Chapter 6

In the limo we listened to music (Robyn. Show me love Nick!!!) and told stories. We told about Shannon, Courtney, mine, and Kristin's sleepovers, and they talked about touring and the concerts. (Finally me and Steph weren't alone in our "It's the pope-a" joke).

We got to Foxwoods Resort and Casino (where else would we get to, the moon?) . When we pulled up and got out of the limo, everyone was looking at us and whispering. (What, what, you wanna talk a little louder?) The bodyguards followed, but at a far distance, so you couldn't tell they were bodyguards. (They also were dressed normal, not like some MIB's.) Nick grabbed my hand and we followed Brian and Courtney into Foxwoods. We walked around a bit, checking out the stores, stands, and sights (LOOK COURT, ALLITERATION!).

We got so many looks from people that knew they'd seen the boys before but couldn't think where. (DUH!)

Unfortunatley, that changed the second we got to the Cinetropolis. (Dum-da- dum-dum!!!) We bought all day ride tickets, and got in line. Nick and Brian were so excited that they were jumping up and down. (Now that doesn't draw too much attention!) Kevin was too busy staring into Stephanie's eyes. (They're brown, allright, what are you looking for???) A.J. and Howie were arguing over whether the Indian statue in the front of the casino was glass or marble (While Shannon and Erika looked at them like they'd lost it.) Finally they realized how stupid the argument was and laughed.

We went into the room where they preview the ride. Kevin, Steph, Howie, Shan, A.J., and Erika climbed to the top level, while Brian, Court, Nick, and I went up to the second level. At first we were the only ones in there, and I didn't even notice when other people came in. ( I was busy, allright???) I did notice that Nick's grip got extremley tight on my hand. (Ouch, circulation...blodd...hurts...) Nick looked over at Brian, then up at Kevin, Howie, and AJ ( I think I missed something....) The reason why was because 6 girls walked in, and they were all wearing Backstreet Boys T-shirts. (AHHHHH!!!!!)

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