Chapter 20

The two girls decided to put on their bathing suits under their shorts, so Manda went with her red halter top suit, while Amanda went with a green one (is green okay?). The put on some shorts, and headed down the stairs to see the guys.

"Ready?" Nick asked. "Yep. Let's get going..." Amanda replied. "Oh! Can we take my jeep? Please..." The guys looked at each other and nodded. "I got shotgun!!!" Manda yelled, as she ran to the jeep. Everyone followed, and they all got in.

As they pulled out of the driveway, Manda looked through a few of her CDs. "So what is it going to be today?" Brian asked. "Next again?" "Nope." Manda replied. "This..." She poped in her No Authority Cd, and put on their song Don't Stop. "These guys?!?" Nick asked, lightly sarcastic. "Yes, THESE guys. I DO like them..." Manda said. Amanda rolled her eyes.

After being directed in which way to go, they sucessfully arrived at Sea World. Amanda and Manda stared with wide eyes. "Wow. This place is ten times nicer in real life." Amanda said. "Come on, let's go in..." Nick said, grabing her hand. Brian and Manda tagged along as Nick showed Amanda all the different things.

"Can we watch a show? You know, one with that killer whale we’ve heard so much about?” Amanda asked. "Sure thing. Why don't we go and see when the show starts?" Amanda nodded, and followed Nick. "Ten minutes. Let's go and get some seats..." Everyone went and found seats right near the front. Amanda sat next to Manda, and the two of them were all excited. They had never seen whales in real life where they used to live, only on tv.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen..." A voice across the loudspear began. He introduced a few of the trianed professionals who were doing the show, and one by one, he introduced the animals. When Shamoo was shown, everyone went crazy! The croud was screaming hysterically. Shamoo swam around the pool a bit, and suddenly, splashed everyone! The two girls laughed.

When the show was over, the four of them were soaked. "That was so much fun!!!" Manda said, hugging Brian. "Hey, there's still more to come. We promised you dolphins..." The two girls smiled. The guys lead them to a part of Sea Wrold, that was away from most of the excitement. Nick and Brian talked with one of the men standing at the gate, and when done, motioned for the girls to come in. Amanda and Manda went in, and both smiled when they saw the dolphins in front of them. Nick leaned over at the pool, and rubbed on of the dolphins head, making it squeek. Amanda walked over to Nick. "Can I?" "Yeah, sure. Try it." Amanda kneeled down, and began to pet the dolphin. “It's so smooth..." "So do you girls wanna go in with them now?"

"Only if you guys come in with us." Manda said, smirking at Brian. "Wouldn't miss a chance like that..." Brian replied.

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