Chapter 19

When Manda got back everyone was sitting at the kitchen table eating. "Morning all," she greeted them cheerfully. Yawning they all mumbled something that resembled a greeting. Ignoring her sleepy friends she walked over to the refrigerator and got out an egg. While she was there she began to sing, " I donít care who you are, where your from.." she turned around and saw Nick and Brian staring at her with shocked expressions. "what, Iím not that bad." "Where did you hear that song?" Brian asked. "Some car was playing it while I was out why?" He sighed, "Manda sit down we need to tell you girls something." Amanda was now fully awake and looking at Brian and Nick curiously.

Nick stood next to Brian and looked at him pleading for him to tell them. Brian nodded and began, "okay girls its like this. Five years ago Nick, AJ, and Howie met at some auditions and started harmonizing, they were pretty good, and decided to try to develop it. The met this guy Lou Pearlman and he thought they needed to add some more voices, so he got in touch with Kevin. Kevin tried out and they liked him but they still needed another voice. So Kevin suggested his cousin, which would be me, and to make a long story short we formed a band called the Backstreet Boys, and that song you heard on the radio was ours." Amanda stared at them in shock. Manda looked at Brian, searching for that twinkle he had in his eye when he was joking around, it wasnít there. "That was you singing?" she said. Brian nodded, "please girls donít be mad at us. We wanted to tell you from the start, but we are so used to having all these girls chasing us telling us how much they love us, and when we met you two you didnít do that. You treated us as normal everyday people, thatís something we havenít felt in a long time."

Nick sat down next to Amanda. "sweetie, are you mad." "Shocked, but not mad. Itís not fair though." "what isnít fair?" "Manda heard you guys sing, but I havenít," she said giving him a pouty face. Laughing he looked at Brain, "what shall we sing Frick?" "How about Anywhere for You." "Great, okay girls prepared to be amazed," he joked. Standing next to Brian he counted them off, "1.. 2.. 3" "I used to think that dreams were just for sentimental fools," Brian started. "and Iíd never find someone who gives their love so true," Nick sang taking Amandaís hand. "But I knew the very minute, couldnít live my life without you in it, now I want the whole wide world to know. Iíd go anywhere for you, anywhere you ask me to, Iíd do anything for you anything you want me too, your love as far as I can see is all Iím ever gonna need. Thereís one thing for sure I know itís true. Baby Iíd go anywhere for you." "Oh my god, Nick you are incredible," Amanda cried throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him softly. "Hey, he may be good, but Brian is wonderful," Manda cried wrapping her arms around his waist. "Now, girls letís not fight," Nick said, "we are both equally extraordinary." Everyone started laughing. "Okay, now that weíve proven we can sing, lets do something." Brian said. Amanda looked at Nick with big eyes, "can we go to Sea World, weíve never been there." Brian nodded his head, "not only will we take you to Sea World, but weíll pull a few strings and have you swim with the dolphins too." Amanda and Manda clapped their hands happily and ran upstairs to get ready.

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