Chapter 1

"MandaÖ hurry up," Amanda called to her best friend who was still fixing her hair. The two girls had grown up together and couldnít even remember a time when they didnít know each other. They had just graduated from High School and were moving down to Florida together for some freedom. Amanda had been ready to go for 15 minutes, but Manda was stilling playing with her hair. "Girl if you donít get your butt down here Iím leaving without you. Besides your hair will be a mess from driving anyway." "Ok, OK Iím coming," came Mandaís voice from upstairs, " I just never know what hotties we might see as we cruise down to Florida, or perhaps once we get there," she said as she walked down the stairs. Amanda shook her head, "trust me we have plenty of time to scope guys, missing one day wonít kill ya."

For as long Amanda could remember Manda had always been more outgoing than her. When they were in school the teachers would call them Amanda #1 and Amanda #2, it was always ďAmanda #2 stop talking." Mandaís outgoing and sometimes loud personality had never bothered her though because it allowed her to remain shy. When ever they were faced with confrontation Manda always stood her ground, never allowing either one of them to get pushed around. Sometimes she thought that they had nothing in common besides their names. They evened looked like opposites, Manda was 5'6"with brown curly hair past her shoulders, and brown eyes. Amanda was about 5í3 with straight dark blond hair, she used to wear it long but for the summer she cut it shorter about to her chin, and her eyes were a light shade of blue.

They were exact opposites in so many ways, but as the old saying goes "Opposites Attract." The pair was very close, they knew everything about each other, they knew what the other was thinking before she said it. There was nothing they wouldnít do for each other, and when they decided going to Florida together they knew the other would always be there, so they werenít scared about being away from home because they had each other.

"So, are you finally finished packing," Amanda asked. "Yah, now you are sure we can trust Nate to drive the truck down for us." "Manda, heís my cousin Iím sure heís not going to jack our moving van and all our clothes." "I know I just donít want any of my stuff broken." "Girl we packed everything breakable into that truck very carefully, if it gets broken its your and my fault for not packing it right. So hurry up and put your suitcases in so he can leave and we can get going."

Manda put the last of her suitcases into the truck and reminded Nate to drive carefully, "Donít worry I will," he reassured her. Then she hopped into the passenger seat of Amandaís red jeep Cherokee and pulled on her Ray-Band sunglasses. She popped the new CD by Next, and cranked up the speakers as "Two Close" came on, "okay" she said as Amanda started the car, "Iím ready." They backed out of the driveway waved to their families and looked at each other with huge grins. "FLORIDA HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!"

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