Turn Back Time

Author’s Note

Before you start to read this novel, I would like to say a few words. I decided to use the Backstreet Boys as the group in this story of mine, because they are an inspiration to me. They are the ones who made me start writing. I just feel very comfortable writing about them. I hope you all know, that none of this story is true. Other than a few facts on the group, the rest is pure fiction. The main character in this story is a yong teenage girl named Abigail. I never give a true description of her, because she is not based on anyone. I jsut like that name.

I have never met the BSB, and I may never meet them. I don’t know the first thing about the real them, so I made it up. Don’t get mad at me about it either, this is, after all, just a story to entertain an audience. I hope you all understand that. I also hope that you do, in fact, enjoy this story.





Well, here I am again. Back on a plane, headed to God-knows-where. Thank God my dad let me take first class this time. I hate flying coach. To may wierd people trying to talk to me. Last time, some man missed throwing up on me by mearly inches. Ugh... What time is it? How could I have forgotten my watch? This is already off to a bad start...

Why don’t I explain a bit more to you about me. See, my dad is this big time producer guy, who gets to fly all over the place, seeking out the, as he likes to call it, “the next big thing”. It drives me crazy. When he’s not home, I’m all alone. My parents got a divorce when my dad started this job, only because he was never home. I hate my mom for leaveing us. She left the house, and six months later, she sent dad some divorce papers. He tried to talk to her about it, but she wanted to get the divorce anyways, and she didn’t want me. I’m never going to forgive her for that.

So me and my dad live all alone in L.A., which is pretty cool, compared to the little suburb I used to live in in Georgia. My dad has had this job since I was 11, and now I’m 16. I really don’t look my age, I look like I’m 18. People always ask me how old I am, and I can always get into 18&older movies... But I’m also quite mature for my age. I have to be. I’m the “woman of the house”. I’ve been staying alone at home since I was 11. Dad has had to travel all over the world, and many times, he couldn’t take me. He doesn’t have any relatives, or a girlfriend, so there was nowhere where I could stay, so I stayed home. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Believe me...

Well, for the past year, since I am 16, he decided that it would be ok if I came with him. But dad hasn’t been home all year. I go home every now and then to get clean clothes and stuff. Dad gives me money every month for hotel fees, food, a bit for spending. I don’t stay in the same hotel room as him, because he has to stay alone, he says it’s better for him. I don’t care. I get to spend time with my dad, and I don’t have to go to school. I hated it, and I was no good at school.

So, I’ve been flying around the world, giving my dad a “teenage girls” point of view on all the groups he goes to see. So far, everyone my dad has chose, have made it big. But not just sorta big, I maen BIG. They’ve all had about 3 to 5 number one hits on the Billboard top 100. It’s fun to see my dad’s groups make it.

Well, now I’m on a plane, I think it’s going to Florida, I’m not sure. I’ve been on so many planes this past year, they all look the same, and they all seem to be flying to the same place. My dad is going to meet me at the airport. He told me that he wanted me to meet this one group that he thought could be his biggest group yet. That’s what he says about everyone, but I really think he meant it this time. He told me that I met them once before, but I was only 13. I can’t quite remember who they were... They had this wied name at the time. It was named after some sort of a store or something. Personally, I thought it was a week effort at finding a name, but I didn’t tell dad.

Geez, I wish I could remember them... Was it them, or was it that group there with the... Oh no... It can’t be... Them?!? Oh dad, don’t say it’s so... Agh... I guess I’ll tell you the story. Well, back when my dad was a few years into his career, he told me that he had met a group that he wanted my opinion on. So he took me out of school, and flew me down to Florida. The first thing he did when I got off the plane, was taking me to this buliding where I was to meet thing new group. I was tierd, and I wasn’t in the mood, but I humored my dad, and acted all excited. So I get into this big room, and there are these five guys sitting at one end of the table. My dad introduced me, and we sat down around them. While my dad was talking to them, I was staring at them. One couldn’t have been much older than me, and there was this one guys who looked 23. One of them had this wierd looking goti thing, and one was deep into conversation with my dad. But then, there was this other one. He was quiet, and I thought he was cute. But he was like 19. He just sat there and listend to every word everyone said. At one point he looked over at me, and I looked away. I guess he knew I was staring.

Later on, they sang for us. I wasn’t that impressed. Some of their voices were off key, they weren’t completly organized and they sounded real nervous. The little one had this high pitched squeeky voice that made me want to laugh. I held it in though, my father would have killed me if I laughed at them. They mostly sang these old songs, and I think one they made themselves. They weren’t “all that”, I reall don’t know what my dad saw in them. But I didn’t want to crush his spirits, so I told him to go for it.

Now, three years later, he wants me to come and see them again. To see how they’ve “matured”. How could they have matured? They are guys after all. My dad said that they are a lot better now, and he said that he wants to set them out internationally. Great, dad is geting another one of his “ideas”. It’s not that they’re wrong or anything, it’s just that most of the time, he ends up using the origional game plan. Set out in the states, and waits for the rest of the world to catch on. Well, I hope this time, the little guy’s voice is changed, or I will laugh at him this time... I just hope this doesn’t take long. If I’m going to be in Florida, I want to go to the beach. Maybe I could actually meet someone. I’ve always dreamed of meeting a guy, and taking a midnight walk on the beach, under the moon light... Thank God I can dream... Thank God...

Turn Back Time

The story




I got off the plane, and no sign of my dad. Great, he proboly forgot again. I went and got my bagage, all of one bag, which wasn’t big. It was the size of a carry on just to let you all know. It was a lot hotter here then back on the plane. I gotta find my dad and get to the hotel soon. I gotta get out of these clothes and get into something not so hot.

I was sitting in front of the airport, and waited for my dad. He still didn’t show up. After about 25 minutes, a limo pulled up right in front of me. Hmm... Wonder who’s in that, maybe it’s Matt Damon... God he’s hot...

The driver got out of the limo and opend the back door, I looked in and saw no one. Then the driver walked over to me. I looked around, to see if he was looking for someone else, but he was standing right in front of me. I looked up and saw it was Winston, my dad’s driver. I jumped up and hugged him.

“Hey Winston, how are you doing? Dad’s busy hun?” I asked. “I’m fine Abiagil, and well, your father is sorry that he could not pick you up, he’s preparing an important meeting, and he would like you to go to the hotel. I am here to drive you there.” He picked up my luggage, without giving me any time to say no, and he went over to the trunk and put them in. I went and sat in the back of the limo, and he went to close the door.

“Thank you,” I said politely.

“You’re welcome madam.” He replied closong the door.

Madam, I like the sound of that. I’ve been in limos so many times, it was almost like a car for me. I turned on some music, and got myself a drink. I turned on the tv, and went to MTV. One of my dad’s famous groupes were on the screen. I opend the window in between me and Winston.

“So, Winston... Do you know anything about this group my dad is working with now? Are they as good as he says they are?” I asked him.

“Well, I have heard them sing, and they are quite talented. I think your father may have hit gold with these guys.” I looked at him, and then back at the tv.

“If these guys make it bigger than any of dad’s other groupes, will he be flying all over the place even more?” Winston looked at me in the rearview mirror, and he sighed.

“I’m afraid so. But, I did over hear your father talking on the phone, and he said that he was going to take you with him a lot more now. He’s even thinking of getting you a job with this group so you can tour with them.” Suddenly, a smile came over my face.

“Really? He said all that?”

“Yep...” He looked back at me and smiled. “If your father knew he wasn’t aloud to take you with him, he wouldn’t be doing this.”

“That’s dad for you... Hey, are you going to get to come with us too?”

“Most proboly. I do work for you father...”

“Cool...” I went back and sat down on the seat and watched some more tv. --------------------



“Where is my daughter?” I was beggining to panic. “Why isn’t she here yet?” I began to pase back and forth through out the room.

“Um, Frank...” Louisa said.


“Well, don’t you remember, you pushed back her flight a few hours, because you wanted her to be in first class, and she just got off...” she looked at her watch, “About 10 minutes ago.”

“Oh yeah. Thank you Louisa, where would I be with out you?”

“Lost in space prboly.” Louisa went back into the room to talk to the guys. She was going to talk to them about doing a little mini concert type thing for “my people”. I like the sound of that. My people. It makes me sound, well, important. Louisa came back out of the room.

“Well, the guys agreed to the concert thingy, and they are going to need to warm up a bit. So I scheduald the thing for about three thrity. That gives us about an hour and a bit. Are you going to pick up Abigail from the hotel?”

“No, Winston is going to do that for me. He’s picking her up from the ariport now, and I told him to give her about fourty five minutes, then bring her here. She’ll be here at about three, so she can meet the guys before we do the concert thing. Perfect.” The two of us walked over to the luncheon room.




I arrived at the hotel at about 2 o’clock. I went to the front desk, got my key, and went straight to my room. I have to get out of these clothes soon, or I think I’ll die of heat. I opend the door, and I was faced with the nicest hotel room I have ever seen. It had all of these windows and a bedroom, and a kitchen, and a living room, and the bed was simply huge!!!

“Dad has outdone himself this time... Wow, even a mini-bar, hmm...” I put down my bags in the bedroom, and began to unpack. Dad told me to bring a lot of clothes, he said we’d be here for a while. I wonder how long he meant... I put my stuff in the drawers, and the closet. I decided to get changed into something a litle more to the weather than my jeans and sweater. I went into the bathroom, and changed into a pair of white shorts, and a red one sleeve shirt. I fixed my hair, putting it up messy yet not. It had all these pieces on my face, which is the way I love to put my hair. I came out of the bathroom, and looked around.

“What should I do now?” I asked myself aloud. I went over to the window and looked out. “Yes, right next to a beach... Hmm... Maybe my dream will come true... Naw.” I went over to the living room area, and sat on a couch. I truned on the tv, and went straight to MTV. I love watching music vidoes. Music is my life. I love to dance and sing. I’ve just never told my dad about this singing passion of mine. I’d feel kinda akward. It’s just wierd telling my dad, a big producer for huge groups, that I want to sing. I just can’t pull myself to doing it.

A Spice Girls video was on. Say You’ll Be There. I flicked the channel. I turned to a news channel, I sorta can’t stand the Spice Girls. I mean, great with all the girl power stuff and all, but when you’re mostly breast and short skirts, I think I’ll pass... Anyways, I was watching the news channel, when I practicaly fell off my chair. Not because of what was on tv, but there was this loud thud at my door.

I got up from my chair, and went to see who it was. I opend the door, only to be faced with, none other than Winston.

“Time to go?”

“Yeah, your father will be waiting. Let’s not get him mad.” I grabbed my room key and my wallet, and we headed out to see my dad. In the ride there, me and Winston had one of our conversations again.

“So, have you gotten to meet this group yet?”

“Well, I got to drive them around town when they met up with your father in, oh, I think it was in Australia in, um, January. They seemed quite nice. The young one is just a few years older than you, you know you two could-”

“Winston, please... I don’t think that I could possibly ever go out with one of dad’s people. It’d be too wierd... Besides, I have to save myself for Mr. Right.”

“Mr. Right?!? Might I just say, that if you ever do find this guy, please tell me... People hardly ever find who they’re looking for, but more like what they least wanted. Then they, well, everything seems to work out.”

“Being a little phylosifical, aren’t we Winston? So, are you going by your word?”

“Me?!? No way, I’m just using my “man instincts”... You know, a girl here and there...” I rolled my eyes at him. Men, never thinking with their heads, just their dicks...

We pulled up to the building, and Winston opend my door for me.

“You know Winston, you don’t have to keep on doing that for me. I am a big girl...”

“It’s my job, besides, we wouldn’t want to work you too hard now would we?”

“Very funny.” I nudged him in the gut.

“Eighteenth floor, It’s one big room up there, your dad should be waiting for you when you get there, if not, just walk around. You’ll find him.” I headed into the building turning around one last time to wave bye to Winston. Then I headed for the elevator. The doors closed, and I hit the button for floor eighteen. When the doors opend again, I was greated by my dad.

“Hey Ab’s... How’s my little girl doing?” He gave me a hug. I hugged him back.

“You’re little girl is fine, and she just wants to remind you that she is now a big girl...” Dad chuckled to himself. He put his arm around my shoulders, and lead me to everyone.

“You remember Louisa, right?” He asked me.

“How could I forget? We have the same afliction towards Harrison Ford and Star Wars.” I went over to Louisa and hugged her. She looked at me.

“Geez, everytime I see you, you get more beautiful.” I blushed a bit. I don’t really like getting compliments, they always make me blush.

“Well, the guys in the group will be doing a sorta mini type concert for the gang, so why don’t I go introduce you before we start?” My dad asked.

“Sure, whatever.” I followed him into the room, where the guys were warming up. I was shocked with what I saw. The five guys I saw three years ago, were now five really hot guys, who all looked really good. They all stared at me when I walked in the room with my dad.

“Guys, I don’t know if you remember her, but this is my daughter Abigail. Abigail, this is Nick, Brian, A.J., Howie and Kevin. They’re the Backstreet Boys.” Oh yeah, that’s their name... I still think it’s a bit retarded... But I must say they are hot... Especially... My train of thought was cut short. The guys came over to say hi. They shook my hand, and went back to warm up.

“Would you guys be ready in, let’s say five?” Dad asked.

“Sure thing.” The Kevin guys answerd. Dad and I left the room to let them finish practicing.

“So what do you think?” My father asked, hoping for an honest opinion. I looked at them through a window in the door.

“With the looks they have, they are definately going to break a lot of girls hearts...” I looked up at my dad. “Do they sound better that three years ago?”

“You’ll be surprised, that’s all I’m going to say. Why don’t you help me round up everyone?”

“Sure.” Me and my dad went our seprate ways, and went to collect “The gang”. I’ve become pretty familiar with everyone, so I’m practically a part of the family, well, at least that’s what my dad said...




Someone opend the door, and in walked this whole slew of people. I started to get really nervous. This is our first big thing Donna had set up for us. Ever since she played us for them over the phone. God, this better wok out. We were told that we had to do this concert thingy before we got signed, you know, just to make sure it was really us singing. Ugh... Why does it have to be so many people... Hey, there’s Frank’s girl. Abigail. Nice name... She can’t be much older than Nick...

“Ok, are you guys ready?” Frank asked us.

“Ready as we’ll ever be.” A.J. answerd. Here goes nothing. I counted off our first song, and off we were. We sang a few songs accapella for everyone, and we sang some with music. Donna was in the corner the whole time. She had this look across her face, almost saying that we had it. She’s always there for us... One song left. Accapella. During this song, I looked around the room, and noticed Abigail staring, at me. She suddenly dropped her head, and it looked like she was blushing. I looked away, not wanting to make her get any redder. We finished the song, and everyone clapped for us. It felt real good, hearing all that aplause for us. I could really get used to this...




Those guys were amazing. I even think Ab’s liked them. She was clapping as much as everyone else, if not more. I went over to the guys, and shook each one of their hands. These guys are going to make it bigtime. I can feel it.

Louisa handed me a contract, and right in front of them, I signed it. The guys were so happy. The hugged each other, and hugged me and just about everyone in the room. Their manager Donna came up to me, and we began to talk.

“So when do you think the guys can start working?”

“Well, I’m going to hand these guys over to my friend Lou, he noticed the guys, he just really wanted my opinion on everything. I’m going to talk to him, but I think he want to start ASAP. There are a few things I would like to talk about first though. Would you mind?”

“Not at all.” The two of us left the room, and we went to a quiet corner of the floor, and we began to talk.

“So what is it you wanted to talk about?” Donna asked me.

“Well, see, it’s about my daughter.” Donna leaned in, paying a bit more attention to me. “Well, she doesn’t go to school, and I’m on the road almost all year. I love it when she comes with me all over the place, but we can never share hotel rooms, and well, I don’t think it’s fair. I know that the youngest in the group Nick, has a younger sister who comes with the guys everywhere. I was simply wondering if it would be possible to ask if Abigail could go on the road with you guys? I don’t want to impose, but it would help me a lot.”

“I’m going to have to talk to a few people, but we would love to have her as a part of our big happy family. I’m sure she’ll fit right in. Nick’s sister isn’t always with us, she mostly only comes during the summer. But I’m sure the two of them will get along just great. Does your daughter have anything in particular she likes to do, I mean as in dancing, makeup, clothing? She could proboly be a big help to us.”

“I’m not quite sure. We don’t have much time to talk anymore. Would you like to talk to her on this one?”

“I think I’d like that. Would you mind if I took her out this afternoon? That way I could introduce her to our family and she could get to know everyone a bit, then she could make her decision.”

“That sounds great. I’ll go and tell her.” I got up and went straight to Abigail. I sat her down and talked to her about everything, and she was a litlle skeptical about it all, but she said she’d give me an answer later that day, after she met everyone and so forth. Now, back to the guys.




Dad just asked me if I wanted to tour with these guys. I couldn’t sound to exited, so I said ‘I’d think about it’. Personally, there was nothing to think about. Donna came up to me, and discused the day plan for me, and she decided to take me away from everything right away, so I could meet “the family”. First stop, the guys home building. She introduced me to Lou, and to a few other people on the record company, and then we went out to Nick’s house. She introduced me to B.J., Nick’s sister. She was so nice. She was only a few months younger than me, but we clicked right away. She ended up comming with us for the rest of the day. I met every one. When we were driving from place to place, B.J. was telling me all these stories on why Nick is “so retarded”, as she likes to say. But she says that all in all, he’s the best big brother anyone could have. Donna brought us to the studio one last time, so I could be properly introduced to the guys. While Donna went to go and get them, B.J. and I talked.

“So what do you do for the guys?” I asked.

“Well, when I go around with them, I do a bit of make-up. They didn’t really need it that much, since they weren’t really doing anything important. But I was told that I’ll get to do more of it as time goes by, now that they’re signed and everything. They’re going to start all this touring. I can’t wait.”

“So, are you always with them, or only sometimes?”

“Well, when they’re in Florida, which is mostly where they’ve been so far, I get to be with them after school hours. But other than that, it’s only on holidays or during the summer. Other than that I can’t because I have school.”

“Oh yeah, school. I don’t really go to school. I’ve been going around every where with my dad, so school is not really a priorety of mine right now. I know it may sound wierd, but I just don’t seem to care for it anymore.”

“It’s okay. I can’t say I understand, cause, well, I don’t but if you ever want to talk to someone about anything, I’m the one to call.” We went on and on about everything. From favorite music to Matt Damon. We knew that when Donna came back, it was time to get to know the guys. Donna lead us to a room on the floor. Inside this massive room, were the guys, all in a natural state. There was a few couches, a table, a kitchenet, two huge windows, a tv, a cd player, everything. Nick and Brian were on the couch playing video games, Kevin was on another couch reading a book, Howie was at the table talking to A.J, who was sitting on the counter of the kitchenet. We walked in the room, and the guys heads turned. A.J. hopped off the counter.

“You’re Abigail right?”

“Yeah,” I said, trying not to act shy (one of my biggest qualities).

“Well, in case you don’t remember, I’m A.J., and these are the guys.” He opend his arms to the room. “Hey B.J., come to bug your brother?” B.J. just smiled, and walked over to Nick, who was deep into his video game. She stood in front of the tv.

“Hey B.J., get out of the way...” Nick said, shifting his head from side to side to try and see the screen.

“Why don’t you come and say hi to my new friend? The game can wait.”

“Come on B.J.,” Nick said.

“Oups..” She hit the power button on the vide system. Nick threw his control in the air and fell back on the couch.

“I was just about to beat Brian at tennis for once. Why did you do that?”

“So you could meet my friend...” She pointed over at me. Him and Brian quickly got off the couch, and came right over to where I was standing.

“Sorry for my brother and his half witted friend for not comming any sooner to say hi. They were playing with their little toy over there...” B.J. started.

“Hey,” Brian and Nick said defensivly in unisence. They then went back to saying hi. After a while, Donna cut in.

“You guys have to make Abigail feel right at home, she may end up spending a lot of time with us...” Then she left the room. When Donna left, Nick and Brian jumped back on the couch, and they started to play another game of tennis. B.J. rolled her eyes at her brother’s actions, but took them as nothing. She lead me to the corner of the room where the cd player was, and we fliped through the cd’s.

“Do you have Boyz II Men’s II cd there?” I asked, hoping that they did.

“Um, I think so... Ah, here it is.” B.J. poped it into the machine, and let the cd, play through. By the time the song, I’ll Make Love To You came on, all the guys were sitting at the table, talking about who-knows-what. Suddenly, they broke out into the song. They sang it so well, I couldn’t help but stare at them. B.J. turned off the cd, and they kept on going. When they were done, we got up to congradulate them on a well job done.

“You guys, wow. You guys are really good.” I said, hardly believing it was the same five guys I heard three years ago.

“Thanks,” Howie said politly. “Why don’t you sit down, let’s find out a bit abou you.” So I took the offer, and I sat down.

“So why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself? Like how old you are, where you live, what you like to do for fun, then we can all tell you about us.” Nick asked.

“Ok...” I breathed in, and started. “I’m 16 years old, and I used to live in Dalton Georgia, but dad and I moved to L.A. when he got this job. But, we don’t really live there anymore. I’m always on the road with dad, but every now and then, I go home to get some clothes and just to check up on things. I used to saty home all by myself when I was younger, but not anymore. See, my mom and dad got a divorce when I was eleven. That was just when dad’s job started. So, I was stuck all alone in a house, sometimes for weeks at a time, as an eleven year old. I think of it more as a living experience, I’ve learnt how to take of myself. Now... What I like to do for fun? Um, anything that has to do with music, dancing or the beach. Anything else you guys would like to know?” The guys looked at each other giving the what-do-I-say-now kinda look.

“Nope, I think that that was enough for now. If you are going to be spending more time with us, like B.J., we’ll get to know you... Have no doubt about that.” Kevin said.

“Yeah, and don’t be shy. Think of us, as five big brothers. Don’t be afraid to talk to us.” Brian said reasuringly. I smiled at all of them. “Now, about us...” Everyone went on telling me a bit about them selves.

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