The Plane

Jess was staring out the window, singing to herself. She was watching the little luggage truck things drive around the airport. She was deep into thought, when someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned around, thinking it would be Tiff wanting to borrow some batteries, but she was faced with one of the most beautiful things she's ever seen. A.J. was smiling down at her. She pulled off her earphones, and moved her bag off the seat next to her. A.J. sat down next to her.

"Hi," she said, smiling at him.

"Hi, your name is... Wait, I think I remember... Jess, right?"

"Yeah." She had no idea what to say. Luckily, A.J. made the first move to make a conversation.

"So what were you listening to?" He asked, pointing to the walkman that rested on her lap.

"Oh, just a mix that my friend Junior gave to me. It's got Destiny's Child, Puffy, Da Lox, Mase, Usher, and a bunch more." She passed him the tape cover, and A.J. scanned it.

"Pretty good looking mix. Mind if I listen with you?"

"Nope, go right ahead." She passed him one of the earphones, and the two of them listened to the tape. Jess was beginning to relax a bit, planning her next move.


Kevin sat himself down to Sarah. She had introduced herself, not letting one minute be wasted. Howie was sitting down with Victoria, and they were already into this big conversation. Both of them being people persons, it wasn't that hard. But not everything else went as hopped by the girls...


Tiff impatiently awaited for the guys to take their seats. She tried to act all natural, and it was working. everything was going as planned for her, when one of the boys sat next to her. To her surprise, it wasn't her adored Nick, it was Brian. The smile on her face, turned into a weak grin. Brian looked at her funny when he sat down.

"Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?" He asked.

"Oh, no... I'm just um... I don't really like plane rides..."

"Don't worry, they aren't really all that bad. I'm Brian, but like you didn't know that..." He put out his hand for her to shake.

"I'm Tiffany..." she replied, taking his hand in hers, and shaking it lightly. She let go of his hold, and she turned her head and looked out the window. Brian put his bag in the seat in front of them, and he looked at Tiff. She turned and saw him staring at her. He slipped out of his little daze, and looked down at the ground. Tiff looked back out the window. She couldn't help but wonder if Nick was sitting with Chloe...


Chloe was surprised to see Nick sit down next to her.

"Hi," she said.

"Hey," he replied as he sat down next to her. "You're Chloe right?" He asked, hoping her got her name right.

"Yep, I see someone did their homework..." She smiled at him. As he settled himself in, Chloe looked at him. She really hoped that Tiff wouldn't be mad at her. She noticed that he was a lot better looking in real life. Suddenly, Chloe remembered all these weird dreams she would have about her and Nick. She wondered if they would come true...


Five of the seven hours had passed by. Everyone was now very comfortable with the guys, well, Tiff still wished she was with Nick, but she figured that Chloe wouldn't do anything with him. She was just a little off...


Through out the flight, Chloe and Nick were flirting. Making jokes, and saying little things, that implied... you know... stuff... Chloe and Nick were also laughing their hearts out. When they stopped, they both took deep breaths, and relaxed a bit.

"On a more serious side, I was wondering... Seeming as you've been around the world, could you help me a bit with some of the different languages?" Chloe asked.

"Of course I could, but you'll have to do me a favor in return." Nick said with a smirk. He opened his arm, and pulled Chloe over close.

"Really? And what would that be?" Chloe said, her voice a bit quieter than before. Both of them were leaning their heads in closer.

"Well, you could help me with one of my languages..."

“Oh, and which one would that be?” Chloe asked, her lips practically touching his.

“French.” These words came out as mear whispers. And with that, the two of them indulged in each others kiss. Chloe quickly figured out what kind of French Nick actually meant...


Brian was trying to talk to Tiffany, but she wasn’t really giving him the chance of day. All she could only think of was how much she wanted to be in Chloe’s spot right now, so she could be with the guy of her dreams. Tiffany was scared that Chloe was doing something to make Tiff sound bad or something else. She had no idea what was really going on.

“So like I was saying-” Tiff cut off Brian.

“I’m really sorry, but would you mind? I have to go to the washroom. Brian stood up and Tiff did too. When she was up and had stretched, she looked around to find Chloe on the plane. She could hardly see Chloe, but what she saw Chloe doing mad her burn up inside. She saw Chloe and Nick kissing in their seats. Tiff sat back down, with a furious look across her face. Brian sat back down, confused.

“Didn’t you say you had to go to the washroom?”

“Well, I guess I didn’t have to go after all...”Tiff replied coldly. She looked out the window and watched the clouds roll by. She wanted to cry her heart out, but she also wanted to hit her soposed best friend Chloe. Hundreds of mixed emotions speed through her head, and she didn’t know which one to listen to...


While Chloe was lost in Nick’s kiss, she couldn’t help but wonder what Tiffany would say of all this. Chloe knew in the back of her mind that what she was doing was wrong to her friend, but the touch of his lips on hers felt so incredibly right.

“Nick,” she whispered, taking in a breath of air.

“Mm hmm...” He mumbled, now busy kissing Chloe’s neck. She held onto his back with one hand and onto his neck with another. She buried her face in his neck before she moved her lips to his ear.

“Nick, I, I can’t do this. This is wrong.” She had to pause to try and control the surge of heat running through her body. “I can’t do this to Tiff. She’s crazy about you. She’s going to kill me. She, she...” Nick stopped caressing her neck, and moved his lips inches from Chloe’s.

“She doesn’t have to know...” Her stared at her lips for but a few seconds. Any thoughts that were in Chloe’s mind right now, meant nothing. All her thinking was focused on Nick, his lips, and the rush of energy each kiss of his gave her...


Tiff couldn’t hold her tears back anymore. They silently trickled down her face, falling gracefully onto her blouse. Brian looked over when her heard a faint sniffle come from her. He put his hand on her arm.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“Yes, no, I mean... Ugh... I don’t know...” Tiff wiped away a few of her tears, and looked over at Brian. “I just can’t believe Chloe would do this to me.”

“Do what?” Brian was confused. He had no idea what was going on.

“Be with Nick, and not care about my feelings...” Tiff looked down at her hands. “I’ve liked him for so long, ever since you guys came out. She knows it too. I don’t understand it. She’s always wanted to be with you, and all of a sudden, Nick comes along, and you slip her mind. She just has to prove that she can have him...” Tiff had forgotten who she was talking too, and suddenly realized after rambling on about Nick. “Oh God, I’m sorry. I’m guessing you didn’t need to hear all of that...”

“No, it’s okay. Um, would you excuse me for a minute?” Brian asked.

“Sure. Take your time.”

“Thanks.” Brian got up and went to the washroom. He closed the door and locked it. He rested his hands on the rim of the sink and lowered his head, shaking it disappointingly. He looked up at his reflection in the mirror.

“How could I have been so stupid. Out of all the girls in the world, I had to fall in love with the one who’s in love with one of my best friends...” Brian lowered his head again, thinking about what he was going to do now.

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