Chapter 17

Back in Mandaís bedroom, she was lying in her bed staring at the ceiling. She had heard every word Brian said and she wished she had responded. Making a quick decision she grabbed the phone and dialed his cell phone. "Hello?" "Nick?" "Yah," "Are you with Brian?" "Yah" "Where are you guys?" "Still on your road why?" "Tell him to turn around and come back!" "Why?" "Please Nick just do it!" Then she hung up the phone and ran to tell Amanda what Brian had said and what she had just done.

* * *

"Manda," cried Brian as he ran through the front door, "what's wrong?" She ran down the stairs two at a time and flew into his arms. "Whatís wrong?" "Nothing is wrong, everything is right," she said softly. "What do you mean?" "Brian, I was awake, I heard what you said." He flushed slightly. "NO donít be embarrassed it the sweetest thing I have ever heard, and I think that..." His blue eyes were shining brightly, "you think what," he pushed. "I feel the same way," she whispered. "You do!" She nodded and he swept her up in his arms, giving her a kiss like no other. "Manda, would you be my girlfriend." She nodded happily. "YES!!" came two voices from the corner. Manda and Brian turned to see Nick and Amanda watching them, "oops...Sorry pretend we arenít here." "I have a better idea," Brian said between kisses "why donít you leave."

With a chuckle Nick followed Amanda to her bedroom. It was then he finally noticed what she was wearing. She had on this little silk pajama short and tank top set that was a little to big and kept slipping down off her shoulder. Walking over to were she was standing next to the window he ran his hands over her shoulders, "god her skin is soft," he thought. Then he shook his head, "Come on Nick," he said to himself, "calm down, youíve only known her 1 day." Shaking the thought out of his head, he gently nuzzled her neck. She shivered, "are you cold?" he asked, "no, you just gave me Goosebumps," she whispered turning in his arms. Now they were only fractions of an inch apart. "Amanda.. I " she silenced him with a gentle kiss. "Nick," she whispered, "do you have to leave. Iím still a little scared." Outside the storm had died down but every so often you could hear the rumble of thunder.

Never breaking away from Amandaís embrace he picked up the phone. "Mom, its Nick, umm me and the guys are all hanging at Brianís house so Iím just gonna crash here. Yah, okay mom, I love you to, see ya in the morning." Then he hung up the phone, "now, where were we." Just then Brian knocked on the door, "Nick we better go, I donít want your mom to get mad." "She wonít because I told her I was crashing at your place." Brian stepped in the room to look at them. Nick had turned around to face him, and Amanda was hiding behind him trying to hide her flushed cheeks. Brian tried to contain his laughter, "well if youíre not gonna get in trouble. I think Iíll leave you two alone, and track down my girlfriend." "Good idea," Nick replied as he walked over and shut the door. Then he turned to Amanda, "now I repeat once more, where were we."

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