Chapter 24

"Nick?!?" A confused and shock voice said. Both Amanda and Nick turned to the door, only to see Nick's mom in the doorway. She had this expression on her face, that she was slightly in shock, but she didn't look mad. Both Nick and Amanda were bright red. Nick's mom turned away, "Uh, dinner's ready you two..." She walked back downstairs. Nick and Amanda looked at each other.

"Think she's mad?" Amanda asked, slightly worried. "I, I don't know... This is the first time something like this has happend... Let's not find out, let's just go an eat." The two hurried down the stairs, and into the backyard, having a bunch of faces stare at them when they walked out and sat down. Jane was looking down at her plate, not being able to look at the two of them.

Dinner was really uncomfortable for those three, but everyone else was fine. "Jane, you've outdone yourself this time..." A.J. said, complimenting her meal. "Why thank you A.J., I'm glad you like it..." "Is there ever a time when we don't like your cooking?" Howie asked, taking another bite of his chicken. Jane stiffled a laugh. She turned to her son, and noticed him looking away from her. "Nick? Something wrong?" "Uh, no, nothing..." He said, picking up his fork, and poking at his food. Jane knew he was a litlle embaressed from the accidednt earlier.

When supper was done, Jane began to clear the table. "I'll help you," Manda offered, getting up and taking a few plates. Amanda got up and helped her too, leaving all the guys to themselves. Once inside, Amanda took this opertunity to talk to Jane. "Um, Mrs. Carter?" "Jane, please, call me Jane..." She responded, with a smile. Amanda loosend up a bit. "Jane, I just want to apologize for before, in Nick's room. We didn't-" "Amanda, calm down. I'm not mad. A little shcoked, but I can't blame you two." Amanda smiled, relieved. "I've just never really seen Nick with a girl, so it's just hard to get used to. I really didn't mean to scare you two if I did..." "Yeah, we were a bit scared, but at least you aren't mad. My mom would have had my head. You're so calm, it's not everyday you find a mom like you." Jane smiled and gave Amanda a hug. "Now, why don't we finish the dishes?" Manda, who was listening to the whole thing, agreed, and the three of them set off to work.

The guys were sitting around the table, doing nothing. Aaron, Leslie and Angel were running around the backyard, playing some form of tag, while B.J. and Mr Carter went out to get some ice cream at the store. The guys sat there, dumbfounded. "So... Have you guys told the girls yet?" Kevin asked, breaking the silence. "Yeah, they know." Brina replied to his cousin. "So... What do they think?" Howie asked. "They think of us the same. Nothing's changed. They aren't like other girls." Nick said. "Yeah, they're so different. I like Manda so much, there's just something about her..." Brian said, smiling to himself. The guys looked at each other, and then back at Brian, who was still all smiling. "Someone's in love..." A.J. chimmed. "No..." Brian retorted, but he couldn't help but smile... 'Am I in love? Can it be love? I just met Manda two days ago...'

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