Chapter 2

Amanda and Manda finally arrived to their new home, hours before Nate was to get there with their stuff. "So what do we do now?" Manda asked, taking off her glasses and looking at the house that faced them. "I guess we can go inside and wait..." Amanda said, taking the keys out of her jeep, and jumping onto their driveway. "Okay." Manda replied. The two of looked at each other first, then as if they had suddenly become little five year olds, they raced to the front door.

"Beat you! Ha!!!" Amanda yelled, all while doing this litle victory dance. "Whatever... Gimme the keys!!!" Manda said, reaching for them in Amanda's hands. "No! Don't touch! I will open the door thankyouverymuch..." Amanda put the key into the keyhole, and unlocked the doors. The two of them smiled widely as she pushed open the door. When their view to the house was before them, they both stood there wide-eyed.

"Wow! This place is so nice..." Manda said, walking into the empty house. "Yeah, but I think it'll look even better when we put the furniture in..." Amanda closed the door and the two of walked around. They looked all over the house, each of them picked out which room would be theirs, and how they were going to put things up.

In the middle of all that, Manda's stomach made a noise. "Man, I could really use something to eat..." She said, puting her hand on her stomach. "Why don't we go out and get a bite? We have some time before Nate gets here." "Fine with me, I'm starved..." The two girls headed out, once again getting into the jeep. As they pulled out of the drive way, they noticed a black jeep pull into the next house down's driveway.

Out stepped three guys. One tall, dark haired guy. One short, with shoulder lenght curly hair, and the other one was about the same hieght as the curly haired guy, but he had blondish-brown hair. "My oh my... I see our neighbours are a couple of hotties..." Amanda said, as they began to drive down the street. "I'll say..." Manda replied looking into the rearview mirror to get another quick glance. The jeep turned the corner, and the two girls headed off to see what they could find.

The two of them found a McDonald close by, and since Amanda thought Manda would die if she didn’t eat soon, they pulled into it. “McDonalds again???” Manda whined. “We just eat here this morning...” “Okay, fine, we’ll go somewhere else... But can you wait another twenty minute ‘til we find a place?” “McDonalds it is.” They got out of the car and went inside. The place was fairly empty for a Thursday night, so they got their food quickly. They sat down at a table in the back of the place.

“So... We’ve finally gotten away from it all.” Manda said, taking a bite out of her Big Mac. “Yeah... Doesn’t it fell great. I mean, now that we’re on our own we can-” Amanda stopped talking. She saw this guy walk into the place. He was rather tall, and hair blond hair. He was with a little kid, who looked just like him. The guy looked around the place, and Amanda was able to get a quick glimps of his blue eyes.

“Hello?!? Earth to Amanda?!? You still with us?” Manda asked, waving her hand in front of her friends face. “You didn’t finish what you were saying...” Amanda sliped out of her little trance and looked at Manda. “Sorry... What was I saying again?” Manda shook her head. “You never stop amazing me...” Manda laughed as she took her final sip of her Coke. “Why don’t we head back? I’m sure Nate will be there soon.” “Sure...” The two girls got up and headed out, Amanda making sure to take one finally look at “the guy”...

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