Chapter 22

Amanda hesitated a bit, feeling a little wierd meeting Nick's mom on such short notice. 'What if she doesn't like me? What if she thinks we rushed into a relationship...' All these thoughts ran to her head, but the second she saw his mother, she suddenly lost all the uneasy ideas. His mother was sweet the moment they walked in the door.

"What's this?!? My son finally decides to come home and visit!" She mocked. "Oh! And he brought some friends..." Nick hugged his mother. "You already know him..." "Brian dear..." She said, giving him a hug. "Hi Mrs. Carter... How's everything?" "Fine..." Nick cleared his throught. "This is Manda." "Why hello. Nice to meet you." "Same here." Manda said, shaking Mrs. Carter's hand. "And..." Nick said, tkaing hold of Amanda's hand, "this is my girlfriend Amanda." Amanda looked at Mrs. Carter, wondering what she was thinking, hoping it was only goodthings. Mrs Carter walked over to Amanda, and put her hands on her shoulders. "Hi. I'm glad Nick has finally found someone, now I can have some help at keeping track of him..." Amanda laughed, and Mrs. Carter gave her a hug. "Why don't you kids come in for a while? We were just about toeat. Would you like to join us? You can even invite the other guys too ifyou want." The girls looked at each other, then at Nick. "Okay." Nick replied. "Well, why don't you go out in the back for now. You can watch Angel and Leslie for me. They're in the pool. Oh, and your father is going to be home soon..." Nick's mother said, as she headed into the kitchen.

Nick showed everyone to the backyard, and they all sat at a table onthe patio. Aaron came running through the patio doors, and jumped ontoNick. "Whoa Aaron. What's with the running?" Nick said, fixing his brother to a more comfortable position. "B.J.'s trying to attack me again..."Aaron looked over at Amanda and Manda. "So..." He said slyly, "which one is your girlfriend..." Nick gave his brother a look. "Guess..." Aaron looked at the two girls. He got up from Nick lap, and walked over to them. They tried not to laugh. Aaron stood in front of them, andstared. He then went beside them, and did his final test. He put his head in between the two girls, and he sniffed each one. Aaron got a big smile across his face. He pointed to Amanda. "Her." "And why's that? How do you know it's not Manda?" "Because Amanda smells like you. You put so much of your cologne on, it's rubbed off on her... Were you two kissing?" Amanda's face turned red, while Manda and Brian tried not to laugh. "Aaron, that's none of your buisness..." Aaron ran into the house. "B.J.!!! Nick has a girlfriend!!!"

Nick rolled his eyes, and got up from the table. "I'm going to go and call the guys. See if they wanna come over." He left the three of them outside, to watch the kids...

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