"Guys, hurry up. We were told to meet them at exactly 3 pm. We're going to be late if we don't get moving..." Victoria was taking action once again. It was almost impossible to get the others to hurry up.

"Geez... Take a chill pill... We're comming..." Tiffany replied, rolling her eyes at Victoria. All the girls got in their cars. (Well, Victoria's and Jess' cars. Chloe and Tiffany went in Jess', while Sarah went in Victoria's). Jess had the hood to her car down, and was blasting her music. She turned it down at one point on their drive to the airport.

"So are you guys excited or what? I mean, how long have we been waiting for this? Almost too long..." Jess said, moving her hair out from in front of her face.

"All I can say... Brian baybee... Here I come!" Chloe laughed to herself... She had waited for this day for so long.

"All I'm saying is this. If anyone of you take my Nicky, havoc will arise..." The funny thing about what Tiff had said, was that she was dead serious. She won't let anything come in the way of her getting Nick. The rest of the ride to the airport was passed by the three of them singing. They sang to the radio, trying to calm themselves down.


"We have to meet them at gate C14. Anyone know which way to go?" Sarah asked, shifting her head from side to side.

"I ain't got the foggiest idea where we sopose to go..." Chloe declared, plopping down her one bag of clothes. She looked at everyone else. They all had brought two or more bags, that's NOT including their carry ons. She rolled her eyes at them...

"Follow me you twits," Jess said, as she lead us through the crazed and crowded airport. They arrived at the gate, and they were greeted by their tour manager, Donna Wright.

"Are you five the girls who won the trip?" She asked politely, smiling at all of us.

"Yes we are. Are we late?" Victoria questioned.

"No, not at all. The guys haven't even arrived yet. Why don't you take your seats on the plane? Here are your seats." Donna handed us five plane tickets. We all walked towards the plane, realizing that none of us were sitting next to each other. We were scattered all over the plane.

"This bites royally..." Sarah said, as she walked to her spot. The plane was quite big for only a few people. Chloe was put on the right side, in the middle. Jess was put on the left in the front. Tiff was put on the left close to the back, and Victoria was put on the right close to the front. The chairs were so high, that the girls weren't able to see each other.

"Great, this is going to be a long ride..." Jess took out her walkman, and began to listen to a mix tape her friend had made for her.

Victoria got up and started to walk to Donna who was at the front of the plane, when she was stopped. Donna came up to her.

"I'm sorry to say this, but you sorta have to remain seated. They guys will be comming soon, and we don't want you walking around." Donna said, trying to ease Victoria back into her seat.

"Could I ask why we are all spread out like this? And why do you need such a big plane for just a small group of people?" When Victoria wanted an answer, she spoke out.

"I'll explain everything later when we reach the hotel in Paris. Look, the guys are on their way. I promise I'll tell you everything." Donna was almost pleading her to sit down. Victoria reluctantly went back to her spot, and sat down, she was a little annoyed. All the girls, except for Jess, could hear the guys get on the plane.

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