Chapter 5

We all woke up the next day around 10 (except for Court who was up at the buttcrack of dawn!), and shared a heaping pile of scrambled eggs and pancakes, telling my mom what happened (she thought we were on crack!), and dancing around the house to "Let's Have A Party," and "If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)".

The video for "Everybody (Backstreets Back)" came on Much Music (when is it not on there? That should be changed to Backstreet Music!!!!), and we all planted ourselves in my room to stare at the T.V. Right afterwards "All I Have To Give" came on, and Steph and I flipped (Nick looks soooo good in that video!!!!!)

The phone rang right at the end (how convienient!) and we all turned simultaniously. Courtney reached over and picked it up.

"Nicole's room, however this is not Nicole, this is her very tired and in love with Brian of the Backstreet Boys friend Courtney." We all laughed. "Um, hi Courtney.......this is Nick." Court gasped and threw the phone down like it was on fire. (Good thing it wasn't or the room woulda gone up in flames!!!) "What?" I asked, bemused by her expression. "It's Nick!" she hissed. We cracked up, she'd just blabbed her love for Brian to his best friend!!!

"Hi Nick," I said, as everyone sat on the bed staring. (I felt like a Chem project!) "Hey. Tell Courtney I won't tell." (Yeah right, you expect me to believe that?) "Will do. So what's up?" (Come on, get to the point!) "Not much, did you get the surprise I left in your jeep?" (No, a pack of wild coyote's ate it!) "Yeah, thank you so much!" "Well, you're worth it. So do you guys wanna hang out today?" (Can I get a HELL YEAH?!?!?!) "Wait, where are you?" I asked. (Does it matter?) "Uhh.....Howard Johnson's in...........A.J., what city are we in?.......Milford!" (Yeah, thanks for coming guys. Buy a map!) "That's where we go to school, everyone else but me lives there!" "No, serious? (No, i'm lying to you!) So do you wanna?" "Hey guys," I asked. "The boys are at HoJo's in Milford. Wanna hang with 'em? (Stupid question...) "YES!" They yelled in stereo. "I heard," Nick laughed. "Ok, give me directions to your house?" Nick asked. (Hell, I'll give you a key!) I did.

We all rushed around and got dressed and ready. My mom didn't believe that we were going to hang out with The Backstreet Boys (or that we hung with them the night before!) None of us really did either. It all seemed like a dream.

At about 12:30, the guys pulled up in a Limo (Stylin' and Profilin', baby!) When they came in the house, my mom started freaking out (even though she claimed she hated them!) She pulled out the camcorder and started taping away. Of course, the guys immediatley began hamming it up! They did little comic routines and sang (It looked like a bad Remix of the "As Long As You Love Me Video".) We finally dragged the guys out.

"Was a limo really necessary?" Erika asked. "No, but it's fun!" Brian replied. "So where to?" Steph questioned. (Does it matter? We could sit in my driveway and I'd be happy as a clam!) "Um, we were thinking we'd go to Foxwoods. Not to gamble or anything. We just heard it was really cool there," Howie said. We all agreed to go. "But guys," Shannon pointed out, "That place is always packed. It's like a fan mugging waiting to happen." "That's why we have bodyguards," A.J. explained, pointing to three very large men sitting next to the driver. "And you'd be surprised. Most people either don't think it's us, or they're too embarassed to say anything," Kevin said. "Hey, I meant to ask, why are you still here? In CT. I mean?" Courtney asked. (Court, you're so rude!) "We usually stay in the cities we play in for a day or two to check out the sights. But we have a week off before our next concert, so we decided to stay here," Brian explained. "So you'll be here a whole week?" Shannon asked excitedly (Hello, didn't we just establish that?).

I had to admit, it would be great, but only a week? "Well, it's better than nothing!" I thought. And I was determined to make this week the best of my life.............

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