are you all going to the concert tonight?" Nick asked nervously. "Yeah! We got front row!" "Really? Cool. How'd you manage that?" "We camped out overnight." (We really did.) "Wow. I'd love to do that." "It was really fun. (It was.) You should try it sometime," I said. We both finally began to relax (but he still wouldn't sit still) as everyone came back. Courtney looked a lot better (Wouldn't you?). I slid over to Nick so everyone could sit down.

They chomped on their food and we all talked about everything, school, music, movies, sports. They seemed really intrested in Colorguard (Flag twirling). "I've seen that before, it's awesome! you guys really do that?" Brian asked. Court and I (we're the only ones in the group that do it), nodded. "Yeah, it's not so hard," I said. "It looks harder than it is," Court added. "I'd probably hit myself on the head," Kevin said. We all laughed. "Your skull gets numb after the 32nd time you do it," I joked. "32nd? Is that a exact number?" Nick asked, laughing. I lightly hit him, and he grabbed my hand and held it under the table. (Aww.) We both blushed shyly. They all looked at us with knowing grins, my heart thumped so loud I was sure they could all hear it.

Suddenly, Kevin's beeper went off. "Shoot guys, we gotta go get ready!" he said. "Will you walk us back?" A.J. asked Erika. We all aggreed to. "As long as we don't take the escalator!" Howie joked as we all got up to leave. "I don't know, that escalator seems to be lucky for me," Nick said. I blushed as he squeezed my hand.

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