Chapter 2

When we got outside, the guys immediatley looked around, like it was a reflex or something. "What?" Shannon asked. (She's soooooo nosey.) "Just making sure we're not gonna get bombarded by fans." Howie said.

We headed towards the colosieum. When it came into viewing distance, they guys all whipped out hat's and sunglasses. "Now that doesn't look to obvious!" Steph said.

Unfortunatley, some fans saw the guys and began freaking. They stopped to sign autographs and take pictures. Somehow we got seperated (It could have been those pushy girls, or maybe it was those bodyguards, hmm...)from them. I was ready to cry (I'm a sap.) I didn't even get to say goodbye to Nick! And now I'd never get to see him again. "Well, I still have the concert," I thought, but it didn't cheer me up very much.

I turned around, forcing myself not to cry, when Nick (and his bodyguard) came through the crowd, yelling "HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!" (just kidding.) Nick grabbed my hand and we ran over to the boys tour bus. Steph, Kevin, A.J., Erika, Howie, and Shannon were allready there, and Brian and Court followed us in. "Guys, you gotta go get ready,"Jane Carter, Nick's mom (DUH!) said, peeking her head in.

Nick ran up to her, said something, and she left. A few seconds later she was back, with 5 backstage passes (How predictable!) The guys handed them out. "Where are you sitting?" Nick asked. "Seat 10 in the front row, on your.......left side, towards the middle." "Meet me backstage?" (No, I was planning on selling these passes, hello?) he asked. I nodded. "Good luck!" I said as we were leaving.

Nick kissed me on the cheek (moves fast, doesn't he?). I couldn't believe it! NICK CARTER, the NICK CARTER, just smooched me (so what if it was only on the cheek.)

We all got out of the tour bus and went into the colosieum in a daze. We bought t-shirts (me and Court tank-tops, the others are kinda chunky) and sat down in our seats, talking about the boys.

"OH NO!" I said, looking around. "What? Did you forget the tickets?"Court asked. "Um, we're allready sitting," Erika reminded her. (Court's not the sharpest knife in the ginsu set). "We're on their right side!" I whined (I do that a lot.) "So?" "So I told Nick left!" "I'm sure he'll figure it out. How long until showtime?" Shannonn asked. "About a half hour. Oh, I did forget Nick's roses though. Wanna come get them with me? They're in my jeep," I asked Court. (I really do have a jeep by the way, it's my baby.) "Sure," Court said.

When we got back there were only 15 minutes left, and Shannon, Steph, and Erika were giggling uncontrolably. "What?" I asked, sitting down. "We didn't know where you went, and you shoulda heard the scenarios Steph was coming up with!" Erika giggled. " I can only imagine!" I said. (Steph has a REALLY sick mind.)

We calmed down and looked around, hoping to spot our friends Danielle, Deirdre, Tricia, Eileen, Brenda, and Jeanette, who were in the boonies somewhere (like row ZZZZZ). I looked down, saw the roses, and realized that I didn't fill out the card. I thought for a second, grabbed a pen ( I don't know where it came from...oh ' purse, yeah!) and began to write. ( Here's what I wrote)

Nick, you probably hear this a lot, but I think you're amazing. We all had a really great time today (even Courtney). I'll never forget this night, or how sweet you are, and I hope you never forget me. With love, respect, and admiration, Nicole.

(Throwing up yet? Moving on.....) Just as I finished (And put the pen away so Courtney wouldn't stab herself.....) the stage got dark. The crowd went berzerk, and us five squeeled with delight (we kinda sounded like little piglets.) The guys came out with their usual opening, Nick wearing that goregeous white shirt and black hooded thing he wore in the "I'll Never Break Your Heart Video" during the bonfire footage. Brian was standing right in front of us! (Which delighted Courtney!) He looked confused to see us on his right (So i cant tell my rights from my lefts!), but gave us a little wave. The girls behind us began whispering things like "Is that is girlfriend. No, I think it's his sister. No, he's just waving to them." They opended up with "Boys will Be Boys", and we all sang along. While A.J. was singing, Brian pointed us out to Nick, Kevin, and Howie. Nick came over to our side ( the LEFT side) of the stage, and gave me a smile, then jogged to the other side to be fair. Then they sang "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)". The stage got dark again, and they started to sing "Anywhere For You" (Oh boy.) I screamed, it was my favorite slow song!" Ncik and Brian came over and grabbed mine and Courtney's hand, pulling us on stage. (Boy, didja see that coming?) We were freaking out! They both got down on one knee and started singing..."I used to think that dreams were just.....for sentimental fools....."(You know how the song goes!). Courtney had a big goofy grin on her face, and I started crying (I told you I'm a sap.) When the song was over, Nick gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek in front of everyone! (I could practically hear Eileen's jealousy from row ZZZZZ). Me & Court sat back down, and Steph, Shan, and Erika started gushing about how lucky we were. Towards the end of the concert, they sang "I'll Never Break Your Heart" (My favorite video), and Nick headed over to our side again. I handed him the roses, and he leaned over and gave me a quick peck on the lips (OH YEAH!). Needless to say, the girls behind us started flipping out.

The concert ended with a chorus of cheers and screams, which included ours. We raced backstage, excited to talk to the guys some more, but we were the only ones back there. Fatima, one of the guys correographers, came backstage for a second and explained that the guys were taking showers and changing, but they'd be back asap. We all sat down, me on a big blue chair, Steph Court, and Shan on a couch, and Erika on the floor. Staff kept coming in with flowers and gifts, putting them in a pile. I didn't see mine though, I could tell b/c I'd attached a white teddy bear to the bouquet.

Erika stood up and began pacing back and forth (She has No patience.) Courtney laughed. "What?" "I was just thinking, none of this would have happened if I hadn't gotten my shoelace stuck." We all laughed.

The boys came in, looking absolutley goregeous (how else could they look?). They were all really hyper from the concert, and they looked really glad to see us, but not surprised to see that we were the only ones here.

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