Chapter 15
Chapter 15

They walked towards the living room single file Amanda then Nick, followed by Brian and Manda. Suddenly there was a muffled yelp, Amanda turned around and saw no one behind her. Outside the lightning still flashed. She was scared, it was one thing when Nick was with her but when she was alone she was terrified. "Nick, donít do this where are you?" She listened carefully, she thought she had heard a muffled cry. "Nick, is that you." She pushed open the door to the closest room. In the dark she saw someone sitting in a chair. "Nick?" The dark figure nodded. She walked closer to him, "what are you doing?" Suddenly someone grabbed her from behind. "Ahhhhhhh!!!!" she turned around and stared straight into Kevinís face, "ahhh she screamed again." The figure in the chair got up and she immediately recognized AJ. "What the he--." Just then the electricity came on. In the corner she saw Manda, Brain, and Howie all holding Nick down to keep him quiet. "How did you three get here?" she demanded " the door was unlocked" Kevin explained." She narrowed her eyes and glared at everyone around the room, "that was not funny, I thought something had happened to Nick." "I tried to get away," Nick whined getting up, "but they held me down." Amanda wrapped her arms around his waist, "thatís okay I donít blame you," she assured him glaring at the others, then she grabbed his arm and drug him downstairs.

She plopped down on the couch still angry with her so called friends upstairs. "Hey, your pretty when your mad," Nick said sitting next to her. She blushed and smiled at him, "but your gorgeous when you smile." "Nick, thatís so sweet." She said kissing him on the cheek. "OhhÖ, Nick thatís so sweet," came Brianís voice mocking her from the doorway. Nick picked a pillow and hurled it at him, he ducked and it hit Manda square in the face. In a matter of seconds it was an all out pillow fight.

Amanda was standing off to the side watching when Brian walked up behind her and smacked her with the pillow. He knocked her off balance and she fell onto the couch. She decided to get even with him, so she laid perfectly still and kept her eyes closed. The room got silent, "Brian what did you do?" accused Nick rushing the her side. She opened her eyes a crack and winked at Nick, he immediately got the hint and started hamming it up. "Amanda, honey, wake up, speak to me. Brian sheís unconscious, how hard did you hit her." Brianís eyes were wide with fear, "I didnít mean to I was just playing, hey wait a minute sheís smiling." Amanda had never been good at keeping a straight face. Her shoulders started to shake and pretty soon she bust out laughing. Brian breathed a sigh of relief, "okay weíre even now no more pranks okay." Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Now that we have electricity want to watch a movie," Manda suggested. Amanda nodded, "can we watch Aliens, please." Nick looked at her shocked, "you like that movie?" "Itís my favorite. Why donít you?" "Itís one of my favorites to." "thatís nice, but I donít want to watch that," said Brian digging through the movies, "lets watch Ace Ventura" "Thatís fine, I guess" everyone agreed. "All Righty then," Brian said in his best Jim Carrey voice. Manda giggled and settled down on the couch. Amanda went to get something to drink and Nick followed her. "Amanda can I ask you a question?" he said as soon as they were away from the group." "Sure." "Well ummÖ ya see." He stuttered. "Spit it out." she teased. "ok itís like this, I know we just met and all, but I feel like Iíve known you forever, and I wanted to know if youíd be my girlfriend," he said in one breath. "Nick, thatís a big question I need some time to think. Okay Iím done. Yes I will." "Oh thatís okay," he said feeling rejected, "wait, did you just say yes?" She nodded, he ran to her and picked her up spinning her around, "great, now," he said lowering her to the ground, "lets seal it with a kiss." "My pleasure," she whispered as his lips met hers.

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