Chapter 4

Meanwhile, Kevin and Steph were hanging out in the tour bus, munching on popcorn and looking at pics. They talked about everything; family, friends, hobbies, school, and everywhere in between. (Basically they told their life stories). Then they both got really quiet. (Uh oh, you know what that means...) "Steph, you're really great. I haven't had this nice a time in a really long time." "Yeah, I had a great time too. You're a terrific guy Kevin." Kevin shyly gave her a kiss on the cheek. (Hey, you knew it was coming...)

"We are soooooo lost," Howie laughed, turning a corner. Shannon followed, clutching his arm as they walked down a extremley dark hallway. "Where are Erika and A.J.? Where is anyone for that matter?" Shannon asked. (Guys, if you're lost you can't find them, hello?) "Sweetie, if I knew, I'd tell you." (No, we really thought you wouldn't) They reached the end of the hallway, climbed a flight of stairs, and somehow found themselves in the backstage area. (They had to get there eventually, we couldn't have them wander around for hours, now could we? Well, it is Shannon after all.....) A.J. and Erika rounded the corner (How convienient), holding hands and laughing.

They all walked into the room where Nick, me, Brian, and Courtney were, watching MTV. (Yo Carson, that's what I'm talkin' about!) Kevin and Steph came in, and we all sat, watching Road Rules (Helllllllooooooooo Noah!!!) and chatting. (We just don't shut up!) At about one a.m., we were all feeling pretty tired (where's Kristin-the-energizer-bunny when you need her?), so we exchanged numbers and addresses and said our goodbyes.

When we got into my jeep, I couldn't believe what I saw! A dozen white roses and an adorable light green hippo. (Yes, a hippo, allright?) "You guys, was this the surprise?" (Well hello, thank you Dr. Obvious!) They all giggled. I read the card.

"Nicole, I knew when you sat across from me that we were truley meant to be. I've never felt this way before, i want to see you more and more. If nothing happens between us, it'll be ok, because i got to be with you....for just one day. Love Nick.

(Group Awww!) I gushed about Nick the whole car ride home, and silently prayed that I'd see or hear from him again. He had to be the sweetest guy I'd ever met in my entire life. We all piled in my bedroom and got in our P.J.'s, and snuggled into bed. We talked about what had happened as we stared at my hundreds of BSB posters. I fell asleep with "Anywhere For You" echoing in my mind and in my heart. (Not to mention through my headphones!)

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