Chapter 21

Brian and Nick led the girls over to a little platform that extended out over the tank. Pulling of his shirt Brian smoothly dived into the tank. "Come on," he said waving to Manda jump in. She pulled her shirt and shorts off and jumped in next to Brian. She giggled as one of the dolphins swam up next to her. Nick looked at Amanda, "you wanna get in?" She looked at him, "Iím not a very good swimmer." "Thatís okay, it just means I get to hold on to you tighter." He jumped in and signaled for her to join him. She sat of the edge of the platform and dangled her legs over the side. He reached up and took a hold of her feet, "you better take off those shorts and shirt or you wonít have any dry clothes." Quickly she shed her clothes and sat back down on the platform. "Come on, get in," Nick told her. She shook her head "Iíll just watch." "I donít think so," he said climbing up the ladder to the platform. Picking her up he jumped back into the pool." She screamed and clutched his neck. "See itís not so bad," he assured her. Relaxing she let go of his neck and began to tread water.

About 20 minutes later a man carrying a Polaroid camera walked past the tank. "How would you kids like to have your picture taken," he asked "Just 1 dollar." Brian reached up to the platform and pulled a five dollar bill out of his shirt pocket. Handing it to the man he asked for four pictures. The man took the pictures and reached into his pocket to give Brian the change. "Thatís okay, you can keep it." Brian said taking the pictures and slipping them into his pocket with the rest of his money. Then the dolphin trainer came over and told them that the dolphins had a show but if they wanted to could come back later. The four friends got out of the pool and dried off. Then they slipped on their dry clothes. "where to now?" asked Brian. "Letís go to my house," Nick said, "I better check in with my mom." Everyone agreed and walked back towards the car. " Brian and Manda in the back," Amanda ordered. Then she handed Nick her keys and told him "you drive, Iím tired from swimming." Grinning he said, "buckle your seat belts." Brian groaned, "Amanda youíre letting him drive, Manda sweetie hold on to me tight."

"Shut up!" Nick said hoping into the drivers seat. Amanda reached down and switched on the radio. The DJ came on, "that was the newest song from Usher, and now for a request. This next song goes out to Rebecca, here is the Backstreet Boys, and Quit Playing Games With My heart." "Turn it up," Manda called, " I want to hear this." Nick groaned, but Amanda ignored him and turned it up. "Ohh, thatís Brian I can tell," squealed Manda. He tickled her "very good!" "Wait a minute now Nick is singing," Amanda cried." Nick you sound sexy!!" He blushed and Brian snickered.

15 minutes later they arrived at Nickís house. As soon as Nick cut the engine a little blond boy, who looked like a smaller version of Nick ran out the front door, with a taller blond girl close on his heels. "Aaron, you come back here with my diary," she cried. He ran and hid behind Brian who had just climbed out of the car, "BJ has a boyfriend," the little boy mocked. Nick turned to the little boy, "Aaron do you have BJís diary?" "Yes," he answered. "Well then give it back," "Aww Nick I was just teasing. Sorry BJ." he said handing it back." "Thank You, Nick," BJ said kissing him on the cheek. Then she grabbed Aaron by the sleeve, "come inside little brother." "Nick!! Help me," he shrieked as she drug him back inside. Nick laughed, "those two would be Aaron, and BJ, my little brother, and the oldest of my three sisters. Come on" he said grabbing Amandaís hand. "I want you to meet my mom."

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