Chapter 3

"So, how'd you guys enjoy the concert?" A.J. asked, sitting next to Erika on the floor.

"It was awesome!" Shannon said. We all agreed. I looked around and noticed that Nick wasn't here.

"Where's Nick?" I asked. "You'll see," Brian said with a smile. He whispered something to Courtney, who whispered it to Steph, and it went that way around the room, until it reached A.J. (Kinda like the game telephone, except I wasn't amused) He leaned over. "I'm not telling you, it's a surprise!" he whispered. (Did you really think he was gonna tell me?)

"You guys are all dorks!" I yelled. ( I was a little twicked.) They laughed. We all talked a little more about the concert.

Nick came bounding in (well it's about time!), smiling from ear to ear and laughing to himself. He sat down on the arm of the chair, his blue eyes twinkling mischieviously. "What?" he asked innocently. (Don't even think you're getting out of this one buddy!) "Where were you?" "I'm not telling." "Please?" "Uh uh, you'll just have to wait." (Nick, I'm warning you.....don't make me whine!)

"Hey, whose up for a round of B-ball, Sony Playstation style?" Brian asked. (Good thing he changed the subject.) "I'll play!" Courtney said. (Of course. I was going to point out that Court hates video games......but.........) "I will too," I said. "I'll whoop you all!" Nick laughed. (I was waiting for him to join...) "Oh yeah?" Brian said. "Yeah!" Nick answered. "No, I'm definatley gonna win!" I said. "Definatley not!" Courtney answered. (Inside joke...)

"We're gonnna go take a walk," Howie said, grabbing Shannon's hand. (Of course you are......) A.J. and Erika decided to go with them. Kevin and Steph went to the bus to see the guy's scrapbook they'd made and were eventually planning to publish.

We started playing, and after about an hour of hysterical laughing, arguing, yelling, tickling, and serious concentration, The team of Courtney and I had won. (Don't ask me how, the rest of the chapter wouldn't work if we didn't.) "So what do we get?" I asked. "For what?" "We won." (Duh!) "That's because you cheated," Brian joked. "No WAY!" "Yeah way!" Nick said, laughing. Brian and Courtney made a quick exit for soda's (atleast that's where they claimed to be going.)

"We did not cheat!" I insisted. ( I was not gonna let this one go.) "Uh huh, sure." "You just suck!" (There, take that!) "Oh, that's it!" Nick jokingly tackled me onto the couch (Uh oh....). His soft blond hair tickled my cheeks as he leaned down, and kissed me. (WOAH!)

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