Chapter 25

The girls had finished the dishes and were coming outside when they overheard the guys talking. Amanda grabbed her friends arm and pulled her behind a bush so they could listen. They heard AJ teasing Brian,

"Come on B-Rok admit it, you have fallen head over heels for this chick." "Sheís not a chick AJ,Ē Brian scorned, "and I donít know, maybe I have fallen in love, but itís not your business anyway. So letís talk about something else. Like what Nick and Amanda were doing up in his room for so long." Without even seeing him, Amanda knew Nick was blushing. "Umm.. I think I hear my mom calling me," he said quickly getting up. "Oooohh, Nick was being naughty," Howie mocked. "Hey D," Nick called. "Yah?" "Shut Up!!"

Nick walked towards the house in the direction of where Amanda and Manda were hiding. "Oh crap, Nickís coming, hide," Manda whispered, her heart was still beating fast from what she had heard Brian say and she didnít want Nick or Brian to know she had heard. It was too late Nick turned the corner and saw the girls standing there trying to act casual. "How long have you two been there," "umm..well, gee.." Manda stuttered. Amanda wouldnít look at him, "We just got here," she said quickly. He knew from the way she was avoiding his eyes she was lying, but decide to let it drop. "Did you talk to my mom," he asked changing the subject. "Yah, she says you are grounded from your car for 2 weeks." "What," he cried. "Kidding, she was cool about it. Just letís not do it in front of her again." Nick grinned wickedly, "Next time Iíll lock the door." "I knew it," cried Howie popping up from behind the bush, "they were making out in his bedroom , and his mom caught them." AJ, Kevin, Brian, and Manda started laughing. "Yah, well itís better than making out with a pillow like you do, Howie," Amanda retorted. "Ohh, feisty," Howie said with a grin. He reached out and touched her arm, "Wanna share Nick?" He slapped Howieís hand, "hands off buddy, I saw her first." "Now boys ,thereís plenty of me to go around." Nick looked at her with a grin, " yah, but I hate to share," then he kissed her softly.

"Ewww.. kissing," came a little voice. Standing behind them giggling was Aaron, Angel, and Leslie. "Ice Creams here," BJ announced from the doorway. "Food," Brian cried rubbing his tummy. Manda laughed at her boyfriend. "Boy, do you ever stop eating?" "Only to do this," he said as he swept her up into a long kiss. Everyone in the group stared at them and then at the same time said, "Ewwwww.. kissing." Laughing they all ran into the house.

After desert they decide to go for a boat ride. Since there was so many people Nickís dad agreed to let them take his boat as well as Nickís. He handed his keys to Kevin, "be careful." Manda, Brian, and AJ went with Kevin, and Howie went with Nick and Amanda. Amanda stood at Nickís side as he led the way to a little island inlet that very few people knew about. When they arrived they dropped anchor and cut the engines. Piling out of the boats they bonded through the surf towards the tiny beach. "It looks like Gilligans island," Manda said cheerfully. Brian looked at her and laughed, "are you Mary-Anne or Ginger?" "Iím Ginger, the movie star", she said striking a pose. Amanda looked at Nick, "I guess that makes me Mary-Anne then huh?" "Good, I always thought Mary-Anne was a babe." She blushed and followed him and the others up onto the shore.

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