Chapter 27

"Once upon time there were five guys sitting alone on a private island. The two coolest guys had both brought their gorgeous girlfriends." "Wait a minute, Nick," piped up AJ, "Brian brought his girlfriend, but where's mine?" "Ha, he's talking about me," said Howie ."oh yah, I forgot about Howie's invisible woman." "Hey, shut up." "Knock it off all of you," Kevin said, "Nick be serious." "Ok, ok. It was a dark and stormy night and the seven friends, all equally cool, were searching for a place to stay because their car had broken down." "Come on Nick that's lame, try again, said Brian. He sighed, "ok fine, how about a true story. I'll tell you guys the real reason barely anyone ever comes to this island. About 25 years ago there was a guy and his wife that lived in a mansion on the other side of the island. Anyway one night the wife, better known as Old Lady Duncan, decided to take a walk along the beach. Well after awhile her husband starts to get worried, so he goes out to look for her. Only he doesn't find her, she's gone. He calls the cops they search for two weeks, not a thing. While all this is going on Mr. Duncan starts going nuts. He keeps telling people that at night his wife's ghost comes to his room and talks to him. Well one day about three weeks after she disappeared, the neighbors come to check on the Husband." He paused a minute for dramatic effect and looked around the group. The girls were huddled real close hanging on his every word so where the guys, "this is great," he thought.

Amanda leaned over to Manda and whispered, "I have an idea, leets get them back for all the rotten tricks they've played on us." Manda nodded "how?" "Follow my lead," "Nick I gotta go to the bathroom, Manda come with me it's awful dark." "Ok," the got up and left the campfire, "You can go on without us," "chicken!!" the guys all chanted. "Whatever," said Amanda under her breath, "we'll see who's chicken." As soon as they were out of the guys ear shot Amanda told her the plan. Manda clapped her hands "this is gonna be great." Amanda nodded, "okay lets go."

"Nick!!!," screamed Manda running back to the campfire, "she's gone, Amanda's gone. I only turned my back for a second, what if old lady Duncan got her?" Nick jumped up, "she's probably hiding from you. Ok Amanda," he called walking into the woods, "this isn't funny come out."

While Manda had Nick and the other guys looking for her, Amanda doubled back and doused the campfire. Then to get their attention she threw a rock towards the bushes and hid. Nick turned around and whispered, "what was that?" "I don't know, but Brian I'm scared," whimpered Manda. "Damn, she's good," Amanda thought. Just then Nick walked past the place she was hiding to investigate and she reached out lightly to touch his arm. Spooked he jumped and brushed his arm. "What is it Nick," AJ asked. "Some.. Something touched my arm," he stuttered. "Guy's I'm scared, I mean it's really dark and she may be lost. What if there is some crazy person on this island, I mean, what if my story was true?" "Nick, come on be reasonable," Kevin said. "Yah, Nick, be a man." Manda told him. Kevin glanced over at Manda and noticed she had a slight grin on her face, now he knew something was up. Pushing past Nick he walked behind the bush and a few minutes later the group heard a shriek. Even Manda jumped when she heard it. Within a few seconds he emerged with a struggling Amanda in his arms, "I found her."

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