Chapter 10

"Ahhhh!!!" Amanda screamed as this big ugly beast type thing poped out from the darness. She clung onto Nick's arm, and burried her face in his chest. Nick put his arms around her. "Hey, don't worry, we're almost done..." He said grinning, he knew there was still a long way 'til the "house's tour" was over...

Meanwhile, Manda and Brian had been walking around aimlessly, until they came across this booth. It was one where you had to knock over a pyramid of bottles with a ball. "Hold on a sec..." Brian told Manda, as he walked over to the booth. Brian gave the booth owner a dollar, and he was handed a ball. He looked over at Manda and asked; "Which one of these do you want?" He pointed to the stuffed animals above him. "The frog... But how do you even know you're going to win?" She asked. He just smiled, and turned back to the game. He threw the ball, and sucessfully knocked down the whole pyramid. The booth owner took down the frog, and handed it to Brian.

He walked over to Manda, and gave her the frog. "Oh... Thank you so much..." She said, giving Brian a hug. Brian looked at her, and took hold of the frog. "Um, ever hear the story about the frog who was changed into a prince?" He asked. Manda looked at him funny. "Yeah, why?" "Well, maybe this is one of those frogs." "So what, you want me to kiss it and see if it turns into a prince, right?" Manda said, smiling up at him. "Yeah. Here." He held the frog up. "Now close your eyes, and kiss him..." Manda sighed, and did as she was told. She closed her eyes, and kissed the frog. She was going to open her eyes, but then she felt the frog being taken away, and something warm was put in it's place. She opend here eyes, and saw that Brian had kissed her. She looked at him and smiled. "Hmm... So I guess it did work... My Prince Charming..."

"Finally, we're out of that wretched place... Ugh..." AManda said, as her and Nick walked out of the haunted house. Amanda didn't notice, but she was still clinging to Nick's arm. Nick noticed this, and he was smiling uncontrolably. They walked around, looking for what they should go on next, when they came across the Ferris Wheel. "Oh Nick, look... Can we?" Amanda asked. "Anything for you..." Amanda blushed slightly, and went up to the ticket guy. "Two, please..." She gave him money, and got the two tickets. "Come on, let's go..." She said, grabbing onto his hand, and pulling him over.

The line wasn't too long, so they got on pretty fast. They were put in one of the seats, and they took off. The higher the went, the cooler it got. Amanda began to shiver a bit, so Nick moved over slightly and put his arm around her, hesitating a bit. When it was put down, she looked up st him and smiled. "The view is incredible..." Amanda said. "Yeah, it is," Nick replied, but he wasn't looking out, he was staring at Amanda. They began to descend, and went back up for their second round.

Just as Amanda, and Nick for that matter, had hoped, the Ferris Wheel slowly came to a stop, when they were up at the top...

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