Chapter 23

As the three friends sat in Nickís backyard waiting for him to return Amanda began to think. Brian and Manda had moved to the edge of the pool to talk to Nickís sisters, but she still sat at the table staring off into space. "So you must be Nickís new girlfriend," came a less than friendly voice behind her. She turned around to see a tall red-head standing next to her. "Yah, and who may I ask are you," she said trying to be friendly. "Iím Rebecca, BJís friend, and Nickís ex." "No, you wish you were Nickís ex," came Brianís voice. "Hey why donít you butt out small fry," she sneered at Brian. "excuse me, what did you just say to my boyfriend," accused Manda who had walked up behind Brian. "I called him S-m-a-l-l F-r-y," Rebecca said slowly as if Manda was stupid. "That does it," Manda hissed lunging for Rebecca. Luckily Brian had quick reflexes and grabbed her before she could hit the girl. Amanda turned back to the Red-head, and said with her usual friendly demeanor, "Look I donít know you, and you donít no me so lets not make a thing of it ok. If you and Nick had something thatís cool, but you donít anymore so please back off." "Oh, give me a break.í Rebecca sneered, "who the hell are you, Tinkerbell." "No, Iím just trying to stop things from escalating," Amanda said still remaining calm. She stood up and offered Rebecca her hand. Rebecca was quite a bit taller than Amanda and glared down at her. "Why donít you go back to your Barbies, you little goody-goody," she snapped shoving Amanda hard. Amanda lost her balance and tumbled over the back of the chair, hitting the ground hard. Not wanting to start something, she stood up dusted herself off and walked the other direction towards the pool. Rebecca wasnít going to let this girl get away, she ran after her. Brian looked at Manda, "should we do something?" "Go get Nick," she ordered hurrying after the two girls.

"Whatís wrong sweetie," Rebecca laughed sarcastically, "to much of a chicken to fight for your man?" Amanda turned towards her "I donít have to fight for him, heís already mine," she said simply and turned away. Rebecca gave an angry cry and pushed Amanda hard from the back. The force sent Amanda flying into the deep end of the pool. Amanda shrieked as she hit the water. Just then Nick came bonding down the steps two at a time, with the other guys behind him. "Amanda," he cried as he dove into the pool fully clothed. She was clinging to the edge, her face flushed with anger. He swam up next to her, "are you okay?" "Iím fine, but someoneís about to become dogfood." "No," he said quietly, "let it go, besides sheís already getting it." Amanda turned and saw Jane Carter reading Rebecca the riot act. "Donít worry, my momís got plenty of spunk."

Nick climbed out of the pool, and pulled Amanda out. "Come inside Iíll get you some dry clothes." She followed him inside and upstairs to his bedroom. He had her sit down on a chair and then disappeared for a minute, when he came back he had a pair of girls jeans shorts. "These are BJís , she said they were probably the right size. " Then he pulled one of his shirts out of the drawer and handed it to her. She thanked and quickly kissed him on the cheek and ran into the bathroom to change. When she came out he was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing jeans, but no shirt, drying his hair with a towel. He glanced up at her in his oversized T-shirt, "looking good, Iíll have you wear my clothes more often." She flushed and sat down next to his feet on the floor. "Nick, who was that girl, anyway?"

"Rebecca Stanford, trouble-maker extraordinar. Sheís BJís friend, sort of. BJ doesnít like her, but has no clue how to get rid of her. One day she was just totally bugging the hell out of BJ, so I offered to help. I took Rebecca to dinner, and it was a disaster, she was nasty to everyone, the waiter, the driver, even me. Then on the way home she tried to put the moves on me. I mean she was sitting on my lap, stroking my face, playing with my hair. So when I turned down her advances she got pissed. I mean she just went nuts, swearing, and yelling. Now sheís going around telling everyone we had this fling, and she dumped me," he explained. "Wow," she said "she a real bit.." she was cut off by his lips being pressed gently to hers, "letís not talk about her," he whispered. He pulled Amanda into his lap and continued to kiss her, neither one heard the knocking on his bedroom door, and neither one heard when it was pushed open.

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