Chapter 7

At first, the six girls just stood there, whispering to each other in disbelievement. Then they broke into a chorus of "OH MY GOD!" s (I don't think he cares...), which made the 10 of us burst out laughing. "Hey girls," Brian said, keeping his arm around Courtney's shoulder. (Hey is for horses...ah...forget it!)

The girls just stood there, mouths open (catching flies...), eyes wide. Finally, a short blond that looked like she was 7 or 8 mustered up her voice.

"Are...are you guys...the...the...(SPIT IT OUT!)...Backstreet Boys?" she squeeked. The guys all smiled and looked around at each other, saying "Who? The who boys? Backyard? No, no, Backdoor..."We giggled uncontrolably.

Finally, Kevin said, "Of course we are! Comeon up here girls." (You're the next contestants on The Price Is Right!) The girls, who ranged in age form 8 to 12 we found out, rushed up the stairs to recieve hugs from the guys and get their shirts autographed. The girls relaxed a little more and began to ask questions.

Fortunatley, at that time the ride prep began. Nick and Brian jumped up and down when the door opened and we got in our seats. After the ride was over, the guys gushed about "Awesome!!!" the ride was, and they dragged us to do it again. The 8-12 gang came back too, for a round of......20 questions! (oh yey!)

"Are those your girlfriends?" One of them asked. (ooh, tension!!!) Us five girls looked around at each others while the guys struggled for the right words. Finally, A.J. just said, "Yep." "Well, not yet..." Brian explained. "But hopefully," Nick added. (My heart did flipflops...sommersaults...ok stop, im getting naucious!) I looked up at Nick. (I look up to everyone, im only 5'2!) His hair fell over his eyes, and he brushed it back with one hand.

After the rides, everyone wanted to do something different. Howie, Shan, AJ, and Erika wanted to check out the indian show, Kevin and Steph wanted to walk around, and Brian and Court wanted to hit the arcade. Nick and I wanted to get some soda's and people watch. (OK, I know that if this really happened Nick would be in the arcade, but it's my story!!!)

In the limo we found out that we both loved to just sit back and watch people and relax. I found it hard to believe because Nick is so hyper, but he just talked hyperish (Like the Matchbox car guy!) when we relaxed. Anyway, Nick went to get us Soda's while I picked a bench to sit down at. A girl that looked about 15 sat down on my right and began eating some frozen yogurt. She gave me a friendly smile, and I murmered a hello.

Meanwhile, Brian and Courtney were busy duking it out on Mortal Kombat (MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!) Brian was Raiden and Court was Sub-Zero. They threw punches, kicks, and secret moves, until Courtney threw her hands up in victory. "YEAH!" she said, laughing. "Oh, I let you win," Brian claimed, putting on a fake pout. "Oh yeah? Why would you do that?" Court asked. Brian put his arms around her and gave her a soft kiss. "Good answer," Court laughed. ( I should say so!) "But I'll kick your butt again! Ready for a rematch? (How can you think of video games at a time like this?) "You got it," Brian said, plunking two quarters in the machine.

While Court and Bri were battling, Howie, Shannon, A.J., and Erika were getting rained on. Well, misted on actually. They all stood together, looking at the (perhaps glass) indian, watching it flicker and glow as lightning went off, thunder boomed, and water streamed down (Auntie Em, it's a twister!!!). After the 15 minute show, they sat on the rock fountain, just enjoying each others company. They tossed pennies into the fountain (Hey guys, a penny saved is a penny earned you know!), and tried to guess how much the red casino chips were worth. None of them could remember having a better time.

Then there was Kevin and Stephanie. They were different than the rest of us. (They were, just kidding!) They were happy just walking hand in hand, peeking in store windows and admiring the indian-inspired artwork. At one of the stands Steph picked up a stuffed wolf and kissed Kevin on the nose with it. She went into the bathroom quickly (Hey, when you gotta go!), and when she came out, Kevin stood there with the wolf. He gave it to her, and she got a kiss on the nose from a fox, Kevin.

Back to Nick and I. When Nick sat down on the bench and handed me a soda, the girl next to us stared at Nick like he'd grown three heads. (Three heads are better than one!) He leaned forward, sipping his soda, and turning to give me a sideways, (YES, KATIE, SIDEWAYS!) grin, and shyly look down at the floor. As he played with the top button of his Red Sox jersey (you know, the baseball team!), I swore I was feeling in love with this guy.

"Excuse me?" The girl asked, tapping my shoulder. I turned. "Yes?" (Uh oh......) "Do you know him?" She asked, pointing to Nick. "Uh huh." "Is that.....Devon Sawa?" I burst out laughing. "Uh, not quite," I laughed. "It's actually....Nevermind!" (Oh, nevermind, I love that guy!) I said. Nick looked at me and rolled his eyes, which made me laugh even more.

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