Chapter 29

The next morning Amanda slept very late. When she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was crystal blue eyes staring at her. "Ahhh," she screamed startled. "Hey," Nick said with a grin, "or maybe I should say good-afternoon, you sure slept long enough. "What time is it and how did you get into my house?" "What no Hi, how are you?" he teased. "Sorry, hi, how are you, now what time is it and how did you get in my house?" "11:00am and Manda let me in." "How long have you been sitting there?" "Oh about an hour or so." "You've been watching me sleep for an hour?" "Yah, did you know you talk in your sleep." "I do not!" "Yes you do, you kept repeating my name," he teased, "I hope it was a good dream." "I did not," she insisted." "I know," he said kissing her forehead, " I just wanted to watch you squirm." She got up and stretched. He noticed she was still wearing his T-shirt, but as a nightgown. It hit right above her knees and showed off a good portion of her legs, he couldn't help but stare at her. He couldn't believe that this girl standing in front of him was his girlfriend. "what are you staring at?" "What huh, nothing." "Yah sure, where are Manda and Brian?" "They went to the beach, he said something about needing to tell her something." "Okay, well you need to get out and let me take a shower." "Do I have to, can't I stay?" "Tempting but no, now scoot." Pretending to pout he left the room.

When she came downstairs she was dressed in a pair of Tommy jeans and a light blue baby tee. "Nick, where are you?" she called. "He left, " came a voice from the living room. She knew that voice and stormed into the living room, "What the hell are you doing here?" "Oh come on baby, not happy to see me?" "Disgusted is more like it, was I hate you I never want see you as long as I live, not a big enough hint for you, John," she said sarcastically to her Ex-boyfriend. "Come on you know you don't mean that, after all that we went through together." "Hell yes I do, now get the hell out of house before I call the cops." "I don't think so, you little bitch," he hissed grabbing her arm. "Let go of me," she screamed. He slapped her across the face, "shut up right now!" "Let go of me," she screamed again while at the same time kicking him square between the legs. He yelped and dropped her arm, she ran straight out the front door and down the street. In the distance she saw Nick's tall blond figure walking away. "Nick," she screamed just as John grabbed her. Nick whipped around and saw Amanda struggling against the guy. With a burst of adrenaline he took off towards them, anger ripping through him.

John saw Nick running towards them and immediately dropped Amanda to the ground and took off. Hopping into his truck he squealed the tires and yelled, "this isn't over yet," then he sped off. Nick reached Amanda just seconds later. "I'm so sorry I left you there. I should have known he was lying when he told me he was your boyfriend. I knew I'd seen him before, he was the guy in your prom picture huh?" "She nodded clinging to his shoulder. "Did he hurt you?" "A little, but I'll live," she said with a small smile. "Come on, lets get you inside."

Meanwhile down at the beach Brian and Manda were having the time of their lives. The beach was fairly deserted so they had a lot of room to run and play. He was chasing her through the sand and down to the water. Laughing she waded out to about her waist. "Come on Brian, the water is fine," she called. He followed her into the water, "fine, it's freezing," he said. "Baby," she taunted. "Baby, huh. We'll see about that." He walked over and picked her up over his head and tossed her into the water. When she came back up he was laughing at her. "You are such a.." she cried as she tried to tackle him. He was too strong and held her against him tight. He lowered his lips to kiss her softly, "Manda, I need to tell you something."

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