Nick stared up at the hotel, his arm around Chloe’s waist. She looked up at him, and smiled. “Been here before?” He looked down.

“Yeah, I think I have the same room as last time. It’s got a balcony that outlooks the whole city. It’s beautiful at night.” He said.

“I heard that there are going to be some fire work tonight. How ‘bout you and me spend the night out on your balcony, watching the fireworks?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself.” He kissed her head, and they walked into the hotel.


Chloe and Tiif were friends again... They worked things out in London, the morning after their fight... They knew they couldn’t stay mad at each other for long, no matter what happend...

One Week Previous In London...

The nest morning, Tiff woke up in Brian’s room, in the other bed. Brian was awake, watching tv. He looked over at her.

“Last night, was... Interesting...” He said, turing towards her.

“I know... We should fool around more often... I did give you a scare though, hun?”

“Yes... Next time you take off my clothes, don’t fall asleep two minutes later... “ Brian laughed.

“I was tierd okay?!? Give me a break. I had a long day...” Tiff rebutted, as she stretched her arms out. “I have to talk to Chloe today. Tell her I’m sorry. I really don’t want a bad summer...”

“Okay. I’ll call Nick’s room. He’ll get her on the phone.” Brian reached over and dialed Nick’s number.


Chloe woke up by the sound of a telephone ring. Nick was still asleep, not even being botherd by the ringing. Chloe picked up the phone.

“Mmm Hello?” She said, rubbing her eyes.

“Hey, Chloe? This is Brian.”

“Oh hey. How’s everything? Is Tiff talking to you? You guys getting anywhere?”

“Um, yeah, we’re definatly getting somewhere... Um, Chloe, she’s really sorry. She’s been thinking ‘bout this fight all night. She wants to fix the friendship.”

“I want to too, but I don’t know if she means it...”

“She does. Here’s proof.”

Tiff picked up the phone. “Hey Chloe, uh, how’s everything?”

“Fine... Tiff, I’m really sorry. Can we just put everything behind us? I mean, I know I may have done a few things I shouldn’t have, but you should have lightend up a bit...”

“Chloe, I’m sorry too. I dont want to lose my best friend, especially if we’re going to be spending the whole summer together. I couldn’t live with myself.”

“Okay. Then it’s settled, we’re frineds again... So you aren’t mad at me for falling for Nick?” Chloe asked, gently stroaking Nick’s face while he slept, stiring a bit with her touch.

“No, I’ve open my eyes, and I’m sure glad I did... Brian is one hell of a guy...” Tiff replied, smiling at Brian as he sat next to her. “Ok, well, I’ll let you go, we can talk more later. I wanna freshen up a bit.”

“Okay, oh Tiff, I realy am glad we’re friends again... Honest...”

“Me too Chloe, me too...” Tiff hung up the phone and turned to Brian. “Now that that’s done, why don’t we...” She said, wraping her arms around his neck, pulling him over. She looked at him, and kissed him, wondering how she could have ever over-looked this guy...


Nick stirred a bit, and woke up. He opend his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Chloe. “Hey sweetie... Good morning...”

“Morning to you too...” She said, stroaking his face once again. She bent over and kissed his forehead. “I just got off the phone with Tiif...”

“And???” Nick asked, waking up a bit more.

“Everything’s fine. We’ve worked out our problems, and we’re friends again.”

“So that means she’s fine with you, and me? We can be together in front of her now?”

“Yeah, no need to keep our feelings to ourselves anymore... I don’t know what happend, but she seems to have fallen for Brian...”

“Mmm... That’s good... You’re not going to get jelous that she has your old fav, are you? Not going to go all crazy on me, are you?” Nick said, sitting up and smiling.

“No... Don’t worry, I won’t get jelouse... I’m with the best guy anyone could ask for...” She said, moving closer to him, sitting on his lap.

“You are??? How do you know that one...” He replied, putting his arms around her waist, holding her closer.

“Why don’t you show me...” That was the last thing she said before being swept away by Nick passionate kisses.

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