Chapter 14

Amanda pulled away from Nick, both of them slightly breathing deep. She smiled at him. "What do you think is taking them so long? They should have been up here by now..." She said, as she slowly opend the door. "It doesn't bug me..." He said, trying to close the door. "Come on... Let's go and scare them... Manda hates that..." AManda said, grinning and evil smile. "Hmm... But how?"

Manda and Brian were slowly making their way out from behind the curtains, when they heard a noise. "What was that?!?" Manda said, a little disturbed. "Probably nothing..." Brian said, taking hold of Manda's hand. "Whatever you say..." Manda replied, holding onto his hand a bit tighter. They began to walk into the kitchen, when they head the noise again, but closer. "Okay, now what was THAT?!?" Manda began to panic. "Calm down, probably just something outside. Don't worry..." "Yeah right, you try not to worry... When I was a little kid, Amanda would always do this to me. Scare me. I'm so sure that she's going to scare me to death one day, litereally..." Brian laughed. "She can't be that mean..." Manda looked around the room, "You don't know Amanda that well, she'll do anything to scare me..."

They moved into the hall leading to the stairs. Manda looked up, and heard footsteps run in the hall upstairs. She began to get really agitated. Brian began to head up, when Manda pulled him down. "Let's not. Let's just wait for them." "Don't worry, you're with me." Manda didn't seem any bit better. She followed him up the stairs, and to Amanda's bedroom door. They walked in, and Manda looked at Brian. He let go of her hand, and he went over to Amanda's closet. He looked over at Manda, and opend it, sticking his hand in. "See, nothing..." He went to close the door, when it swung back open, and someone jumped out onto Brian, making Manda scream.

There was a bunch of laughing then. Manda turned around, and saw Amanda behind her. Manda hit her arm. "Don't do that to me!!! You know I HATE it when you do that!!!" Amanda rubbed her arm, still laughing. "I know, but it's so funny. You get fooled everytime." Nick stood up, he was the one who jumped on Brian. Brian got up and brushed off his pants. "Very funny buddy, but you know you're next..." Nick laughed, and pushed the hair out of his face.

"Why don't we go downstairs and relax for the rest of the night. I'm too scared to play anymore." Manda said. Everyone agreed, and headed to the living room...

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