If You Want It To Be Good Girl... Get Yourself A Backstreet Boy

Disclaimer: We, Sharlene and Jo, are not the Backstreet Boys nor part of their management. The characters of Gina and Elizabeth are made up by us and belong to us. No one use them without our permission. No copyright infringement is intended. The story idea belongs to us. The Backstreet Boys belong to themselves..hehe..Enjoy the story!

Elizabeth is a quiet, sweet person most of the time. She does have a bad temper though and sometimes acts before thinking. She has shoulder length, medium brown, layered hair with blond highlights and green eyes. She's about 5'7 and loves to play tennis, volleyball and swims. Liz is Gina's best friend since childhood. She is a great swimmer on the Mass. State Team.

Gina is an outgoing, mostly optimistic type person. She has shoulder length, blond, layered hair and green eyes. She's about 5'8 and loves to play basketball. Gina had danced with the BSB once at one of their concerts and works at PPEC as a professional dancer.

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