Chapter 12

Brian drove everyone to the girls house, parking his car in his driveway. "Man, the jeep's going to get all wet..." Brian said. It had started to rain, so evryone just ran inside. Manda got in first, and went to turn on the light. Nothing. She flicked the switch a few more times, and still no light. "Uh guys, slight problem..." Amanda looked at Manda. "No power?" "Nope..." "Oh no..." Amanda walked into the house, and sat on a couch in the living room.

"Come on. Let's not let this ruin our evening..." Nick said, sitting next to Amanda, taking hold of her hand. " "Nick's right. Why don't we do something?" Brian added. Manda's face lit up. "Hey!!! Let's play hide and seek in the dark." Everyone looked at her funny. "What?!? It's fun... And it's better than sitting here doing nothing." Everyone looked at one and other and agreed. "I guess. What else is there to do anyways." Nick said. "Okay, not it!" Manda yelled, as she ran off to find somewhere to hide. "Not it!" Brian called at the same time as Amanda. "Great. I'm it..." Nick whinned. "You gotta count to thrity. It's only fair." Amanda said as her and Brian ran off to find somewhere to hide.

Nick sighed and di as he was told. "28... 29... 30... Ready or not, here I come!!!" He yelled as he slowly began to look for everyone. He looked in the kitchen, no one. He went around the first floor a bit, and gave up, heading up the stairs.

Manda was hiding in the upstairs bathroom, in the bathtub. 'What the heck is taking Nick so long...' She thought to herself. Suddenly, she heard someone walk into the room. The person wasn't as talk as Nick, and it didn't look like Amanda, so she figuared it was Brian. "Brian get out of here! This is my hiding place." She said loudly. "Shh... He's going to find us." Brian replied, as he looked around the room for somewhere to hide. "Any more room in there?" He asked. "Yeah, but don't even think about..." It was too late, Brian had already stepped into the tub. "Man you take up a lot of room..." Manda said. "Well, excuse me. I never-" He was cut short by Manda puting her hand on top of his mouth. They stoped and listend. They heard footsteps.

When they heard this, Brian took Manda and pulled her on top of him, laying down in the tub. Manda went to say something, but he put his finger to her mouth. The footsteps became faint, and headed down the hall. Manda looked at Brian. "So what was this for?" She whisperd. "Didn't want to get caught... You know, just being safe..." He smirked at her. "Yeah, sure..."

Nick walked down the hall, got to the end, and began to head back, when he heard a shuffling noise. He stoped doing what he was doing, and listend. He followed the noise, all the way into Amanda's room. The noise stopped. He moved over to her bed, and heard the noise again. 'Hmm...' he thought to himself. He slowly bent down, and looked under the bed really quick. Nothing. "That's wierd, I could have sworn I heard-" Nick said this aloud as he got up, but was cut short by someone jumping on him.

Nick fell to the ground, getting all coverd up by a blanket. He could hear Amanda laughing, then running through the hallway. He got himself uncoverd, and ran after her. He followed he down the stairs, and into the living room. Amanda was on the couch, laughing. "You should have seen the look on your face when I jumped you..." Ncik went over to her, when all of a sudden, the house lit up because of a huge bolt of lightning. Amanda shrieked and coverd her face with a pillow. 'This is going to be a long night...' She thought to herself...

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