Chapter 26

Once everyone was ashore, Nick lead them over to a part of the island where he usually visited. "I usualy come here when I went to get away from it all. There's nothing here to bother me..." Nick explained to Amanda on the way there. When they got there, there was a little campfire and some logs to sit on.

It was starting to get a bit darker, so everyone decided to go find some wood for the fire. Manda and Brian decided "to stay by the campfire and make sure nothing happens". Everyone else headed in different directions.

Manda and Brian were sitting together on one of the logs. Manda was contemplating wheather or not to speek up about overhearing Brian little conversation. "Hey, something on your mind?" Brian said, pulling Manda over, closer to him. "You look distressed." "Oh, no it's nothing. Just thinking..." Manda was lying, and she didn't like to lie to people she cared about. "Well, there is one thing..." She started. She held onto Brian's hands, and was playing with his fingers, locking and unlocking them from hers. A nervous habit she had. "You can tell me. I'm here to listen." Manda looked up at his face. "I, uh, was just thinking, about us, and um... Well... Um, it's, uh..." Manda was about to spit it out, when Howie, Kevin came back. "Tell you later," Manda whisperd in his ear. She turned to the guys and saw the "giant" load they got. "Wow!!! 3 whole pieces... You guys are good..." Manda teased. "You try finding wood on this island, There's none..." Kevin said. "Let's just hope that A.J., Nick and Amanda find some more..." Howie said.

Amanda and A.J. folowed Nick, as he lead them to where he find most of his wood. "It's right over here..." Nick said, suddenly turing right. They came to this clearing, and there were a bunch of wood pieces lying around. "This is where I get most of my fire wood." He said, bending down, and picking up a few pieces. He handed them to Amanda, who handed them to A.J.. He handed some more to Amanda, and he grabbed a bunch himself, and they all headed back. Amanda was walking ahead of them, so A.J. decided to take this opertunity to talk to Nick. "So, what really went on in your room..." A.J. whisperd, grinning. "Man, you guys never give up... We were just kissing, that's all!!" Nick replied, trying to keep his voice down. "Sure there buddy..." A.J. replied, laughing to himself.

They got back to the campesite, and everyone was talking. "Hey! You guys finally made it back! And look! They brought us some wood!" Howie rejoyced. They placed the wood by the fire, and Nick began to start up the fire. "Uh, Nick, how you going to light that?" Brian asked. "Simple." He lifted up on of the rocks, and pulled out a pack of matches. "I keep them there, so I always have some..." He said, replacing the rock. He light the fire, and sat back. Everyone watched as it grew bigger and bigger. When the fire was at a nice size, Howie spoke up. "So what do you wanna do now?" "Why don't we tell a few scary stories?" A.J. sugested. Amanda looked at her best friend, and they both looked a little worried. "Sounds good. Who's first?" Brian replied. "I'll go," Nick said, and he began.

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